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Neutral Reviews of Psychédélique by Jovoy

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I'm picky about what sweetness I'll take with my patchouli: Vanilla is too edible. Fruitchouli grates on my nerves. Jovoy did a nice job with the opening for Psychedelique -- it starts out smelling like marshmallow-topped hot chocolate. After that, it enters into a long phase of dry, earthy patchouli. Kinda ho-hum.

I've been looking for a new favorite patchouli. I was sad when the brilliant Coromandel EDT was nerfed by its re-make into the newer EDP -- which smells from start to finish like patchouli chewy candy twists. The fact that I like Psychedelique better is a sad commentary on Coromandel EDP.

If I could do anything with Psychedelique, it would be to prolong the sweetness. Otherwise, there are plenty of other dry patchoulis out there, but little dab'l do ya.
03rd May, 2019
The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve by William Blake
30th November, 2017
Purchased a sample of this EDP and wore it all day. I'm not disappointed in the fragrance; not in love. In general, I had another "meh" experience.

I am beginning to think I may be anosmic to rose & floral notes (notes I seek in darkness, only when combined with wood resins, musk, earthy notes), ESPECIALLY when rose is blended with dense woods (oud, amber), or strong plants (patchouli, vetiver) or spices, I fail to detect ROSE!. Once again for me, the promise of a "complex, rose & floral patchouli fragrance" ended on a linear, rather singular note...straightforward patchouli.

Psychedelique definitely opens with a sweet, STRONG, candied-booze note (like many Jovoys) and I even thought I detected honey and chocolate at one point (honey...a note I REALLY dislike in fragrance). Within literally 5 minutes or less, the fragrance develops into a very heady, deep, dark & STRONG patchouli, again with notes of amber, candied honey & a wee-bit of musk...very bold & dark, rich. After 15-20 minutes or so, I "thought" I detected some rose or other floral but the notes (if present) seemed fleeting.

Throughout the dry-down, I may have detected wafts of that elusive floral...a very deep, dark resinous rose cloaked in amber & smoke, almost incense like...but wafts only...not sure. As the fragrance evolved, I smelled patchouli & amber over any other note or scent.

Silage is great, projection is great, longevity is superb...again rather typical with all Jovoy fragrances.

I wouldn't say I loved this fragrance and I definitely didn't dislike it. Not sure but it is definitely on the "Neutral" side...initially thought about giving this a "Thumbs Up" but couldn't do so..

Going to try the fragrance again on another day, with another mood. All-in-all, this is an alright fragrance; however for me, it developed into a very linear, non-complex patchouli that reminded me of the stuff we all sniffed 35 years ago in head-shops.
14th March, 2015 (last edited: 20th March, 2015)
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