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Neutral Reviews of Hyrax by Zoologist Perfumes

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It's a milder version of Hyde, and not unpleasant, but there is something contradictory in presenting such bold smoky notes in such a subdued manner. It probably be more a winner if it was bolder.
10th June, 2021
Some kid had diarrhea in a just-cleaned-up hospital wing. Then someone put incense to hide it and failed.

Ok, this is well done, but don’t wear it.
03rd August, 2020
For a fragrance without leather anywhere in the notes, this is a very leather-centric scent. Specifically the funky kind. That burnt-plastic / new-car-smell leather, but with animalic and mineralic facets.

The scent is an ode to the musky powerhouses of long ago. You will smell a bit like a 70s mustachioed pornstar, and if you're not prepared for that, you're not gonna have the best time. I'd never wear this to work, but I honestly enjoyed lounging around the house in it. It doesn't reek of shit like some more dramatic reviewers would have you believe, but there is definitely something a bit "off" that could lead you in that direction. Personally I don't find it full bottle worthy but it's definitely worth trying.

I don't think every scent out there needs to be broadly wearable to be appreciated. Hyrax has it's time and place, it's just not your next HR meeting.
01st June, 2020
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Kyung-chul ( Min-sik Choi ) in I Saw the Devil by Jee-woon Kim 2010
03rd December, 2018
Genre: Leather

Given that The Zoologist’s Civet didn’t smell all that much of civet to me, I was surprised to find the castoreum-like, tarry-animalic pungency of hyraceum conspicuously present in Hyrax. I would describe Hyrax as a potent and assertively “butch” animalic leather fragrance with a decidedly retro cast.

I somehow feel as if I should like this fragrance more than I do, as dark, animalic leather scents normally appeal to me. However, the “throwback” element on display in Hyrax leaves me with the impression that, while aiming at “black leather jacket and studded belt,” the composition trips over “dirty old man.” Hyrax misses the élan exhibited by, say, Masque Milano’s Montecristo or Byredo’s Le Botte, and winds up smelling a bit crude to me after an hour or two’s wear. Oh, and if it’s the titular ingredient you’re after, I’d recommend Liz Moore’s stupendously skanky Salome for a more interesting use of hyraceum.
07th July, 2018