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Neutral Reviews of White Datura by Illuminum

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This is interesting. First, there's the angel's trumpet datura smell, hyper rich and thick, played up against a baie rose note fans will recognize from Diptyque's iconic Baies candle. There's some unremarkable citrus on top, and then the whole thing somehow smells waxy and smoky, like a burning candle.

The end result is something more odd and clunky than my description makes it sound. The limpid baies note up against the thick, highly concentrated floral, with the soapy wax and the cheap citrus and then that smoke and everything, all together makes for a really weird juxtaposition. It's like someone burned a candle, sprayed some air freshener, and put a bouquet all in the same small room and didn't really notice how much everything clashed.

Simultaneously rich, thin, clean, expensive, and cheap - it's difficult to love, despite how hard it's trying. But there's also a certain charm in its awkwardness, and I don't want to gloss over that in my criticism. I could imagine this as a signature scent of someone with really good taste, despite my issues with it. So, I'll split the difference and vote neutral...

04th August, 2020