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Positive Reviews of Rose Wood by Ajmal

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Like blood red rose petals,satin lingerie, bed sheets after sex, and a touch of a man's scent and sweat on warm skin.a feminine rose scent. definitely better than Mancera's rose based perfumes which are too cloying.a waxy,earthy, creamy rose scent with a hint of's not the super dark,sweet,luscious,provocative, creamy, dense and evocative.

The opening is blast of syrupy juicy rose with just touch of spice.the spice is beautiful i think it's the caraway.the oud is medical but not hour in,the rose still screaming,but the blend has melted into something slightly more delicious with powdery notes.a very intimate fragrance, that will certainly set the mood for you and whoever you wish to encounter.
21st July, 2021
Ajmal Rose Wood is another interesting entry, and this marks my third try after Amber Wood and Santal Wood.

Like Santal Wood, Rose Wood predictably has rose, but a much healthier helping than in Santal Wood. The rose in Rose Wood comes off sharper, brighter, and fresher, than in Santal. Santal's rose was more medium-bodied but Rose Wood's rose comes off more like rose de mai.

The note listing seems to be limited by various sources, but I mostly get a mix of the eponymous rose, sandalwood, oud, and perhaps a spicy touch of pepper. There's also a vague sweetness but overall it's the rose and the spiciness that give the fragrance its warmer color, more apt for cold weather wearing, just like Amber and Santal.

It's a nice creation, reasonably safe and agreeable for men and women alike, perhaps the most unisex of the Ajmal Wood line I've tried.

At $160 for 100ml (FragranceX), it, like Rose and Santal, is a bit generic and is not quite compelling enough for the price. It's mostly a matter of taste, as there's nothing wrong with the fragrance. Particularly with Santal, the duo is balanced and agreeable, not so sharp or offensive. Still, I'm not dazzled, and it feels like it should be a little less expensive.

7 out of 10

30th October, 2018