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Neutral Reviews of Violette In Love by Nicolaï

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I get none of the fruit notes listed nor any coriander or pepper. On my skin, this is all iris and violet, soapy and powdery and pleasantly forgettable. I'm currently wearing Violette in Love on my left hand and Zoologist's Nightingale on my right. They share quite a few notes in common including a citrus top note, violet, iris, and pepper heart notes (though the pyramid for NG doesn't list iris, there is an unmistakable lipstick powderiness there), as well as a musk base. Nightingale is hands down the more complex, satisfying composition with much greater longevity on my skin, especially during the dry down which brings forth the smooth, satisfying base notes. It is also more expensive at $2.25/mL vs $1.6/mL for ViL, but I can see diehard violet/iris lovers appreciating the beauty of both scents more than this newbie.
22nd April, 2018 (last edited: 06th May, 2018)
This one is a lovely but shy violet/iris accord that is sweetened by raspberry and saved by a good dose of pepper and a pinch of musk. There are similarities to Insolence, but Insolence packs a punch that keeps things interesting. There are no green notes as in Aimez-Moi or vanilla notes as in the new L'Heure Bleue, either. This Violette is fairly sheer and dry yet it never approaches the painful beauty of the sheerest violet, Apres L'Ondee. For violet lovers, only...
27th August, 2012