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Positive Reviews of La Habana by Acqua Flor

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A wonderful old-school in style aromatic tobacco with a classy virile aura and a fresh "toiletries-like" impact. La Habana is a really classy neo-classic "vintage in inspiration" creation from the talented performer Sileno Cheloni. Aqua Flor is a florentine house of artistic perfumes based in Florence and located in a historic Renaissance palace in the district of Santa Croce. Aqua Flor is also a workshop which offers to visitors and passionates special olfactory tours and olfactive sensorial journeys (and the possibility to commission the creation of your bespoke fragrance according with your personal wishes). La Habana smells like an old traditional barber-shop located in the historical district of the Zocalo in Mexico City or in some elegant neighborhoods of the old Buenos Aires. This fragrance is all about a "cigars-smoking" latin american gentleman white-linen suited and with aromatized moustache. The note of lavender is by soon heady and perfectly combined with subtle green notes and soft hesperides. The general initial vibe is woodsy, aromatic-fougère (with mossy traits) and somewhat cologney. The note of lavender is throughout present with its cool green-floral touch of manneristic barber-shop classicism. I suppose hints of neroli could be included in the blend. The gradually growing up and soon dominant note of tobacco is anyway (not properly ashy or particularly smoky but) freshly leafy, hesperidic, "perfumed" and aromatic (with soft angular masculine traits, some woodsy muskiness and gentle ambery/woody undertones). Along the way the combination of amber, woods and musks provides a denser virile aura which is anyway quite balanced and finally kind of restrained. The overall effect is at same time soapy/aromatic and virile (with rougher traits never out of the schemes), an impeccable gentleman's creation for the lovers of tradition and measure.
07th April, 2021 (last edited: 08th April, 2021)