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Easily the best offering from Montale.

Lovely honey, cinnamon, amber and maybe a touch of soft tobacco??

Quite classy for a Montale.

30th May, 2019
Honey Aoud is such a good fragrance. Initially I liked it, but after wearing it a few times, I really love it. I don't wear stuff for compliments, but this one is highly complimented for me. There's a great Honey/Vanilla at the front of it, and the oud in the back really grounds this and keeps it from being overly sweet. Strong projection and amazing sillage make it very potent for me with only 2 sprays.

I appreciate the uniqueness of this one as well. You won't smell like anyone or anything else when you're wearing Honey Aoud. A standout in the Montale line, and a great piece of my collection.
14th January, 2019
Sweetened oud burst. Honey, almost a tobacco note hiding here. Powdery iris note. Patchouli and leather - gentle but, present. A pop of cinnamon. The oud here isn't long-lasting nor is it overly assertive. It was only a quick blast.

Later, vanilla and amber take over. Still a hint of iris and a touch of honey. I smell Tiare flower here.

This one also seems to have a Ping-Pong effect. Notes seem to come and go, bounce to and fro. I enjoy when that occurs. Just when I think a note is "done" I can smell it again.

Steady, smoky leather later on.
02nd December, 2018
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Cinnamon, vanilla, honey and amber make this one a very pleasant piece by Montale.

Initially i don't get too much honey but after the dry down a warm locust tree honey gets in, along with a dark amber smell.

Sillage - 7/10

Longevity - very strong
30th May, 2018
Honey Aoud

Sweet, delicious... Very appealing to both Male and Female.
Opens up very sweet.... After around 2hours I get Amber as well as Honey and Vanilla.

This is a very long lasting juice. Lovely all the way through. Only changes slightly through to the end.

Big thumbs up for this one.

Overall 7.5- 10
Longevity 8.5- 10
Sillage 7 - 10
13th February, 2018
Some of the Montales have too much incense smokiness but with Honey Aoud, it’s still there but softened with the sweet, warm vanilla and honey.

Typical excellent strength from a Montale. Projects like crazy and lasts all day. Sits on your skin like oil so be careful spraying on clothes.
07th October, 2017
This is my fourth of seven samples from the house of Montale. This is a very slight thumbs up. The juice does start of slightly bitter and honey sweet. As the bitterness softens the sweetness from the vanilla and amber mingle with the oud and leather of the scent. I find this to be a true unisex juice with the leather dying out slightly the farther you get into the dry down where you are left with amber and oud. Overall a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY... other wise... Enjoy!
31st May, 2017
Apparently I'm the only one that this happens too but the initial aoud scent is a dead ringer for Lucid brand absinthe.

After that is syrupy deliciousness that I look forward to smelling again and again. The vanilla is strong and the honey is carmel-like, but it's somehow more complex than your average vanilla drydown. All I can really say is I love it.
16th February, 2017
A somewhat gourmand scent from the house of Montale. It's trademark Montale with a brash opening of cinnamon, vanilla and amber. The combination creates a honey like accord with the cinnamon and other spices dominating the early development. It's quite rich at the opening and deserves restraint. As it develops the amber, oud and vanilla warm through the opening spices and the combination scent is very much a sweet Middle Eastern like accord. The first several times I wore Honey Aoud it seemed to be a sweet and almost overwhelming amber scent. But by lowering the volume of spray slightly I find I get a much better distribution of notes and am not overwhelmed. An interesting fragrance with tremendous longevity and performance. Great for a cold weather day. I'll go with a thumbs up.
04th January, 2017 (last edited: 12th September, 2017)
I've long-awaited trying this recent release by Montale, and Honey Aoud does not disappoint. The top of it reminds me a lot of Scentstory 24 Gold, a sweet mix of vanilla and amber, but the base of oud gives it some a powerful anchor closer to 24 Gold Oud, but Honey Aoud is really neither 24 Gold nor 24 Gold Oud, but it's in the same room.

I don't get a ton of honey, but more so vanilla and amber, so the experience is sweet and resinous in concert with the deeper oud. A modern classic gourmand, in my opinion.

Performance, as expected in Montale fragrances, is very strong in terms of both projection and longevity. A few dabs of a .7ml Luckyscent sample did wonders, so there is great value in it being on the high side of EDP concentration.

Available but sold out on Beautyspin at discounted pricing of $109 for 100ml, it's mostly available for its standard retail pricing of $170 for 100ml. I'll definitely be buying a bottle of this at some point. A winner for gourmand fans who like the darkness and depth of oud.

8 out of 10
15th July, 2016
This is an incredible rich, warm, sweet oud. No honey or cinnamon that I can detect, but floral, amber, and of course the trade-mark Montale medicinal oud. There is a non-artificial rich French Vanilla vibe to the mixture. One thing about Montales, I either LOVE them or run to scrub it off. This is Full bottle worthy. Projection is not the usual Amplified scream, but it is better than average.
16th June, 2016 (last edited: 17th June, 2016)
GimmeGreen says it perfectly. I am new to the Montale line, I have Black Aoud and now this. I have gotten 3 compliments today alone :) I wish it were stronger.
10th October, 2015
The beloved is indifferent to perfume, doesn’t wear the stuff, and smells fine in his own unperfumed skin thank you. His patience, however, is exemplary, as he will often accompany me into perfumeries and supply an extra pair of hands to keep sprayed paper strips apart. He came with me to the Montale shop, where, if I could have, I would have inhaled the entire stock.
Later, when I was inspecting my purchases, I was surprised to see the beloved’s hand reach out and grab the can of Honey Aoud. I was sternly told not to expect that this meant he was going to start wearing perfume, before he spritzed himself. The rest of the day he was wafting such enticing streams of ‘come bite me’ honeyed goodness that it is remarkable an incident of cannibalism didn’t occur.
Moral of the story: try to get someone you know to wear this to know its true captivating power. The composition itself appears quite straightforward. There’s a huge, voluptuous sweet gourmand accord, not exactly honey, but familiar from quite a few daughters of Angel. It’s a curious thing, thick and quite complex, suggesting to my mind a mix of dark cherries, certain orchid notes in perfumery and something almost furry. And although it registers as something mouth-watering and worth biting into, it actually puts one in a carnal frame of mind rather than longing for dessert.
This is combined with a pretty restrained dry woods kind of oud and a hefty dose of cinnamon. Normally such a cloud of cinnamon would put me right off, but here it provides strong contrast to the sweetness, acting almost as a sobering note and works beautifully. Also working in that more grown up direction are mere touches of leather and the favourite Montale depth chord of patchouli. Remarkable stuff – inviting and sexy without crudeness.
As the notes are so warm, I prefer wearing it in cool weather. Also a true Montale in its strength, so a couple of sprays are plenty.
01st October, 2015
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