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Negative Reviews of Ginger Biscuit by Jo Malone

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Wow! I've never had to scrub or shower off ANY fragrance before, BUT......

Initially I loved Ginger Biscuit when sampled at Neiman's, along with all the other ones. While I admire this limited collection's theme and imagery (British puddings and desserts) "Sugar and Spice", I must say I will be GIVING this away ASAP. Not soon enough, LOL. Unfortunately I chipped the bottle by dropping it so unable to return it : (.

I recieved mixed reactions from people on the bus. I wear cologne all the time, and have never had so many mixed and wierd responses from a fragrance (including myself feeling uncomfortable from it's cloying sweetness). Some scrunched their noses and looked odd, others sat closer (?), I could smell this coming off me so strong (and didn't overspray). It is the most wierd fragrance experience I've ever had and have owned MANY fragrances from many different lines.

I imagine this might do well on women, it will definetely get you noticed! And is the most sweet, odd scent I've tried (and I LOVE ginger and nutmeg, etc). But won't be purchasing the others in the Suagar and Spice line. I've read reviews that Bitter Orange and Chocolate is off putting as well. But others may enjoy this, so good luck : )
22nd February, 2013