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Negative Reviews of Dark Aoud by Montale

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I sampled this along with Black Aoud and Full Incense. I liked the other two a lot (one potent rose oud, one potent incensy). But I didn't like this one at all: at least on my skin and to my nose it went rapidly to a sour-sweat drydown which reminded me of the equally unpleasant end-destination of Aramis. Not for me.
24th June, 2019
Definitely not for everyone,definitely SAMPLE before you buy,2 sprays is definitely more than enough, long lasting,very good sillage,just not for me...Montale is a great house and i will sample others in the future....
02nd July, 2015
I was really excited to test this fragrance and today I did it via my sample and what a big surprise!
The opening start with a strong and medicinal oud and sandalwood note and some pepper in the background.
The medicinal word is really true because to be honest with you smell exactly like medicine!
I can remember a guy in youtube said this fragrance smell like band-aids!
Smell like betadin, gauze and band-aids that nurses use in hospitals!!! :v
In the dry down the oud note settle down but still it does have that medicinal aroma and now the sandalwood shows up.
The mid of this fragrance remind me of "CDG Wonderwood" but remove the cedar from it and tune up the oud note!
There is hint of sweetness in the background too but not too much!
In the base you have sandalwood and oud note hand to hand with a light soapy vibe in the background.
Projection is soft and longevity is around 4 hours on my skin!
I like the oud note in the natural way not like this!!
I'm out of here!!
16th February, 2014
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Dark, dry, yet thick. Not feeling it.

Montale is hit or miss, if they hit they do it amazingly well. If they miss, well, they miss hard. Here is a miss - a more "gourmond" auod in my opinion comapred to Black Auod.

23rd August, 2013
I dont know what to think . After reading reviews i thought this was going to smell different. this is not a good go out sent at all . Ide love something this strong that smells more like a versachie or chanel. Im sorry guys in my honest opinion it doesent smell like anything anyone would want to wear. Waste of 100$$$ will sell it when i get the chance.
24th February, 2013
This "perfume" is basically the HEAVY smell of SULFUR and PETROLEUM. Someone described it as "what Freddy Kruger would smell like" and I couldn't agree more. This is a terrible scent and I am sorry that I ever encountered it.

Perhaps if you were a car mechanic and you wanted to be reminded of the garage then you would want to smell like this but, other than that, I can't understand why anyone would want this to be their scent!
25th May, 2012