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Negative Reviews of Black Muscs by Alexandre.J

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I think from bottle to scent this house is a Montale wannabe, which is also not a very original house either.

This fragrance has a linear light transparent rose base and some synthetic musk, that's it. It is overpowering, cloying and disturbing, if sprayed more than two.

I can't agree more with Alfarom. If there are SAs that can sell this at his price level, I would like to congratulate them personally, they can sell anything from pet rocks to unicorn tears.
03rd April, 2018
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United Kingdom
Bergamot, patchouli and musk - a usual combination and not a sign of originality. Very synthetic, ultra-generic and frankly rather unattractive. The only positive is the very good performance: strong sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity - alas not a very desirable feature in this case. 1.5/5
13th November, 2015 (last edited: 07th December, 2015)
I honestly believe this line brings tackiness to a completely higher level. This is not simply tacky. It's way beyond. The bottles are a painful-to-watch mash-up between cheap coffee cans and Montale's metal flacons. The little golden crown on the cap is actually a ring you can wear when you dress up (no kidding).

The fragrance is basically an extremely powerful metallic musky amber in the worst style of Montale. Obnoxious.

Is there really someone buying this stuff? If so, kudos to SAs all over the world.
25th October, 2014
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