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Neutral Reviews of Vogue 125 by Comme des Garçons

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A rosy lily perfume with a bit of acetone/nail polish remover on top. The acetone note, while intended as a source of CDG's signature weirdness, actually makes Vogue 125 feel a bit old-fashioned, as it calls to mind classic perfumes that used acetone in lieu of aldehydes.

It's not bad, but there's a blackcurrant note in there that gives a tinge of urine, which I don't like, and the whole composition is oddly thin in that way where it feels like it quickly fades, but when I spray a lot of it, hoping to smell it more clearly, the acetone haze burns out my nose and leaves me smelling even less. Frustrating and not really worth the effort, though not terrible.
13th January, 2021
kind of disappointing...was expecting something a little more daring, exciting and avant-garde from the CDG laboratories...yeah, there is a little taste of something like old photo film or glossy magazine pages...bottom line though, is that, this is just a fairly nice floral fragrance...don't really get much else out of with a little background mish-mash of ink, vetiver, tobacco and leather all coated with flowers...nothing to write home about...
19th February, 2019