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A blandly pretty floral with nothing to say, so the less said in response, the better.
14th September, 2021
I tried this a few years ago and passed on it - it was too pretty, too floral, and never hit below the belt, with little desire to present anything other than a pleasing persona to the world.

But trying it now, I admit to myself it really is a glorious orange blossom-centric honeyed radiance that speaks of summer, with a lack of aldehydes and hairspray. It’s all well-done, cohesive, sweet-tempered. It’s charming and in my perfume world, a people pleaser.

I can’t fault it for more than being constructed to stay in a pretty box, not straying any direction other than eternal smiling summer garden party. But like babsbendix said it has a WASPish ethos to it. There’s no dark bits to intrigue me, it’s always well-put together and has immaculate hair, but as long as that’s understood, Elie Saab is lovely and always appropriate.

My dilemma is how to rate ones like this, considering I get a little Jekyll/Hyde about them. It has a classic, well-made feel and seems it will be perennially popular, even though the ethos may be a little dated. It will be entirely serviceable when I have need of it. But it’s never one I’ll hang out and share my secrets with. Still, thumbs up.
30th September, 2019 (last edited: 07th July, 2021)
It opens with a lovely orange blossom then comes the jasmin mixed with other notes which reminds me of Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue. I now understand that's the jasmin mixed with sweet notes as honey or vanilla and amber in the case of AEA that made me feel weird. In Elie Saab this scent is less aggressive. The patchouli and the cedar support the jasmin like leaves for flowers. It's elegant and feminine. The longevity is 8h+ and the sillage is moderate. Though not my cup of tea, it sure has its value.

Originally written in 2013.
19th December, 2017
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Ooooof. So lovely in all aspects, including that exquisite honey note. I wanted to love this, but I cannot, for unfortunate cultural reasons. We had an insect spray here in the States, ubiquitous in the 1970s and 1980s, heavily overused in my childhood in the palmetto bug-infested American South. Elie Saab smells like it. Most disturbing.
03rd July, 2016
Bright, pretty floral. I feel like there's a tiny citrus note that keeps it fresh instead of being too one-note on me. It's one of my go-to fragrances for the work week. Where I live it gets to be over 100 degrees for more parts of the year than I care for. This is a fragrance that I can wear when the weather's that unforgiving without worrying that my scent is going to evolve into something that smells too strong and offensive. And yes, this sounds like a silly little superficial comment -- but the bottle sure looks pretty on my dressing table!
14th November, 2015
When I first smelled Le Parfum, I said to myself, "Oh! It's the 21st Century Bijan!" And it kind of is! Better quality and much more polished, but you have your orange blossom and honey, and some added raspy texture - patch in this case, and cumin in the Bijan. Lately I'm enjoying how Le Parfum explodes in warm weather, and I wouldn't be surprised if at some point I end up totally hating it.

I just read some of Turin's comments about it, and he used the word "dowdy". If I hadn't known what I was smelling, I'd have guessed it was another Lauder Modern Muse flanker, which to me equates somewhat to "dowdy". I appreciate the quality of Lauder frags, and I even wore Modern Muse Chic for a little while (which smells like a more complicated version of Elie Saab Le Parfum, actually.) Yet the Lauder WASPiness somehow gets into the fragrances - I'm not responding to their marketing - and I find them as friendly and welcoming as sitting through a Daughters of the American Revolution luncheon with my black clothing and nose ring.

What IS that? Musty, weird Vol de Nuit SHOULD smell the definition of dowdy, yet I think of her as an enigmatic and magical woman, who just happens to be old now. I must agree with ClaireV's Poe quote, then - strangeness in the proportion is required for exquisite beauty. Le Parfum is good, and it's pretty, and we're friends, but I can only share so much with her, because she'd find me terribly inappropriate.
18th October, 2015

Close your eyes and imagine your wedding dress is an elegant ELIE SAAB design with lots of lace design in a very romantic and feminine style.Ok likewise,The LE PARFUM ELIE SAAB is equally elegant.The scent is simply gorgeous.This EDP is without exception one of the best perfume in the 2011 year.a perfect blend of true class for a real lady. Floral,Sophisticated, Luxurious,Classy,Stylish,Harmonious,Glamorous and Ultra Feminine.

An african orange flower opening is so beautiful it could make the angels weep.the heart is a bouquet of jasmine and rose,the finishing scent is one of warm patchouli and sweet and sensual honey as this mixture evoke modern femininity touched by pure glamour and elegance and it mixes with your body scent to have that lasting soft sensuous and heavenly scent.

LE PARFUM is suitable for a dandy lady who deserve the best and looking for a wonderful floral scent that is not overpowering but yet it is romntic and uplifting.this is for any special moments in Spring/Autumn. there is not other word possible to describe this perfume.heaven in a bottle!


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

24th May, 2015
Le Parfum by Elie Saab opens with a rich, sweet, fruity-floral blend mostly centered on vanilla, citrus/neroli, something smelling like tonka although I don’t see it listed, sandalwood, amber (not listed too but I get some of that “warm” resinous feel, I guess it may be honey...), thin green notes and then obviously the flowers: rose, jasmine (particularly clean) perhaps ylang. Woody-herbal-patchouli base, providing a subtle dry, aromatic and shady feel underneath the general “plushiness”. Shortly, a floral-fruity Oriental scent, more classic than classic: warm, “golden”, juicy and pleasant, soapy and resinous, refined and elegant for sure but with an overall mellow feel of effortless informality and liveliness (making it perfect for pretty much any age and circumstance). Ironically it’s one of the nicest works by Kurkdjian, far better than the stuff he did and does with its own brand. Less pretentious, more solid, perhaps more boring in its glossy and conventional “perfection”, but it’s well made, smells nice, and it’s decently priced. Nothing new for fans of “true” good floral scents (and there’s billions out there better than this), but decent and nice enough for undemanding fiancées or relatives – or, say, a nice easy “anywhere-safe” scent when you just want to smell nice but go unnoticed.

26th November, 2014
Try not to rate this one the first half hour you put it on or you won't like it. I found the beginning to be almost unbearably sharp and green, but then it mellowed out nicely to a edgy floral, and yes I can detect the honey in there. The cedarwood is very discreet, not overdosed like some fragrances that end up smelling like the stinky little guinea pigs we had as pets when we were children. This is a fragrance that isn't "me" but I would enjoy on somebody else.
22nd September, 2014
This is probably one of the best designer fragrances out there at the moment, and as someone who spent years trawling the designer aisles for something interesting or beautiful (this was before I realized I could just order niche or classic perfumes on the Internet), finding this one was like finding gold in a trash heap. It is a simple creation, really, but it does a lot of things right where other designer perfumes go wrong. It is a fruit-chouli, to be sure, but it completely avoids the loud, synthetic shampoo effect of its peers by pairing the mandarin and orange blossoms with honey rather than with a cheap musk in the dry down. It is quite sweet, but the sweetness is almost of a natural source, like honey stirred through a cup of milk Oolang. It avoids being dragged down into heavy gourmand territory by way of a non-chocolatey patchouli and also by a complete lack of animalic heaviness to the honey. Even the jasmine is stripped of all its indoles, tamed, bridled, broken in, and strapped down, turning the note into a light jasmine tea accord. There is nothing syrupy or discordant or clunky to weigh down this pretty little bird - all it wants to do is to soar into the air, and it does.

The sillage is noteworthy, filling a room (politely) like no other, and casual bystanders, i.e., normal folk not interested in perfume, seem to really like it and comment favorably on it. That said, I am not crazy about it. I can recognize that it is beautiful, but as my signature in the forums says (well, ok, Mr, Edgar Allan Poe said it), “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” Here it is all beauty and no strangeness, and for that, it is slightly less interesting than I would like.
13th June, 2014
I like this a lot! There is an almost edible quality to the blend, even though the notes aren't especially "gourmand." The middle has a distinct spicy note of ylang-ylang, and the base has as much to do with amber as it does with honey or patchouli.

It's sensual and voluptuous while keeping a freshness as well, and it's sweet without being cloying. Someone (was it Coco Chanel?) once said a woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed. This is one to wear when she wants to be kissed all over.
03rd May, 2014 (last edited: 17th May, 2014)
Smells like a hybrid between Diva by Ungaro from the Eighties and Narciso Rodriguez for her EdP. Not half bad!
11th February, 2014
This is a very sexy scent. Although I found it harsh and overwhelming for the first twenty minutes, it settled down after that into a warm and sultry blend of honey and jasmine. This reminds me of a (vastly) more sophisticated and refined version of Flying Fox shower gel from Lush.
27th January, 2014 (last edited: 17th July, 2016)
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Oooh, my first review on this wonderful site. I usually don't go in for the newer designer fragrances, but couldn't resist this after the first spray on a card. What sets it apart for me is that it isn't that flowery candy gunk that goes straight up your nostrils and overpowers you. There is something elegant and timeless about it. As a long-time perfumaholic, but very new to discerning ingredients, dry-downs and top notes, I definitely can detect orange blossom and jasmine. As one of the other (far more eloquent) reviewers wrote, there is a sweet and sour element to this perfume, which I personally adore. Le Parfum is one dimensional. For the more sophisticated noses here, that may be a drawback. For me, I could - and do - happily sniff myself all day and get a wonderful warm happy feeling from doing so. The staying power is impressive and works beautifully with the body lotion.
19th January, 2014
Le Parfum kicks off as a fruity floral, mixing a raspberry/strawberry bubble gum top with vaguely cheap-smelling fake rose. Thankfully, this is saved from smelling like cheap shampoo by a loud perfumey powder blast on top and a weird mix of leafy greens and burnt caramel in the background.

Thankfully, the fruity floral aspects are pushed out of the way after a half an hour or so, putting the spotlight on the rather strange push/pull between the leafy greens and their murky undertones and that burnt caramel smell. It's a mix of edible and gross and sweet and sour that's very Kurkdjian (it reminds me, at least in spirit, of that weird is-it-gross-or-is-it-brilliant quality that made him famous in Angel).

Given more time, the caramel wins out, mixing with the remains of the berries and soapy vanilla to make a sweet, pleasant base.

I honestly can't figure out whether this wants to be interesting and weird or extremely mass-market and familiar, or if it kind of wants to be both and ends up neither. It has kept me entertained, but has never made me feel compelled to explore it in depth.
13th December, 2013
Nice jasmin tea accord enveloped by silk. I give 5 star because it reminds me of a jasmin tea during my childhood.
09th December, 2013 (last edited: 12th December, 2013)
A balmy and honeyed bouquet.

Elie Saab Le Parfum arouses in the air by soon an extremely warm and almost edible soapiness with its valzer of flowers and balsams. I detect exactly on my skin all the listed notes plus Tolu balm (or benzoin, may be amber) and a touch of musk. I catch immediately a gorgeous jasmine followed by a soapy rose and by beautiful orange blossoms imprinting a touch of orangy intensity (which smells slightly woody by cedarwood) in the middle of the general balmy opacity. Probably a touch of wax enhances around the honeyed/balmy feel (supported by the "soapy effort" from a sort of milky/indolic rose/white flowers bouquet). The jasmine is prominent anyway and all the elements are extremely balanced. A well calibrated patchouli partakes to the victorian ballet as well as flanked by a woody support. I don't detect any powder around but just floral/waxy soapiness and subtle milky creaminess. A touch of black currant in the blend? Nuances of different perfumes jump on my mind, from Poeme (orange blossoms, rose, jasmine, honey, musk, balsams, cedarwood) to Amarige, passing by some Chloe, Allure, Alien Essence Absolue and L'Occitane Neroli. A mature and well appointed aroma which does not deny to arouse in the air a spark of sensual (musky) modern sophistication.

Pros: Balanced and aristocratic.
Cons: Synthetic but in the average. Not unique."

18th September, 2013
Seduction in a bottle

Time for another mans perspective. Bought this for my girl who was 30 at the time before its official release - got it in Burgins York which is a great shop where they really know their stuff (coffee beans on the counter) and you could spend hours not to mention £££ if you arent careful.

I was initially attracted to the bottle which had that kind of timeless elegance to it you associate with Chanel and I knew it would look good on her dressing table. But the elegance didnt stop with the bottle as what was inside was a revalation - too many new fragrances these days all seem to smell the same, either that or in an attempt to be different they end up being too challenging (think karma by Lush).

I'm not going to drone on about base notes, dry downs etc etc - what matters to me is how it smelt on her and the answer was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. this was pure class in glass and, as Boots etc hadnt got their bulk buy paws on it at that time, everywhere she wore it people (male and female) wanted to know what it was and where they could get it.

Only problem is, when she wants something, she puts this on, takes something off and I agree to pretty much anything :-)

Pros: Lasts & lasts & lasts
Cons: she will want more"

14th August, 2013
I'm thinking this will overtake Coco M with the twenty something stakes. I prefer the EDT to the Parfum (quelle horreur) for its mandarin citrus blossom. The patchouli blast in the EDP is a little much, even for me. I have worn both and would prefer to reapply the EDT. You really do want your fragrance to have your back, to disseminate from the path of your promenade rather than gather up in front like a twister. Elie does not wear close to the skin. She wants to be noticed. Think Prada Tendre, Coco M. I detect the same (skilful) treatment of honey as I find in Alahine; that becomes ambery rather than the sultry musk of Elie. It made me lift the quality assessment. Confused? It's always difficult with two versions fighting it out for shelf space. Opens citrus, similar intensity to Hermes releases by JCE, quickly moves into gardenia lemon curd, settles into a sharp jasmine musk and stays thoroughly enchanting throughout.
12th May, 2013
Beautiful, delicate, sweet floral. Lovely fragrance.
17th March, 2013
Holidaying in NY around thanksgiving time and wandering around a department store - as I do ... sniffing, spritzing, sniffing. A beautiful bottle caught my eye and an even more beautiful sales assistant extending the bottle for me to try. I love this!! It is elegant and sophisticated and lovely. The start is floral and citrus which is pretty enough but after a while the honey starts dripping which sounds sweet but the combination is just lovely. I wear it in the daytime. It is perfect for warm summer days and always smells fresh to me. My favourite fragrance this summer.
21st February, 2013 (last edited: 04th December, 2016)
I like Elie Saab quite a bit. I own the EdT but have tried the EdP as well. I enjoy the latter's top notes more, but the former's drydown is really quite nice as well. The flowers are nice but not overpowering, and it has a little bit of a subtle edge to it that I really enjoy. I have no problem wearing this "feminine" fragrance (although it's probably not something I would pair with an old T-shirt and jeans).
10th October, 2012
Lovely powdery orange blossom. Pretty, very feminine in style. The honey adds a note of richness and depth without excessive sweetness.
29th September, 2012
It's rather pretty actually. I like the blend of notes and the effervescent effect on my skin. It's like the patchouli and orange blossom dancing a little tango on my arm. And, for my money, one of the more affordable means of obtaining a Francis kurkdjian fragrance, in that I find it hard to believe that he'd save all his talent for his own house's production.
05th September, 2012
Open blue skies, a branch of orange blossom waving gently in the breeze – I’ll file this one under simple ideas beautifully executed. The orange blossom start is everything one wants – light, natural, lilting, forming a lazy swirl around the wearer. Gently the bolstering of the honey and jasmine is introduced, thus prolonging the orange blossom’s dance in this particular breeze. Personally, I could have done with a touch less honey. But this is an eminently wearable perfume – noticeably present without being a lung filler.
23rd July, 2012
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United Kingdom
This reminded me strongly of Poison, the original one, without the spice. Very pretty, a little bit loud.
20th June, 2012
my love gave me this perfume at Valentines. A lovely smell, really long lasting.After a few weeks i can still smell the notes.Very classy, I love this one.
23rd April, 2012
From a man's point of view. Was given this to smell when trying out some Cologne, the salewoman was trying to tempt me into buying this as a gift. Just smelled it on a piece of paper, so I do not associate it with any woman in particular...

My reaction was not immediate, but I kept going back to smell this piece of paper (mind you I'm shopping for myself!) This is one of the best (possibly the best) scent I could imagine a woman wearing. Very, very attractive, not too strong or attention grabbing, but insidiously attractive. I'd buy this for a lady I fancied in a heartbeat.
29th February, 2012
I discovered this in a little tester swab in a magazine and instantly fell in love with it. I find perfumes evocative of certain things, and Elie Saab makes me think of a cold Bucks Fizz, effervescent, fresh, clean and delicious. This is a very classy scent, different from anything I've smelled before, and it's one of my new favourites.
25th January, 2012
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Russian Federation
I couldn't find, yet, one single person that did not like this scent!
Gentle, nice, with it's own light exposed at first on the very flacon, the top fashion designer and the talented nose had achieved what they were looking for: a best seller, which sadly needs to be half good (great longevity, medium sillage, sweet patchouli so any person would like it)... half forgettable.
This well balanced composition lacks originality, true. Yet, is very lovely (if you smell it you will probably be seduced by it), and has something that I had not found in many, many years: the magic of being a "melty" fragrance, I mean the kind of perfume that blends so well in any skin that you are not sure if it is the same that the woman sitting next to you is wearing... and that is a real hit if you are not an extraordinary juice but a really nice one.
10th October, 2011