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Neutral Reviews of Knize Ten Golden Edition by Knize

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Not as good as plain Knize ten. It also doesn't smell like the vintage Knize ten, to me. To me, the drydown smells exactly like Santa Maria novella melograno. If you like Knize ten golden edition, I'd recommend getting melograno instead, as it's far superior. This fragrance is soapier and more leathery than Knize ten reformulated. It is much stronger than Knize ten, but not better. I'm glad I tried it but I'd not buy a full bottle of it. If you'd never smelled Knize ten, you'd love the giolden edition. It's got more body and longevity but smells too different from its original. I was very disappointed with the golden edition because it's lacking in Knize ten consistentcy. That being said, I'm still giving it a positive review because it's still far better than most leathery fragrances out there. If you have a choice between the golden edition and plain Knize ten, I'd recommend Knize ten non golden edition. The golden is too floral and too leathery. It's just too direct compared to Knize ten. And besides, it's a ripoff of melograno from Santa Maria novella.
14th January, 2017
Smells like my room after polishing my shoes... through a veil of honey. Well crafted and I understand why many male fragrance fans love this. Not my piece of toast, though. Cannot imagine anyone under 60 years wearing this in a casual setting.
16th July, 2015