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Now this is a sensual beauty and one of the best patchouli scents I have smelled. It opens up with a camphorous dusty chocolate like aroma that has a slight medicinal aspect. The pink rose adds that sensuality within this comfort scent that just gets better with vanilla as time goes by. Longevity and projection are stellar.

All in all a great fragrance and a big thumbs up!
04th May, 2021
First one by Jovoy I've tried, and what a winner! I'm not fond of Patchouli, but I'm not sure if it's that previous patchouli scents just weren't good, or if this one sublimates it enough that I love the whole thing. The opening smells just like 1969 by Histoires de Parfums, with vanilla, amber, and patchouli notes that smell like pure sunshine. Fabulous!
23rd December, 2020
Dark slightly medicinal ambered patchouli

what a lovely fragrance. This is my favorite Jovoy and favorite Patchouli fragrance.
It starts with a dark slightly medicinal patchouli. the medicinal vibe is reminiscent of the opening notes of some medicinal natural ouds even though this fragrance doesn't contain oud. it then mellows down and the patchouli is joined by an ambery smooth note with some vanilla. the combination of notes gives off a dark chocolaty feel . Performance is very good 9/10.

Overall Score 8.8/10
09th July, 2020
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Opens with a huge boozy note; the patchouli has green notes without any dust. The patch is big and charges solo through the heart before kicking back on a lovely vanillic-musk base. It’s obviously of great quality and has fab performance, perhaps leaning just slightly to the masculine side of unisex. At this price point, I’ll turn it down in favour of the slightly more femme Rentless by Gorilla, which does all of the same things for one-fifth of the price. For patch-fiends who love a bit of booze and prefer a slightly less sweet drydown, this is a great option.
24th January, 2019
A big patchouli. The dry down has a bit of amber and vanilla. Initially it's rich with a boozy charm, but soon it's patchouli left, right and centre. Two points about the patchouli: 1. It has none of the earthy/dirty/hippie aspect. 2. Even though it's cleaned up, the patchouli is still huge, brooding and decadent - camphorous at times. Sillage and duration are both excellent.

I easily get bored of this style of 'straightforward' patchouli fragrances, but Psychedelique has a little twist in the beginning, and is also one of the best patchouli fragrances on the market.

28th December, 2017
A long-lasting powdery but masculine fragrance. Beautiful patchouli, musk and amber accord. There's dark cocoa bitterness and some smoke.
14th April, 2017
A beautiful patchouli fragrance. Sweet amber to start that recedes into the background to showcase the patchouli .The patchouli is dark , sweetish cacao dry , minty slightly camphorous but never hippie.... slightly musty ...v slightly .
It is a strong scent that melds with skin in the dry down to give off a warm musky , slightly spicy patchouli ambery , patchouli glow.
Lovely scent. Long lasting .
25th August, 2015
This is in a dead heat with Montale’s Patchouli Leaves for top place in my favorite vanillic-ambery patchoulis, and in truth, had I smelled this first, the Montale might not have even had a look-in. This is seriously good. First off, this fragrance tries harder than the others in the category to rise above the simple arrangement of patchouli, amber, and vanilla by adding a bright citrusy start that provides lift and a rich floral/rosy heart that fleshes the structure out even further. The materials used are top notch. The patchouli is damp, rich, and truffle-like in its chocolate-y intensity, the amber rich and vanillic but also quite dry, and interest is added in the heart by way of a spiced floral mélange including rose and geranium. The drydown, which usually loses a bit of steam in these vanillic-ambery patchouli fragrances, stays rich and radiant all the way through, and proves to be as satisfying as a good book that takes as much care with the ending as it does the middle section. I love Pschedelique – it is quite pricey, but since it is one of the few in this category that makes an effort to be more than just a patchouli perfume, I think the price is justified.
04th December, 2014
One of the nicest Jovoy's out there – my "could-have-done-better" house par excellence. Dark and really earthy patchouli, slightly syrupy and boozy, with a well-balanced and earthy vanilla note – something I really value, as I love vanilla but most of the times you get rather a cloying candy-like vanillin note. Perfect counter-balancing blend of pungent decadent flower notes on amber. Beautiful, warm and soothing drydown. I still feel something that does not catch me completely - perhaps the fact the patchouli is not raw and earthy enough, the roses are not sensual enough... don't know, I can not find this "great", for whatever reason I don't get. But it is good.

15th April, 2014 (last edited: 15th June, 2014)
Psychedelique by Jovoy is an extremely dark and opulent patchouli combining in its obscure amalgam the characteristics of several great fragrances around as Essence de Patchouli by Perris Montecarlo (rose-geranium, musk-labdanum, amber-patchouli), Patchouly Indonesiano by Farmacia SS. Annunziata (dark, exotic, camphoraceous indonesian patchouli), Patchouli Nobile by Nobile 1942 (dry woods, honey, smoke) and Chocolat by il Profvmo (dark cocoa, rose, vanilla). Psychedelique opens with a fist of really damp and vegetal musky earthiness enriched by nuances of floral leaves, camphoraceous mould, hesperides and fresh spices. This beginning is extremely musky (with a mossy and highly resinous cistus labdanum influence) and realistic possessing a remarkable potence and intoxicating temperament. Dry flowers (rose-geranium) and humid patterns (ginger, hesperides, saffron??) provide a sort of forest undergrowth type of ambience. In a few time a somewhat undistinguished honeyed amalgam starts rising up disclosing a marvellous dark opulence world of indescribable beauty as coloured by vanilla, chocolat and slightly candied fruits. This central phase is a somewhat semi-gourmand stage of the development (with a more present vanilla, a more candied fruitiness and a rounded chocolatey presence). The aroma retains always its musky balance without overcoming the boundaries of the mouldy/earthy averagely dry refinement. In a following final phase indeed the honey slightly recedes, the dry amber keeps standing out over vanilla while dry fruits, resinous musk, earthy patchouli and extremely dark chocolates end to perform in a dominant way. In this final phase I detect a sort of rosey/ambery vibe encompassing the muskiness and the earthiness while the chocolate just rounds a bit the yet dark patchouli. The final outcome, over several hours of development, is a (drier but still rich and ambery/vanillic) really decadent, softer, vaguely smoky, fruity and luxurious (rounding honey/cocoa and amber) high quality vegetal patchouli a la Reminiscence classic Elixir with hints of suede vaguely eliciting some HdP Noir Patchouli's ambiences. I detect fruity, floral and vanillic nuances yet. The longevity is notable and the projection powerful. Effectively by a distance the aroma elicits several subtle nuances you can't detect by inhaling the musty and earthy aroma under the nose. A great take on patchouli by Jovoy.
26th March, 2014 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)
In this day and age, fragrances are not so much about a single note being expressed in a certain way. It's just that one note can sometimes stand out like a fly in a glass of milk.
Psychedelique is all about patchouli and this earthy note pairs up wonderfully with vanilla. This scent is no exception. The sweetness of the vanilla contrasting with the wet earth of the patchouli make this a scent a great night out fragrance for when you want to be noticed. As with all Jovoy scents, this one blasts out at the top of its voice and wants to be noticed.
For anyone who likes power houses, earthy scents and certainly with a bit of sweetness, you have certainly found a friend in Psychedelique!
09th January, 2014
God damn you Jovoy!
This is another great fragrance which is not something new to my nose, but again great quality and really good balance of the notes make this another shining star from the house.
The opening is warm, sweet and almost boozy amber mixed with earthy patchouli note.
I can smell vanilla as well, but it's light and in the background.
Once again the quality is amazing.
The amber note is not so resinous and woody. it's mostly warm ,sweet and almost boozy with a little woody feeling.
The patchouli note smell so natural and earthy.
The vanilla note is very smooth and pleasant. it's not so sweet, potent, synthetic and in your face.
As time goes by things got more intense!
I can still smell all those three notes that I mentioned above, but they have more power in the mid.
The amber is warmer and sweeter and it has almost a honey like sweetness.
I can smell more patchouli with it's incredible masculine earthy and wet basement feeling!
The vanilla is there but still smooth and weak against those two.
I can barely smell some floral notes as well but forget about it, while we have amber and patchouli who cares about floral notes! :D
Both projection and longevity are great. 8+ hours of longevity with a great scent cloud around you.
23rd December, 2013
(Woody). I have a feeling I'm going to adore this one. Head: fresh hesperidium (looking it up...a segmented, juicy berry).Heart: floral rose, geranium, ambered, woody (patchouli, cistus, gum cistus). Base: vanilla, musk. Uh-oh, cistus again. Sniff. No problem. This is a walk in the most fragrant woods imaginable.
22nd December, 2013
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Happy Hippie Patchouli

I admire Jovoy for attempting to revisit the psychedelic era with this anthem to the hedonistically hip - patchouli. There are so many very good almost perfect patchouli fragrances that creating another one of this genre is an challenging task. But Jovoy has succeeded with a very good one.

Psychedelique lands on the sunny side of the patchouli spectrum, while it is very expansive, even rosy it is also fine grained and subtle as if they used a "pharmaceutical grade" finely grained patchouli aroma. Amid the sharp patchouli siren song is a burst of citrus and a breath of rose geranium which removes any darkness from around the edges while providing expansive lift. The brilliance of this blend (and many of the Jovoy scents) is the central note of labdanum which adds a neutral dreamy thickness and depth to the body of Psychedilique and acts to slow the roll of the sweeter base notes of vanilla and amber which do show up later in the development.

Compared to a few others, Psychedelique is not as dark as Profumum or serious as Mazzolari but just as good as either. It is more lively than the somber Santa Maria Novella or the uber cool Villoresi Patchouli. It smells most similar to Reminiscence Elixir but it is less aggressive but still never loses its attitude. Pyschedelique is not especially long lasting (4-6 hrs.) which might be a good thing with a fragrance which is so boldly doing its own patchouli thing!

Notes for Jovoy Psychedique are: Citrus, rose, geranium, amber, patchouli, cistus labdanum, vanilla, musk.

Pros: Well balanced, smooth, almost perfect patchouli
Cons: price is on the high side</p>
29th May, 2013 (last edited: 27th March, 2014)
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United States
Chocolate and Patchouli...

Psychedelique opens with a quite sweet and almost ginger-like dark candied fruit accord before it changes completely as it enters its mid-section. As the fragrance enters its early heart, the candied fruit from the open begins to slowly morph into a relatively clean musk, slightly sweet amber and earthy patchouli starring trio with dark rose support with the overall early heart accord coming off as a rich dark chocolate. As the fragrance enters the late dry-down, the patchouli takes over in a big way with the amber and musk still present now firmly in supporting roles. Projection is above average and longevity outstanding at over 12 hours on skin.

Psychedelique provides the wearer with quite the ride. It starts off with a nice sweet gingery drunken fruit that turns into to a dark earthy chocolate before finally revealing its true nature in the later part of its dry-down as it proves a real earthy patchouli bomb. When you examine the sparse official list of notes, one might expect a fragrance with a completely different profile but Jacques Flori does a fine job taking familiar notes and accords, skillfully combining them in interesting ways to reveal unexpected surprises. The open and close are the most appealing parts of Psychedelique's development to this review's preferences, as the earthy dark chocolate mid phase is just a bit too gourmand-like. That said, even during its least desirable parts the composition remains interesting and smells quite good. One observation made while wearing it on skin was Psychedelique smells much better when sniffed from afar (or on others) in sillage form rather than up close. The bottom line is Psychedelique is not without its flaws but they are rather minor, and this near excellent 3.5 to 4 star rated composition is definitely sniff worthy and maybe even purchase-worthy despite its $180 a 100ml bottle price tag. Recommended.

Pros: Opens and closes quite nicely with excellent performance.
Cons: The mid phase turns a bit too gourmand-like for my taste, but not really a deficiency per se.

29th May, 2013