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What can be said about this that hasnít been said already. A great fragrance when it came out then slowly over time it became weaker and weaker, the base notes slowly disappearing until you now have something that you can barely detect on yourself after a few hours. The fragrance certainly has a huge cult following and in a way is a victim of its own success, every spiv and middle class man asking for it at the Harvey Nichols counter for one simple reason itís expensive and very popular. As a result itís now associated with those type of people, you know those who wear a fake Rolex for attention. Notes are pineapple, birch tar, patchouli but newer formulations are simply vanilla and bergamot which fade quickly to an almost woody iso e super type base. Ohh how the mighty have fallen
18th November, 2020
21st Century Acqua di Gio. Congratulations to the product development and marketing teams.
26th September, 2020
You know that guy in your office who has never seen Lord of The Rings III, and you say to yourself - ďHow is that possible? The cinematography...the soundtrack...Viggo Mortensen!?!?Ē†

Well, thatís me. I have only yesterday experienced Aventus for the very first time. Now I smell like a barbecued pineapple, wearing sweaty gym socks, hangin' at the beach....for 10 hours. When do all the hot girls start showing up?†

In truth, the manufacturing of artificial hype and literal hysteria around certain batches of this product never sat well with me.†If you want to charge $500 dead presidents for a swig of your juice, then own it, and set the market.†

Expectations weren't very high as the fragrance is centered around a hilarious ad campaign inspired by the personality and history of conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte. A quote from the man himself - "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." Internalize the shame and hand over your credit card...pleeb.

Moving on.

Decision time - 1 flacon of this juice vs. the monthly payment on my 2016 Hyundai Elantra? brain hurts!†

You see, thatís who is targeted to wear this frag, the guy who wants to appear confident, have good taste, can actually afford it, etc... but isnít, doesn't and can't. All status and no substance.†

Pro Tip #1 young Aventus - The confidence comes first, THEN the fragrance.

Let's examine the Pros & Cons:


+ Likes on Social Media (Yey, I have friends!)†

+ Pre-determined name of first born son - "Jeremy"†

+ 60% of the time, it works every time!† † † † †


- Kneeling to your new God (Hint: starts with an A...rhymes with Syphilis)
† † † † † † ††† † † † † † †
- Still having to wear your vintage stash of Curve to the office everyday to preserve your Aventus (kneel!)† †
† † † † †
- Your new signature scent: REPO MAN (that damn car payment again!)†

Pro Tip #2 young Aventus: Jovan Sex Appeal Cologne / $12 for 3 oz. / Bills paid / Car still parked in driveway / Like a BOSS†
† † † † † † ††

1 star.†
24th September, 2020
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10 years on and what can I say about Creed's Aventus. Well, it changed the face of male fragrance as we know it and took over from Terre d'Hermes as THE go to fragrance for any male looking to impress.

However this is the problem for me. I remember about 5 years ago at my workplace and 3 guys had clubbed together to buy a 30ml bottle of Aventus for the sole purpose of showing off that they "wore Creed". Aventus has become synonymous, in equal measure, with both gentlemen that can afford to purchase and wear it, and those that just want to, for want of a better term, show off.

When Aventus came out it was new, there was nothing else like it. Pineapple, blackcurrant, ambergris, musk, WOW!.

Now, 10 years later, almost every designer brand has an Aventus smell-a-like.

Additionally, I personally feel that Aventus is the main driver behind Creed's insane pricing. The last bottle I bought about 5 years ago was a 120ml Millesime Imperiale and it cost me about £160. That same price doesn't even get me a 50ml bottle these days. That doesn't even account for the fact that Aventus, for some unknown reason, is more expensive than any other standard Creed fragrance.

Creed now blur the lines between designer and niche. In the past, designer brands were admired for trying to push fragrances into the niche market however as far as I am aware, no niche brand decided to push their full priced products into a designer market. I doff my cap to Creed as it seems to have paid off for them.

Aventus is not a bad fragrance however, 10 years on, it is less about the fragrance and more about being a status symbol.

Get yourself a smell-a-like and I bet that 99% of people can't tell the difference.
29th July, 2020
My Fragrance Journey, #001

Aventus, or A New Scope

I have decided to review every perfume on my way since the day my love with this hobby started, in chronological order. Doing this, I can simultaneously reflect on my own little baby steps as a newbie fragrance lover, for example when I learned to single out a new note or something the like. Since Aventus was the perfume that started everything for me, this review might be a bit longer, as it is meant to set context for the following ones.

As with many fragrance enthusiasts, it all started when I needed a new one. Before, I was the kind of guy who would buy a bottle and... you know how the story goes. Flashback to December 2019, my bottle of Aignerís Statement had ran out and I started to research for something pleasant, distinctive, and versatile. Googled a little, found Basenotes and could not stop reading for 3 weeks straight. Flash forward, itís January 4th, 2020, and Iím on my way to Douglas bearing in mind the names of supposedly well liked frags to try. The first thing I saw there was actually Diorís Sauvage, and I truly believe to have unknowingly passed the 1st Basenotes test in that moment ó I grabbed it, sniffed the bottle and must have looked as if someone just kicked me in the back. Never in my life would I put that on my skin to try. Then I saw the Creeds and first sprayed some Aventus on paper.

Aventus is known for its very distinctive and pleasant opening that most people seem to like ó and mind you, despite my research, I was still pretty much unaware of any controversies surrounding the house of Creed, the existence of YouTube-channels for perfume, or this scentĎs reputation that made avid readers of menís magazines or websites frantically save for a bottle of this juice, hoping for great effect on whatever sexually preferred gender. So, I smelled the opening, and MAN... was I not overwhelmed! It smelled okay to me. Quite good. I didnít even put it on my skin (super beginner back then). But I bought it. What on earth made me shell out retail for 50ml of this expensive stuff without even being floored by it is still beyond me, but looking back, I am so grateful. When I got home, I put it on my skin, sniffed, and now I liked that famously fruity and slightly smoky opening, all of a sudden. Mmmhhh! It felt refreshing, but mature, and just very interesting. I didnít get an awful lot of pineapple, but it was there, and the bergamot and apple notes were in the foreground, smoothly caressed by the birch tar, which made it so interestingly smoky. And then, it was gone. Not completely gone as in nose blindness, which Aventus is also very likely to induce, partly to the presence of moderate amounts of Iso E Super and the facts that some of its notes kill your smell quickly anyway, but I would only learn about that later. No, the top just faded, and I was left with a heart that, although nice, seemed nowhere as interesting to me as that awesome head. Plus, I started to detect vanilla, and a note that I imagined to be the musk from the note pyramid, although I was still used to the heavy animalic musks worn during the 80s and well into the 90s by some people around me. During the next days, I got to know the fragrance better.

So, some maybe seven or eight weeks followed during which I wore my new Aventus happily and every day. It really had an effect on me! When I put it on in the morning and went to work, it put a big smile on my face. It boosted my confidence, woke me up and I felt superb. It was a ritual. It gave me a good mood every single morning. In my naivety, I though I had some kind of secret thing on that nobody knew or would be wearing, so that also was a plus for me. Only later I really got to know the massive hype around this and all the things it would be associated with, and this leads to the part of my review that might actually shed some new light on this modern classic: I do not think it smells like alpha males, like business men, like a disguise for an ultimately insecure personality, or anything the likes. Not at all. My scent socialization does not connect fruity-floral-musky scents to these types. I find Aventus actually almost daring for people who might search for something in that vein. It is pretty, it has rose and jasmine (I love the heart now, by the way), it is slightly sweet, and the smoke, I mean, come on. This is not a smokey scent per se. I never had the chance to try the first two formulations where the smoke (as well as the oakmoss) are said to be way more pronounced. But this... no traditional concept of Łber-masculinity present here, to my nose.

Later on, Aventus taught me another important lesson: Batch variations exist, and the differences are noticeable, at least in this case. I bought a 100ml backup of this in April with a coupon, and of course, it was a different batch. And what can I say, itís different. The top seems to last longer and, above all, fades more gradually into the heart with my second bottle, which is something I appreciate a lot. Also, this bottle has less vanilla, which also comes in handy.

Some last words on the presentation. Iím not fond of Creedís present bottle design, but thankfully this one is at least okay and not a total pain in the eyes like that tacky golden Millesime Imperial bottle. Still, for this kind of money, leaving personal design preferences aside, I think you could at least expect a cap that fits (it clicks and clacks around like crazy) and is not made of super lightweight, cheapo plastic. The sprayer, while also rumored to be prone to failure, is something Iím fond of, though. It puts out a lot of juice (the infamous ďfirehoseĒ), so you can move while spraying and, for example, cover your chest from left to right, albeit maybe not all the way. Older Creed sprayers are said to have been fabulous in this regard.

All in all, this scent was the gateway drug for me, and Iím glad it was.

06th July, 2020
Smells like a high quality shaving cream to me. I didn't understand the hype when I first smelled it several years ago and now having sampled it again it is definitely not for me.

There is nothing unpleasant about it and it is definitely Creed quality but it's boring and not something I would like to smell of.
25th March, 2020
The smokey batch is the one which I found more interesting and which turned more heads and noses, sometimes the odd sneeze from the pepper (I get that, the odd time I want to sneeze too) but face it if I wanted a fruity Hawaiian punch I would have dawned a Tommy Bahama island shirt, a straw hat and hung a pineapple necklace around my neck. In my humble opinion the pepper rules the day.
29th February, 2020
The Emperor (or "The King", rather) Has No Clothes. The hype around Aventus is unlike anything else in the fragrance community. People are so sure this is the perfect juice they're buying up different batch variations, because who can survive with just ONE bottle of Aventus?

The reality? It's ok. Nothing special to my nose. Maybe its formula was novel in 2010, but now that there's a host of imitators out there, it feels practically generic. The opening starts with a blast of fruit. Pineapple, blackcurrant and bergamot. Then within minutes, the fruity notes give way to woods and musk underneath. I also think that Creed has some common DNA between it's fresher fragrances, the drydown of this reminds me of the drydown of SMW which reminds me of the drydown of MI.

Sadly, the Emperor also has some poor performance. I sprayed myself 5 times and I'm getting very little projection, outside of that initial 5 minute fruit blast. It sticks on clothes a bit but dies pretty quickly on bare skin. Doesn't live up to the hype. But also, what could?
28th January, 2020
Fresh cut grass with a dry paper note followed by a very nice bergamot. Despite reading other countless reviews in regards to the pineapple notes, I didn't find any.

I've tried Aventus several times and I find it hard to describe it except I really like it. Even with the same sample it seems to compliment changes in body chemistry in a pleasant way. On my husband Aventus smells familiar yet so different than when I wear it. Despite this being marketed toward men, I find I can easily wear it too.
30th December, 2019
Second Creed bottle Iíve purchased, second Iíve been happy with. There have been some great informative reviews, so Iíll try and do something difference and give a novices take to other newcomers:

1) Ignore the BS, toxic masculinity and white noise, just focus on the fragrance

2) Batch variation might be of use to refer to on your second or third bottle, but donít sweat it. I have a 2019 batch that smells great - not super smoky in the opening, leans much more heavily on pineapple and black currant, the birch is understated, but itís definitely balanced. More birch smoke would be nice, and at this price point itís a painus in the anus to know Iíve just missed out, but I have neither the patience nor the budget to go hunting for an elusive unicorn batch. I can live with the slightly fruitier version.

Bear in mind, several long term users report the difference in skin scent may be noticed by the wearer with batch variation, but the overall scent cloud seems to project with a fairly consistent aroma to others.

To keep things simple Iím happy with my purchase, even if Aventus does seem like it would be the signature scent of a modern Patrick Bateman.

I have zero desire to ďconverseĒ with the alpha dude bros who worship at the altar of Aventus, but I can appreciate it for what it is. If you can internally justify the price/value proposition, thumbs up.

Update: After a few months, my bottle has become distinctly smokier. Either itís matured a bit, or my initial anosmia to the birch has worn off. Either way, it makes batch chasing seem irrelevant.
07th November, 2019 (last edited: 16th February, 2020)
I'm trying samples of Creed Aventus from 2013 (13T01) and 2016 (16C01).

The opening of the older version is nicer, and it does smell smokier, although not that smokey. The older version is easily more likable, easier to approach.

The 2016 version also has a lot of character. The opening is a reformulation fail, to my nose. I might have guessed this is a flanker, and not just a reformulation. After a bit of time, I can barely smell the older version, and the newer version smells ok, fairly interesting, to be fair. The woods are maybe more interesting in the newer version, more consistent, more present.

These are nice, modern-smelling fragrances, but I think I'd be just as happy wearing Boss No. 6.

The olfactory fatigue with the older Aventus is dramatic and real, in my case. Sometimes I can't even smell it up close where I sprayed it. That is not happening with the newer version.

I often feel like Aventus is right at the line of cloying. My favorite part of the fragrance is the opening of the old version. Aside from that, I don't find the fragrance itself that interesting, but I do find the chatter about it interesting.
29th October, 2019 (last edited: 29th April, 2020)
Look, I don't like pineapple. It's not just the taste, if you put one pineapple slice on a pizza the whole pie tastes like it, and that's what I feel the central problem with this fragrance is. But I think it's also why people love it.

It starts out with a rather rich fruit bouquet, although pineapple seems to overpower everything like it normally does, which then rots into something different as it dries, mixes into something that isn't actually all that bad somehow. It's certainly distinctive, and it projects. People will know you're wearing something, and noses who know will know it's Aventus. That sickly pineapple note remains throughout though, and it ruins it for me after a full day of wearing.

There's also not a single Creed I've tried or worn which triggers migraines in people I know, but Aventus broke that trend. I'm not sure if it's the boldness or projection of it which makes it stand out, but the classy subtlety of Millesime Imperial or Green Irish Tweed is not there. Luckily I've not been unfortunate enough to meet someone who bathes in this stuff, and I pray I never will.

But yes, I can see why people like it, as it is distinctive and if you happen to love the fruity opening it will no doubt grab you, or those close to you.
02nd May, 2019 (last edited: 15th June, 2019)
I was excited to get my decant sample of Creed Aventus in the mail. I was so sure I would like it that I even ordered a 3ml decant.

On smelling the cap, I thought it was an interesting smell. Not mind-blowing, but not bad either. My wife and I both thought it smelled "pretty good". The pineapple top note was interesting with the musky/warm base. I sprayed once on my skin, but I couldn't smell anything a few minutes later so I figured it must be a super-faint scent. So I sprayed once more. My wife sprayed once on her wrist.

About an hour later, my wife was complaining about a headache, so she washed it off. I also started getting a headache, and the smell was overwhelming in the house. It started having a funky fermented-pineapple-in-musky-gym-socks smell. It was in my nose at that point, and just overwhelming. I started getting a headache. By the end of the day (8h) I took off my shirt to shower it off. I had to put the shirt in the laundry room to keep it from reeking up the place. Even after a shower, I could still smell it when I went to sleep, at that point it was a weird sweetish chemical smell.

The next day, I decided to give it another chance and wore it to work. I work in an office, so I only sprayed it once from a small atomizer under my undershirt directly on skin. Still, it was quite pungent in the office, and I was constantly smelling it. I was worried it was overwhelming to my coworkers. As the day heated up, it got heavier and heavier. I definitely did not feel confident as I wore it, which is very important for me when choosing a fragrance. I went to the gym at lunch and took a shower, but I could still smell it on my clothes. By the end of the day, I once again had a headache from the chemical smell.

So for me (a middle-aged married man), Aventus is a miss. I don't understand the hype, but then again, maybe I'm not the target audience. My impression of the fragrance is, it's a headache-inducing chemical mess that's obnoxiously loud and overbearing. Even if I got 10 compliments on it per day (I got none, btw) I wouldn't wear this because I wouldn't be able to tolerate it myself.

I would suggest to go VERY light on this fragrance if you wear it in an office setting, and ESPECIALLY in warm weather. It would be easy to gas out a room, and you might not even smell it yourself.
16th April, 2019
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What can I say that other people have not said already about this magnificent fragrance. (positive reviews).
It took me 9 years to get a bottle of Aventus and I am sorry I waited so long. (I have the 2017 version).
Aventus is an absolutely stunning composition. I have had many compliments when I wear this. It last a long time on me.
09th April, 2019
Has anyone heard of this little niche scent before? Oh, everyone has. Nevermind.

Pineapple-citrus blast to start: a powerful pineapple, very heavy dose of sweetness. Way too much for my liking, and I enjoy sweet scents more than the average male. At least I thought I did, but I do see many men raving about this so maybe that's not correct. Smokey musk, very natural, help offset the sweetness a bit but...this stuff gives me a headache after too long. It's cloying. Bits of rose and jasmine come through to help accentuate the floral background. Drydown doesn't make it any less sweet: the citrus notes do begin to blur a bit though, and the apple comes through which does help improve the overall scent somewhat by adding tartness.

I hear about large differences between batches: I have a batch from 2017, and the projection is very strong for a spring/summer fruity scent. Longevity is average: I find it neither nuclear or weak. Five hours, maybe six? The price on this is extreme. It is very expensive, in my opinion. Too expensive for what amounts to be a somewhat linear fragrance: but so is just about everything from the Creed house.

I debated between giving this a neutral or a thumbs up, because of the price and the constant barrage of fruity sweetness that is never offset. However, it is very natural and, ultimately, pleasant smelling. It does what it does, and it does it well. It certainly isn't groundbreaking by any means. Leans a bit feminine in my opinion, but really completely unisex.

01st April, 2019
A must have for a connoisseur of fragrances. This is a fragrance that gives a blast of juicy fruitiness in the beginning with a hint of gourmandness. The dry down is clean and smooth. When I got this one, it gave me a sense of feeling good when first sprayed and then leads to a situation where you are actually looking for the whiffs of its scent. I may have not recieved a compliment on the fragrance but it is something that you will and want to appreciate thru out the day. Longevity is remarkable.
22nd March, 2019
I must admit, i like Aventus, my wife do, other people does. I really love it and maybe one day, when my collection will be reduced to 3/4 flasks, one will be Aventus.
But I also hate it because it seems the "Allure Homme Sport of the high society": too widespread, the only limiting agent is it's price!

Apart that, a good balance of smokyness and freshness make Aventus a perfect fragrance for all seasons, sillage and longevity are very good. One must try it at least once.
11th March, 2019
Having owned this fragrance for a little over a month i finally got a big compliment from the most beautiful woman serving us at a work meeting. After buying a round of beer she said someone smelt 'ridiculously amazing' then asked if it was me, having a partner i played it down but boy it felt good! Living in New Zealand i have not yet come across anyone who has even heard of Aventus so for me its hands down a cut above the rest.
I have had many compliments with this but none like this.

Personally i love this fragrance from the first time i smelt which was almost a year ago to owning 2 bottles within the last month. I really struggled to justify the price but now i don't think i can ever look back. The performance is great on me even long after i can no longer smell it my partner will say she can. I've even smelt it the day after applying it and even after a shower the next morning. The dry down is one of the best in my opinion and no clone i have tried has been on par with Aventus. It is also very versatile i have found.
The sillage is good also. Though i only seem to get the compliments when applying 5+ sprays to really hit that projection limit.

Scent 9.5/10
Sillage 7.5/10
Longevity 8.5/10
Versatility 8.5/10
Overall 9/10
07th February, 2019 (last edited: 08th February, 2019)
This is a iffy thumbs up. I'm not blown away by it. It smells good. It gets waaaaaaaay too much attention. My wife does likes it, so there's that. Pineappley citrus smoke. Drys to a musky "ambergris" base. The citrus actually stays present for a significant amount of time for what it is. Projects 3 to 4 hours, skin scent maybe another 3. Not neccesarily bad longevity, but not great, imo. Price is high, but people seem to feel confident wearing this. It smells good. Females like it. Thumbs up.
04th February, 2019
Fell in love with the scent of this after trying it on in Saks Fifth Avenue. Purchased a 3.3oz bottle that same day and has hands down became my favorite scent in my collection of over 100 bottles. Also consistently my best compliment getter. I was shopping for fragrances at dillards the other day and a lady walked by and stopped turned around and asked me "what fragrance did you just spray I have to have that for my husband". I told her what it was and she said she was going to go buy it right away. Yes there are a few good copies of this out there, some of which i own, but they all fall a tad bit short and lack the depth of Creed. Plus there is just something about the way spraying Aventus on makes you feel. Still the king in my book!
07th January, 2019
Itís hard to to be able to review a highly polarized fragrance like this. I find the hullabaloo around it a little crazy.

This one is a perfectly nice-smelling fragrance, and pleasant. I see why itís liked. Itís one of those likeable fragrances that is kind of a people-pleaser, with widespread appeal, one that seems kind of friendly and approachable. It reminds me of a super-popular fragrance when my daughter went to high school, Polo, that all the boys were wearing. Polo was nice-smelling, pleasant. I guess you could call it a compliment-getter, as in ďYou smell niceĒ. I guess thatís why the boys wore it. I understand why they did - everyone likes to smell nice. Aventus reminds me of the Polo dynamic. A fragrance that has widespread appeal.

(Funny Polo story: My daughter had a boyfriend who took a huge bottle of Polo with us on a camping trip. It accidentally broke in the tent, and made it and the sleeping bags unsleepable. The tent smelled for months.)

Thereís another trait they have in common, which is that theyíre both horizontal fragrances instead of vertical ones. Some fragrances go deep or high, the vertical journey, with less horizontal appeal. They touch deeply. The horizontal ones like this have a broader appeal, but donít touch as deeply. Aventus reminds me a little bit of a clean-cut guy with a permanent smile and the need to please or impress a little bit. Not badly, but that vibe is there. It strikes me as a politicianís fragrance, not one with soul, but to glad-hand the crowds with. Thereís nothing wrong with that - it just is what it is.

In a way, itís genius. Itís truly a fragrance of this generation, a lot upfront and little behind, almost made to tally ĎLikesí on internet social media. People who love Aventus tend to keep score of how may Ďlikesí they get wearing it. So this fragrance really tapped into a phenomenon there.

I donít mind smelling this in social situations, but it would annoy me a little if it was long term, or all weekend with a loved one, because the pineapple is a little insistent, a fruitiness that stays and stays. I end up tiring of it and wishing it was less. And the smile on this is overlong. And itís not really for the bedroom. I didnít detect much grrr factor to it. But for groups and crowds, yes. I like the smell of it as it wafts by. But it gets on my nerves with longer exposure. So it doesnít strike me as an intimate fragrance as much as a Ďcrowdí fragrance.

So yeah, likable but overpriced, as many of our fragrance loves are. Iím sort of relieved my husband didnít care for it, or I might have a touch of ĎPoloí dejavu with this one.
27th December, 2018 (last edited: 12th November, 2019)
Probably the best fragrance on the market. The Lionel Messi of Fragrances if you will.
15th November, 2018
I just got my Creed.
I'm not a perfume specialist, but I think I have a good fragrance memory.
Testing it for the first time, it took me to my good old Halston Z14 in a blink.
Although Halston Z14 was never my first choice, it was my wife's favorite by far among all of my fragrances during past couple of decades.
I hope Creed would work the same!
14th November, 2018
What can I say about Creed Aventus that hasn't already been said? Nothing, likely. Though here's my review. Aventus is the pinnacle of modern, masculine-centric perfumery. It is a testament to the art that created it. Yes indeed, it is immensely popular. Yes, it smells incredible. And yes, some folks scream "overrated" because of its exposure. It is unequivocally - and quite subjectively - perfection in a bottle for many people, including me.

Wearing Aventus is a lesson in dichotomy. It is fruity, yet woody. It is distinctly green, yet gourmand. It is dry and mossy, yet very "wet." It is dark and brooding, yet energizing and hopeful.

The legendary opening is the best I've ever smelled for a "men's" fragrance. It is dominated by pineapple, apple, and blackcurrant. Within an hour, the fruity introduction gives way to rich birch and rose across a base layer of vanilla and ambergris. Have patience. Throughout its duration, Aventus reveals itself in a flurry of dry birch and oakmoss, while ambergris suggests a damp, earthy forest floor.

Aventus must be smelled to be believed. It bears passing resemblance to other popular fragrances, yet it is nothing like other popular fragrances. It pays homage to its rich history, yet never relies on archaic notes or cheap tricks to convey its meaning. Aventus is a black suit, a pair of jeans, a tuxedo, a fleece jacket, a white shirt, and a brown sweater. It is a motorcycle, a fast car, a crackling fireplace, a snow-covered lawn, and a walk through the woods. It is concrete, grass, air, and water. It is elemental.

Vanilla is present yet never dominant, and the jasmine and rose are expertly blended. Aventus is never a floral. Nor is it a gourmand, nor is it a spicy wood, nor is it green. Aventus is Aventus in the same way Fahrenheit is Fahrenheit. Don't be fooled by imitators: they may be 90% of the way there, but they are not Aventus.

Aventus is all of this. The ultimate exercise in olfactory polemics, and a timeless masterpiece. Unqualified thumbs up for any season or event.

Scent: 10/10
Longevity: 10/10
Sillage: 10/10
31st October, 2018
I just wrote a review but it seems to have logged me out in the meantime so I hope it doesn't double post, if so please delete

I bought quite a few samples recently and will start to go through them one by one and write my comments. Aventus comes first as it was highly recommended.

I want to say at first it starts out "friendly", there is a fruity sweetness that is not sweet in the way that many fragrances are "in your face" but it is there nonetheless. There is also a pronounced depth from beginning to end which counterbalances it and gives it masculinity - but not in the obnoxious "smell you from a mile away / salesman-businessman" cliche of masculine fragrances of old. It is modern but comfortable, and I feel like it could blend into fabrics really well - like a sweater, or I could potentially see this doing well lingering on a scarf. I could potentially buy a full bottle of this!
21st October, 2018
Overhyped? Perhaps. Nice? Oh Yes.

I had heard so much about this one that I had to get one for myself. So blind bought a bottle. Well, I may have been a bit disappointed at first coz of the hype online. It's a nice fragrance, lots of pineapple is what I get. Feels premium and well blended. I haven't tried other batches so I don't know about batch variations, but I believe there are variations, which at this price point, is in my books unacceptable.

Having said that, once you've worn it, you wanna come back to it day after day. It has that addictive kinda feel. Smells really nice too.

Well worth the spend. hmmmm...yes.

p.s. unlike most, I don't get into the notes, etc. It's all there for everyone to see on this site as well as other places on the net. I'm not a pro, just a novice collector.
20th October, 2018 (last edited: 11th December, 2018)
Ah Aventus... the scent trail of an alpha male among betas and omegas stalking his territory in a late-stage capitalism society which confuses merit with equity, exalting career criminals as business leaders and decries empathy as a vestige of weakness to be bred out like a recessive gene. The marketing campaign of the fragrance itself places the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte at it's center, a chauvinist and narcissist who is literally the poster child for a complex meant to diagnose insecurity in men, and indeed Aventus (2010) targets that very same insecurity in it's market, as almost a wonder drug made to cure it. The unforeseen consequence for this is Creed pulling in customers from way below the pay grade of their ideal client, which has made Aventus borderline-mainstream, or about as mainstream as a roughly $500MSRP men's fragrance can get, which has led to a slew of low-cost clones, and a robust decanting market willing to sell little chips off of large commercial-sized refill flacons Creed makes knowingly for resellers. Factor in all the seemingly-intentional batch fluctuation (poor quality control to some), and a whole new hysteria of finding "the perfect version" of the already "perfect" man-juice is manifest, seeing working stiffs going off the psychological deep end in their quest for the biggest olfactive deus ex machina to use in their socio-economic conquest of each other. Whew... that's some heavy shit man.. now for the scent itself. Aventus is actually pretty unique, and once you parse away the Randian and Nietzschian drivel that has attached itself to the stuff like a social parasite (delicious irony), you're left with a slightly smokey, fruity floral which sits between fresh fougŤre and chypre but ultimately swings chypre because of the labadanum and oakmoss in the base. I haven't dealt with much of the variation, so my review may not apply to your batch, but the amount of characteristic "smoke" in mine is subtle, and the notorious pineapple is also not terribly overwhelming either, so maybe I have some "Goldilocks" batch where all the sliders are at neutral? Who knows? Who cares? Shall we carry on? The bottom line here is this has become Creed's most popular scent, and dare I say influential on the perfume world as a whole, at least among mainstream houses making perfumes for men.

Aventus is far too fair and pretty a scent to be aligned with such "toxic masculinity" culture as it's marketing has fostered, which may also be part of it's appeal for me: it's tragic beauty caught in the throws of it's own misgivings, carried off by the demons it's very existence summons, leaving those who smell it unawares to be captivated whilst blissfully ignorant of it's notoriety, upon which once learned, transform that captivation to contempt. The scent opens with pineapple, blackcurrant, and French apples carried aloft on a ray of dry bergamot, giving a fruity hesperidic zesty sweetness that will never not turn heads; the opening of Aventus is where all the magic happens, and the rest of the composition serves to lock in that opening note with supporting bedrocks. Jasmine and rose make an appearance in the middle, like many men's floral chypres of old, but liberated of the indole or sharp green galbanum that usually makes this combo feel "perfumey". Instead, there's a dry lightness which is almost unisex in the middle, joined by a rather medicinal take on patchouli, with birch and a peck of vetiver for the oft-quoted "pineapple smoke" of the heart. The base is pure Creed with an authentic ambergris note, joined by oakmoss and a white musk which adds a touch of the modern "laundry" aspect which reminds you this is from 2010. There's Iso E Super here too, and some dry vanilla, but little else, as the point is to let that opening fruity hesperidic floral accord dominate, and it's all rather dandy for a scent lauded by gym bros as a lady killer... ahh all the more deliciously ironic. Aventus actually feels like it benefits from being a distinctive fruity floral scent in an age of aquatics or scratchy woods, and if something like this saw release in the late 80's like other things similar, it would be long discontinued now and exalted by the vintage community instead of the six-figure set or those hopeful to be. Aventus can be worn all year round, but feels best in spring and fall. Wear time varies per person and it is possible to get anosmic to the ambergris accord in here, so be careful. Older guys may see hints of stuff like Jacomo Anthracite pour L'Homme (1991) or Ralph Lauren Purple Label (2003) in Aventus as well, so nobody's saying this wasn't inspired by other things at least in part.

I rather like Aventus, although I despise the online community that has popped up around it, ready to chase you into battle on any forum, hack your Facebook, or make a subreddit about how much you suck for being too plebian and poor to understand why Aventus is the "best scent evarrrrr", and I really wanted to dislike the stuff too just because of the toxicity which surrounds it. On the bright side, Aventus has re-imagined a chypre accord for the modern man, and offers something fresh and clean with classic touches, so hats off to Olivier and Erwin Creed for that. Aventus has also proven to be a tremendous gateway drug to the perfume hobby for many a man in search of "grail juice" so it's also helped keep the hobby alive alongside filling Creed's coffers. Aventus has proven to be a hard act to follow, and Creed's own Viking (2017) has fallen far short of the task, since nobody is making Viking subforums or burner accounts to dodge banning for bad manners online so they can continue trolling in its name. Longevity is killer, but the sillage isn't "beastmode" as "Aventusites" will claim, but it is above average. Aventus is almost a generalist to me, with casual, office, and romantic use feeling appropriate, since it's fresh fruity floral side is so likeable, and it's smokey underbelly carrying more warmth than expected in a scent like this. I'd say this fails only in extreme heat and cold, where it's generalized nature isn't tuned properly to cope, but again, overzealous fans would challenge me to fisticuffs over that. If you can afford it, Aventus, really isn't a bad daily driver, but as the saying goes "it's too rich for my blood", so if and when a full bottle does appear on my wardrobe, I'll have to keep my "smokey pineapple secret weapon" under lock and key for special use only. I totally understand why folks love this so fervently, as the next nearest thing to something so unique yet so comfortably familiar was Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne (1996), and that stuff also had it's own army of acolytes for the better part of a decade too, they just all drove beat-up Chevys and old Toyotas instead of BMWs and Teslas. Good stuff, totally undeserving of it's hype, and still too much for what it is, but at least earning a thumbs-up from me.
24th September, 2018 (last edited: 18th November, 2019)
Just got a sample of what appears to be one of the most controversial fragrances in the modern era: Creed Aventus.

The opening of Aventus smells really, really clean and of high-end ingredients. It isn't the typical, oft-used bergamot + maybe another citrus fruit type start, but instead begins with a decidedly airy fruitiness, along with a boozy gin-like splash underneath. I don't get a straight on flesh of fruit sensation, but instead almost like a refined mash of the apple, pineapple, and black currant.

A bright woodiness envelops the mix, a la the birch bark. A dark rose grows in, as well as a fresher take on jasmine which highlights that it is a Creed-centric incorporation of this expertly processed flower. Unquestionably, oakmoss is detectable with its dry, green presence; patchouli feels more medicinal and dark than I usually experience it elsewhere, and musk adds a well-balanced touch within this complex fragrance.

The famous Creed accord is subtly there; I can't sense the vanilla, which may have been covered up in my perceptions by the other strong notes in Aventus.

Overall, I get a juniper berry scent that is crafted so nicely and has a classic, bracing quality to it (like sniffing a glass of Seagram's gin neat). I think of Eau de Rochas most of all as I take in and savor Aventus. For me, that is a very good thing. :-)

Subjectively, this EdP fragrance evokes relaxation, confidence, energy, and positivity. Of course, each person will have his or her impressions which can range from "love this above every other scent" to "boy, this one is overhyped and sucks." Then there's the whole issue of which batch number one ends up getting of Aventus (I haven't dared to enter into that discussion!)
Me, I applaud that Creed has this wonderful fragrance in its collection, and in the end it is a very credible niche scent worthy of the attention it has received.

Given the vastly divergent opinions and analyses of it, I personally would suggest that one either samples Aventus in person at a local department store counter, or obtain a sample decant.
12th September, 2018
Clean, fresh, successful scent. When you wear it You feel like you are sharing yourself with successful people instead of pandering to them.

No urine smell in the bottle like Tom Ford fragrances. It is not a provoking scent, just safe and clean. It doesn't force, it is polite and perfectly mannered.

I was hoping it would be a new life type of cologne that I loved. I would mostly wear it safely to be agreeable to others.
09th September, 2018
The number one niche cologne in the world. My favorite for all time.
29th August, 2018