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Neutral Reviews of Baiser Volé by Cartier

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A very fresh, pretty lily opening: quite green like a florist's shop, a little salty/hammy. However powder soon joins and the lily becomes much more subtle; for me it doesn't carry through enough. The drydown is a soft powdery floral that lacks interest and further on it smells more like laundry musk. Longevity is short - a couple hours at most (maybe it's been reformulated?). I like the opening, but that's it unfortunately.
22nd February, 2021
A perfectly reasonable mainstream Floral/Citrus...Nowhere near as interesting as Mathilde Laurent's work on the early Guerlain Aqua Allegorias. Apparently the Lily is a notoriously difficult note to work with, and must be MIMICKED rather than represented straightforwardly. In comparison with the way grapefruit (another such difficult note) was represented in her Pamplelune for Guerlain this is wanting for creativity. Still, a perfectly fine alternative to the thousands of disgusting fruity florals on the mass market, which invariably smell of the disinfecting cakes one finds in men's urinals.
20th February, 2017
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United Kingdom
A nondescript synthetic citrus note is about as dull and predictable as a scent can begin with. Then underlying green notes rise, followed by the emergence of the main player, a reasonable lily that a times gains in richness and depth and then is quite attractive. The base is as generic as the start.

I am getting soft sillage, but when I sampled the concentrated version the sillage was at least moderate and better than the Eau de Toilette that In sampled initially. The projection is all right, and the longevity is about four hours, but again the concentrée version lasted another hour.
Overall 2/5
09th August, 2015
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Smells wonderful, but not much lasting power...and this is for the EDP
28th January, 2014
Fell in love, bought, am wearing everyday, but wish it would last more than a couple of hours...
28th November, 2013
Anybody else out there who felt immediately reminded at Guerlain´s L`Instant?
30th January, 2013
I love the scent of lilies - I enjoy Penhaligon's Lily & Spice, Donna Karan's Gold, Frederic Malle Edition de Parfums Lys Mediterannee.... so I bought this (EDP) unsniffed. It smells like hairspray :-/

EDIT: OK, so it’s time to do a second sniff and try to assess this perfume for what it is, rather than what it isn’t: To judge it on its own terms. As I mentioned above, I already own Lily & Spice and Gold, so I should ask myself why I would want another scent that replicates their take on lily anyway?!

I don’t know enough to be able to identify the “hairspray” note – a nostril-tickling, high-pitched effect - that hits you first of all, and that stays around. Is it salycilates or ”solar” notes? It’s like White Linen in terms of this starchy, laundry-sheets effect. Other reviewers have said that it’s an abstract floral, and that helps me to appreciate it – it is indeed an abstract, modernist floral that takes the bitter sap and the dusty pollen and the subtle floral sweetness and rearranges these elements into a delicate, abstract structure, like a snowflake. It also has a salty element that calls to mind Lys Mediterannee. It manages to be – what’s the right word? “powdery” has the wrong connotations, “fluffy” sounds to frivolous, for this soft yet sophisticated scent.

I doubt I’ll repurchase this, but I have added it to my small selection of “no brainer” work-appropriate scents and I shall enjoy wearing it very much this Spring and Summer. Thanks to other posters whose thoughts have helped me see the light on this one. The fact that it is so different from Lily & Spice and Gold is now what draws me to it!

FINAL EDIT: My brain still says "hairspray" when I smell this. I gave it to my sister, and she loves it.
24th September, 2012 (last edited: 13th May, 2014)
I thought this was nothing special...but the bottle with the flip top os very nice.
29th October, 2011