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Reviews of Replica By the Fireplace by Martin Margiela

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I have a sampler set (“Memory Box”) of Replica scents, and this is one of them. When I first got the box I didn’t even try this one on my skin after sniffing it—too smokey, I thought. However, after reading a few reviews that said the smoke really takes a backseat to the vanilla, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did, because I like it a lot better on my skin. Unlike sniffing it from the bottle (campfire all the way) on the skin the smoke immediately becomes a subtle note mixed with the vanilla, like toasted marshmallow. If you don’t like sweet you won’t like this, but if you do, it’s not bad. On the down side, it is fairly linear. I wouldn’t buy a full bottle, but I’ll use up my little sample bottle.
02nd November, 2019
My favorite of the Replica series so far. The smoke and vanilla create a pleasant toasted marshmallow vibe that in my opinion is unisex and very mellow, not overwhelming. In fact, I think it could a bit stronger, particularly longevity-wise. Only lasts a couple hours, especially in any kind of heat. Definitely worth a sample though.
25th September, 2019
I love this fragance. Every time I go to Sephora, give a try. Looking to buy a full bottle in October '19. It's beginning to smell like Christmass.
22nd September, 2019
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I love a good gourmand, but By the Fireplace pushes into stomach-churning territory, ostensibly an aromatic picture or a s'mores-by-the-fire scene, but what it actually delivers is a grotesque mish-mash of acute marshmallow sweetness and a barbecue grill-ish smoke effect.
22nd August, 2019
The idea of a crackling fireplace in a bottle is very appealing and I love layering under some of my favorite scents to warm them up for the winter. As a standalone scent, this simply just doesn't work with my skin chemistry but smelled wonderful on a friend of mine. I bought it because of a testing strip and loved the smokiness and woodiness of it. However, on my skin, it made me smell like a sausage. I think my skin naturally brings out balsamic flavors and muskiness. I was so disappointed but I will commend this brand for its creativity.
13th June, 2019
This isn't bad. The vanilla / chestnut combination is reminiscent of Fat Electrician with the vetiver replaced with a light smoke. Nice for autumn / winter but possibly a little on the feminine side of unisex for me.
19th February, 2019
More like "By The Campfire". Reminds me of my Boy Scout camp outs. This is something I wouldn't wear, the smokiness just doesn't appeal to me.
19th October, 2018
This does indeed smell like a campfire and toasted marsh mellows. Not bad but I much prefer the gorgeous Jazz Club.
14th June, 2018
This fragrance is an incredibly accurate depiction of roasting marshmallows in a campfire, and is incredibly smoky. You can almost see the smoke emenating from your skin when you wear this. But it's entirely pleasant due to the vanilla-marshmallow accord which sweetens and grows stronger over time while wearing this. I also detect some woodsy notes. On my skin, sillage is moderate leaning strong while longevity is very strong - in fact the strongest out of any in the Replica line of fragrances. The smokiness in the fragrance reminds me of Encre Noire by Lalique somewhat, but that is an earthy, dark forest while this is a very cozy, warm campfire in a forest. If Encre Noire represents Mirkwood forest, then By the Fireplace represents the warm campfires of the wood elves. This is also totally unisex. As a fragrance, this is incredibly unique and is an olfactory experience. Due to its strength and scent, I am giving this a perfect score.

14th May, 2018
Lightly smokey, but not a fireplace smoke. More the scent of a roasted, caramelized marshmallow, with just enough woodiness to keep it from being overly cloying. Still quite sweet, but fine for autumn or winter. Completely unisex. Lasts quite a long time and really projects with body heat.
06th March, 2018 (last edited: 22nd July, 2018)
Great entry in the Maison Martin Margiela line; generally, this house has very creative, thought-provoking scents that are a great alternative to the usual fare available out there.

Replica by the Fireplace sure resembles its name: Moderately smoky, warm woods with chestnut accord that is an experience more than an impression scent, IMO (although it can achieve the latter as well). As one reviewer pointed out, this fragrance doesn't smell like a typical indoors fireplace per se; I liken it to an outdoors campfire vibe, livened up with vanillic sweetness.
04th March, 2018
Sweet, woody vanilla with just a hint of smoke. This is warm, inviting and cozy like it is intended to be but it's not as heavy as I thought it would be. Has something that kinda lightens or freshens it up, but the overall sweetness and vanilla keep this a cool weather scent.

Projection is very good.

07th December, 2017
I adore this so much. As others have said, it's quite a unique smoky woody scent, and it has a fascinating underlying balsamic note that makes my heart swell. By the Fireplace is a perfect winter/end of autumn fragrance.
02nd September, 2017
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I can't get enough of this fragrance. It's such an easy to wear smokey/woody fragrance. I love the underlying nuttiness it has, with just the touch of sweetness. Very warm and inviting. Also very easy to wear!
27th April, 2017
I usually don't like smokey fragrances, but this one is great. May be a tad too sweet (even though I love vanilla). It's original. It made me think of when I burnt (a bit) caramel popcorn. I'll consider buying a full bottle.
13th April, 2017
lex Show all reviews
United States
smoky vanilla.this scent pretty much stays the same way from start to finish,only loosing some of the smokiness.
26th February, 2017
Sweet and smokey... so far so good... then well its sweet (vanilla sweet) and smokey. Not sure if it's "fireplace" smokey but it is smokey. It does smell nice but it's been done before and is very linear. A neutral but the rating could be adjusted after a few more wearings.

Additional review.
After an additional wearing I have adjusted this to a thumbs up. It is gourmandish for sure. Not as sweet as I originally thought and the vanilla isn't as harsh the 2nd time around. It has been done before for sure but I like it. Try before you buy due to redundancy and price. Enjoy!
23rd January, 2017 (last edited: 07th February, 2017)
Reminds me of an updated version of Michael Jordan Legend (not as sweet though). Can that be a bad thing? Of course not! But the vanilla gourmand thing has been done quite a lot. Don't get me wrong, I like the fragrance. If you don't have any vanilla dominated fragrances, this would be a good look for you. 7.5/10
29th September, 2016
I love this unique, smoky, slightly synthetic, overly sweet woody-gourmand weirdness. I get a lot of candy vanilla, smoked wood, and something balsamic in the background. Nothing more, nothing less. However, the combination of notes works great on my skin. Longevity and sillage are good.
20th September, 2016
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
What a wonderful scent for winter. I was expecting a very smoky accord, but the smokiness is very restrained. It's an all enveloping boozy, nutty, herby wood for the most part but with a warm balsamic sweetness (it works) in the base.

A cosy 'snuggle up' drydown that lasts for ages.

Seems to have gone unnoticed here but is well worth checking out imo.
19th September, 2016