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Positive Reviews of Navigations Through Scent - Rogart by Molton Brown

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Great fragrance...
This is a wonderful fragrance. Up front you get green, however there is a subtle sweetness that you get that is not overly sweet. Try it!! You will not be disappointed.
Pros: longivity
Cons: none"</p>
17th October, 2013 (last edited: 03rd February, 2014)
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United Kingdom
Canadian Fir Voyage

This is part of MB's 'Navigations Through Scent' series, the stopover being Canada. The top notes are fresh, driven by a nice juniper and a touch of citrus, rounded off by elemi oil. The drydown introduces maple syrupy tones and angelica, with the later stages adding wood notes, including gaiac wood and a balsamic, calming nice fir note. In spite of the brighter opening this ends as a warming scent for cooler climes. Silage and projection are adequate, but it is nigh gone after a couple of hours, and totally vanished after three.

11th August, 2013
I'd have to disagree with the review below. I find this to be a very robust, quite masculine, spicy-woodsy, slightly earthy scent, sweetened by maple syrup but not to a point where it enters the realms of sickly or overtly feminine.

I would agree with the comments regarding good projection however, and also in the sense that I too, love it.
05th February, 2013
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Love this fragrance received it as a gift for Xmas. I am wearing as a mens fragrance but def could be a perfume also. Rojurt has very similar notes to Gucci Rush but more subtle not as sweet with a bit more spice on the opening.

Rogart does not have a very strong sillage maybe a few feet. Longevity is pretty good on my neck & wrist average about 6-8 hours before it fades to a barely noticeable powder like scent.

Overall I LOVE the scent. As a unisex fragrance its funny because some men may find the middle notes too sweet but for me I think it is a great winter scent. Women may find the opening more masculine but the middle should be where it shines for them.
28th December, 2011