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Positive Reviews of Dirty Ginger by Heretic Parfums

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For me the name Dirty Ginger threw me off this scent for a year or so. I kept looking for the dirty aspect while totally missing the poetic harmonics of the green contrasts in the mix of this scent. Yes there is lime and ginger that is fresh ginger but it is shrouded in a dusting of black pepper turning the ginger darker from first sniff. The fun starts with a clever harmony of green elements of cumin + ginger, layered over shiso which is a hard to appreciate milky green bamboo, this on top of vetiver which has a sanctified penetrating quality from the palo santo resin support. Taken as a whole this scent is a wonder. It is dark, tart and moody pepper and cumin spice over an almost iridescent green combination of shiso, vetiver and palo santo. It has a naturalistic and mystical aroma while still holding a darkness and a mystery. Heretic tries to explore the mystical in their scents and they succeed with this one.
13th January, 2021
Dirty Ginger lives up to its name. The dominant notes during the opening are ginger and cumin. The ginger smells fresh and somewhat earthy, and the cumin is clear as a bell. Black pepper and lime are less obvious, but there a definite green, high-register, almost astringent brightness present, highlighting the ginger's fresh-spicy nature. Perhaps the shiso also contributes to this, but I don't know what shiso smells like.

There’s a surprising amount of cumin. It doesn’t scream sweaty/dirty to me; it’s almost culinary in nature. The image I get is "Mexican Moscow Mule". Perhaps I'll attempt to make one when the weather is right!

Moving into the heart and base, Dirty Ginger's structure reveals itself to be simple, which I suppose we should expect if the ingredients are all-natural, as claimed. Essentially, we have a dry, woody backbone. Palo Santo wood (listed in the base) apparently has a sort of citrus-mint/green-pine profile, which feels about right. Most of the heavy duty fireworks happen in the first hour, but the dirty-fresh-spicy spice profile lingers on for quite some time, aided by this particular wood accord.

Dirty Ginger is entertaining to wear, and my wife surprisingly fell for it as well. It's a fun and unexpected choice for those who want an oddball summery spice option.
03rd December, 2018
It really is dirty and has realistic ginger, so much so that it makes me realize I prefer a softer or more synthetic ginger to the real thing. Drydown is much more subdued, just some spicy-wood notes. I'm still on the fence about this being masculine or feminine, so to that effect, it is appropriately categorized as unisex as well as having the perfect name to describe the scent.

I see this as more of an experience scent for myself than something pleasing that I wear for others. I think it achieves the desired effect, so thumbs up.

Good projection during the first couple hours then starts to fade. Longevity is about 5 hours.
11th September, 2018
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Spectacular!!! That's the word to describe Dirty Ginger by Heretic Parfums! I absolutely adore this fragrance! I just sprung for the full bottle as it's so amazing! Bright...bright ginger with lime! It smells even better than it sounds. The shiso leaf, woods and vetiver all combine to make this one of my new top fragrances!!! The all natural composition of this product does affect longevity to some degree, but it is just so brilliant that I can say enough good things about it! Highest recommendation!!!
03rd November, 2017