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United Kingdom
Grapefruit and bergamot make for a fresh-summery opening that alas is short-lived on my skin and soon overtaken by a sweetish nondescript vanilla woodsy mix that does not develop in any interesting manner on me. Moderate sillage with good projection and five hours of longevity. Mediocre. 2.5/5
19th May, 2015
My idea of summer in a bottle. I find in2u to be a simple, fresh and clean scent. Perfect on a hot and humid summers evening. Not the longest lasting fragrance but I simply adore the bursting citrus opening, soft vanilla finish and slight masculine edge. This perfume envokes warmth and happiness for me and I am now on my 3rd bottle.
06th October, 2012
I was truly amazed by this fragrance.

When I first tried CK IN2U, it smelt rather like champagne. It had that familiar sourish and fizzy like quality. However, since testing it again, (this time on my skin), I must say that this fragrance is rather sweet.

The opening of bergamot, grapefruit and currant isn't as loud on the skin as it is on paper. This scent softened into a sweet, creamy, cake-like fragrance, which somewhat reminded me of Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears.

While on some people this fragrance is primarily tarty fruits, on others, as well as myself, CK IN2U is intimate and extremely pleasant.

I wouldn't say that this fragrance has great sillage, because it doesn't, however the lasting power is impressive.

I have definitely grown to like this fragrance, even considering purchasing it since discovering how different and soft it smelt when applied to the skin. I urge people to not buy this fragrance based on how it smells on paper or from the bottle.

26th April, 2011
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I'm not the biggest fan of this one - doesn't last very long and feels sickly on the skin while it's there. Its fresh but to acidic almost
14th September, 2010
Fresh, bright, yet warm, this is what I want of a citrus fragrance. There's an interesting feijoa note hidden in there too, very summery and tart.
05th January, 2010 (last edited: 09th May, 2013)
Like nearly everyone else had said before, it's an ordinary and cliché scent. Actually it will remind you of CK One, but that one was -and is- a classic... In2U Her, can easily go as unisex in it's first half an hour, and then it turns out to a pleasant, light, vanilla scent. But in 3 hours, all of it will disappear, so be ready. At least, it did for me -and i have a fair skin that normally this kind of fragrances suit me well. In short, i didn't feel anything special about it, just another ordinary teeny perfume.
21st November, 2009
I was looking for a fresh sunny fragrance. Most 'fresh' fragrances turned really naudeatingly sweet on me. This perfume is also sweet, but still a fresh, young and nice smell. It is a good scent for the summer, because the smell gets better if your skin is warm from the sun. The smell has a bit of citrus and vanilla.
28th September, 2009
Basically a trashy citrus/vanilla/musk, but I admit, I like it. It's friendly and easy to wear. The cedar in it is reminiscent of the original Burberry scent in the round bottle. Will undoubtedly appeal to teens and the college crowd.
06th April, 2009 (last edited: 11th July, 2009)
CatB Show all reviews
United States
Mmmm this is turning into my signature smell. CkOne was my fragrance since it came out, and I fell in love with this instantly when I tried it. There is that CkOne unisex note, but on me it turns peachier and a little vanilla. Very fresh, and the longetivity is nice. I really don't get the citrus notes everyone else smells. I absolutely love this!
29th December, 2007
This is a clean, citrusy, refreshing perfume meant for the younger generation. It is just one of that citrusy smells and there is nothing original with it. Not for me.
22nd December, 2007
when ı first smelled it in the store my childhood came back, ı was cooking strawberry jam with my mom in the kitchen. ı bought the largest bottle and sprayed it all over. but the scent disappeard so quickly that even my boyfriend did not take the smell. ıt is third time ı have been disappointed by calvin klein.
20th December, 2007
A number of people have already aptly pointed out the cliche-ness of this perfume.

They're not wrong.

However, I found this frangrance, whilst cliche, fresh, spicey, warm, feminine, masculine and androgenous at the same time. It roused my interest.

And compared to the men's version, which I thought was abominably plain, generic and cliche, this version is a delight.

Its not my favourite fragrance by any means; nor does it make it anywhere near the league of my favourites.

But there's soemthing about it that I 'just like'.

I'd give it about 4.5-5/10.

08th December, 2007
koak Show all reviews
United States
Citrusy but also sweet and soft. Bought the body wash but couldn't commit to the perfume that seemed really spendy considering its marketed to the teen/20-something group. Very fresh and clean though and would wear again if I had the opportunity.

Think its a little similiar to CKone but better.
26th November, 2007
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I sprayed this stuff last night and its lasted to the morning (which i can't say for most fragrances I've tried). When first sprayed it smelled very cliche, and after awhile it had a kind of masculine familiarity which I found somewhat soothing. Still more synthetic smelling than fragrances from other houses, but definitely my favourite from Calvin Klein.
17th July, 2007
When I tested it, the smell reminded me instantly of Ck one. But then, instead of fading away as the last one does, it only gets fresher and sexier. I haven't tried the male one, so I'm talking about CKin2U 'her'. Although the citrus is very overwhelming at te start, and you would expect the fragrance to finish after this, it really seems to keep up with the heart and top notes, and is supporting them very well. To me, much better than CK one... . And thank god, not unisex
14th June, 2007
this is a very pleasant fragrance but i totaly agree that it is cliche. Its almost like they have tried to please everyone with this fragrance. While the result to their credit is not a blurred mishmash of notes it is definatley not unique or interseting. for me it was fruity and slightly woody and vanillary without being too sweet or cloying(impressive as I have a low threshhold for fruity or sweet frags). this is definatley a commercial fragrance that ticks all the boxes for a popular smell today- kind of like a manufactured reality TV pop group. while I would be really happy if someone bought me this as a gift I wouldn't buy it myself- i'm too unique and well..interesting.
30th May, 2007
The ad: Sexy
The bottle: Unique
The smell: Cliche

There are a few things that come to mind when i smell the new CK In2U Her, one of which is CITRUS!!!

This fragrance is a Citrus BLAST!! Its VERY Zippy, and smells great on skin..
But my only problem is---
Its so cliche, I'm a little tired of the citrus wanna bee's.

Overall, as a fragrance...
The thumb speaks for itself.
18th May, 2007
I found this info on Sephora's website: ck IN2U her is a fresh floriental, combining notes of pink grapefruit, sugar orchid and neon amber to create the ultimate sensory experience of fresh, warm and sexy. Fresh but warm; a tension that creates sexiness.

Redcurrant Leaves, Sicilian Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit Fizz, Sugar Orchid, White Cactus, Red Cedar, Neon Amber, Vanilla Souffle.
Spontaneous. Sexy. Connected.

Wow! I'm actually the first person to review this! I bought a nice decant of this and just sprayed it on about 15 minutes ago... I have to say that this is very nice! It's warm and spicy and very wearable. I think the bergamot keeps it nice and fresh while the amber and vanilla base warm it up. I adore scents with vanilla in them, so this is perfect for me! But what the heck is neon amber???
16th April, 2007