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Upon opening I smell cherry liqueur and a toasted nut gourmand accord. This is an inviting smell that has a burnt caramel + cherry aroma. The cherry stays as a light facade while losing prominence to toasted almonds and warm powdery tonka and a dry woods base. Tonka has a dryness often interpreted as tobacco leaves, coupled with the cherry liqueur there is a scent of cherry pipe tobacco. This is a masculine scent at the outset with the cherry tobacco but as it wears on the powder dominates, erasing the impression of tobacco and there is considerable sweetness also in the base. This is a very good scent but doesn't live up to the expectation that I had from a label such as Tom Ford. Cute box and colorful presentation. Rated: 3 of 5.

14th September, 2021 (last edited: 16th September, 2021)
Ladies and Gentlemen, stand back. I am going to wear Lost Cherry. I am then going to rhapsodize about it and fill this review with so much purple prose that everyone who reads it will be embarrassed for me. I'll probably edit 90% of what I write today out by tomorrow, lest the shame of this review stain my children and my children's children and their children unto the fourth generation.

I LOVE LOST CHERRY. I love it. I love it even though I know it doesn't deserve me OR all the money I pay for it. I love it even though the name is, somewhat ironically, tasteless. I love it even though the pure red cherry note disappears disdainfully within an hour. I love it, even though I feel like a bit of a fashion victim every time I put it on. I love it, and I know all about things like cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome.

I love it but this is the last time you are doing this to me, Mr. Ford. (Do you take American Express...?)

When I first spray Lost Cherry on my wrist, it's a cherry pie cloud. But after fifteen minutes (the bad jokes just write themselves here, don't they) that note is gone. And the fragrance, um, falls flat for a bit.

Eventually the other notes catch fire though, and Lost Cherry descends into dark, delicious euphoria. Bitter almond is balanced to an almost marzipan effect with that boozy cherry syrup, and it's all topped with just enough jasmine to make your head spin.

These notes smolder for about two hours... there's never enough time when it's this good. Any thoughts of this being another fruity forgettable fragrance are gone.

The dry down is heavenly. It's detectable on my skin indefinitely as a powdery, boozy, cherry-clove-cinnamon scent. Cinnamon isn't named in the pyramid, but I promise, it's everywhere in this dry down . Maybe it's some sort of an effect created by the other notes. In any case, for hours the cinnamon and cloves and cherry booze powder weave around each other, and it's lovely. Lost Cherry is a gourmand without vanilla, it's fruity without being insipid, and it has flowers but isn't a floral.

I can't detect the vetiver or the rose. I would love more rose, but I am relieved not to have much vetiver.

Lost Cherry is safe for work. It's not a siren. It's not overtly masculine or feminine. The come-hither powers of Lost Cherry will probably peak around lunch or other associated snack times.

Lost Cherry's sillage is weak. Projection is such that you, the wearer, might be able to smell it all day but it won't go much beyond your own personal space. If you need a fragrance that collects compliments, do NOT chase this dragon.

It's too late for me. The most I can hope for now is that it won't be reformulated or discontinued. Lost (Paycheck) Cherry is going to be on my dresser for a long, long time.
20th March, 2021
Imagine cherry mess that featuring red wine soaked cherries mixed with Amaretto laced whipping cream.add crispy meringues,and bitter almonds for great textual effect.It is as smooth as silk,with nicely balanced almond&cherry and cherry stones notes,all wrapped in vanilla&tonka bean and just the mereset hit of spice.lush, complex,sensuous and delicious.

It opens with a rich cheery liquor note,with a slight medicinal it dries down,it gets nuttier with delightful almond.finally settles to a creamy and smokey vanilla, sweet tonka bean and peru balsam. unfortunately the dry down doesn't works well with my chemistry.for me the opening is the best part of this perfume. sweet and not is evocative in that way.this needs to be worn in the cold,it is so cozy on dreary winter day. Moderate in sillage and with good longevity.
19th February, 2021 (last edited: 06th April, 2021)
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Lost Cherry is a great name for this one: 10 minutes after spraying, it's G-O-N-E. Interesting that longevity is good for some people and zero on others....
01st June, 2020
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Cherries, cherries, cherries galore - that is the opening blast; a rich and sweet explosion of red cherries. Soon they become really boozy, and an underlying undercurrent of bitter almonds And amaretto - darker and a touch more bitter than the Ferrero’s Mon Cherie chocolates.

Then, after about an hour, the cherries truly are “lost” - the opening notes collapse spectacularly, and like the echo of an explosion, the amaretto remains. No other contenders have a chance to develop: the jasmin Sambas as well as a Turkish rose- the latter remaining rather a background feature that does not contribute significantly to the development of this creation.

The base adds a tonka impression that is sweet but not too dominant, at times is has a tobacco notion attached to it, without seeing the two taking the foreground as they do in this house’s Tobacco Vanille. Touches of the Peru Balsam con and go, and a woodsy component developed towards the end - more cedar than sandal, but quite weak on me. Whilst a bit of vetiver shines through rarely, this is a vetiver that is as faints as it is nonspecific.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection overall - from excellent to weak - and and about six hours of longevity on my skin, with the last few hours very close to my skin.

As the name says, the initial cherry is lost very soon. It is somewhat overly synthetic. The subsequent notes are not particularly rich or expressive.
Still, better losing one’s cherries than losing one’s marbles. 2.75/5.
23rd November, 2019
Lost Cherry is a lovely scent, but unfortunately its name is more appropriate than I think they intended. The opening is one big burst of cherry liqueur. Intoxicating, and wearable as a man IMO, albeit pretty sweet. However, that burst of cherry is very quickly lost.

Within an hour it was an amaretto-esque skin scent, which to me wasn't that special compared to other almond scents like Givenchy Pi. The beauty is all in the opening.

It's definitely one of my favourite things I've ever smelled, but the price tag really hurts, especially for one hour of performance. Maybe I'll snag a small decant if I really miss it.
14th September, 2019 (last edited: 21st October, 2020)
Do you want to smell like a cherry? Well if you do and you want Tom Ford to be the brand that enables you to do so, you're going to pay $320 for 50ml of the pleasure. I really wanted to dislike this as I did Fucking Fabulous (2017) and Lavender Extrême (2019), but there is just something a bit fun about Lost Cherry (2018) which makes that impossible. Primarily, the scent is more complex than one might suspect and dries down into tobacco (which is always nice), even if performance is extremely underwhelming. Lost Cherry is a gourmand tobacco scent at heart, with a tacky theme the likes of which only Tom Ford has the gall to market at this price point, but if you decide it's for you, I'd grab one while you can if it isn't already discontinued by the time you see this, because it is a low-volume seasonal exclusive.

Lost Cherry opens with... cherry. I mean come on, what else did you expect me to say? There's a maraschino cherry mixed with a bit of amaretto liqueur thanks to the bitter almond sharing the top. The heart sees some rose and jasmine to make Lost Cherry more "perfumey" than just what otherwise might just smell like snow cone flavoring, but it's the base where things heat up. Tonka and tobacco undoubtedly borrowed from Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (2007) make a show, and pair up nice with some cedar and sandalwood for a proper base, with the tobacco being the core theme past the first hour. Sadly, this is also a skin scent by then, even if it lasts all day otherwise. I also think Lost Cherry is quite unisex for fans of the note, and something this decadent can only be worn in a romantic or cold weather casual setting. If you have the audacity to spend top coin to drizzle yourself in Tom Ford's cherries, at least have the reserve not to show up at work in it, thanks.

There aren't a ton of perfumes with a cherry tobacco accord at their core, and the only other notable one I can recall is Burberry London for Men (2006), which luckily won't cost an arm and a leg, even if it is less sweet and a good amount spicier. The niche realms house some pretty strange things, especially in the frivolous-to-the-max realm of luxury lines which serve little other purpose but to be status-inferring symbols of indulgence, so I guess there really isn't much more indulgent out there than wanting to smell like a cherry cordial enjoyed with a smoking pipe. Whatever floats your boat, you had better be willing to pay for it, and due to the limited nature of these seasonal Private Collection releases, you'd better cherish that cherry while you have it. As for me, I give this silly overpriced fling a neutral for giving me a laugh, but I can't take it seriously.
05th May, 2019
A sweet boozy cherry tobacco scent with roasted almond/tonka and some woods.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one.
this starts off with a huge dark sweet cherry note which tones down quickly within 5 minutes. i then get some boozy cherry tobacco along with slightly roasted almonds. at this stage it reminds me just a little bit of some of the notes in tobacco vanille. i dont get the rose and jasmin.

After that it gradually gets more woody (cedarwood), more balsamic and less sweet/almondy over the course of 3 hours. by the 4 hour mark the scent is woody with some tonka and vanilla, some remains of the cherry note and just a hint of those spices. lasts 6 plus hours and has moderate projection its not weak at all by any means.
also, its totally unisex.
Overall score 8.2/10
20th April, 2019
I am obsessed with this fragrance. I received it for Christmas and have already purchased a backup for myself, and if it’s confirmed that this is in fact a limited edition I’ll be saving up to purchase a few more... I’ve honestly never smelled anything like this that moved me (or the money in my wallet) so strongly.

The scent is divinely delicious on me. Sweet cherry syrup that lasts for hours before the woody tonka drydown. I get a hint of almonds but they’re toasted and glazed in the cherry sauce, which I would equate more to a sticky syrup than a boozy liquor, but I don’t drink so maybe I’m just ignorant to how that would smell. Regardless this juice is intoxicating and the entire time it’s on my skin I’m in love with how I smell.

The sillage is actually quite impressive but Tom Ford fragrances are always way ahead of the game in performance versus other designer fragrance lines for me. This is no exception and I’m actually shocked to hear that so many people had issues with this scent not lasting long enough or projecting, I’d say this scent almost knocks me out at times it’s just as strong as some of his other scents (I must stress again, on my skin). I never spray this on clothes, only on my skin, so I’m not sure if that would improve anything, because I don’t need to. There’s nothing about this fragrance I would change, except the price.

I highly recommend testing for yourself but I wouldn’t suggest a blind buy even if you’re obsessed with Tom Ford fragrances like me because it’s an awful lot of money to be out of if you’re expectations aren’t met. Mine were exceeded and considering all the negative buzz this scent generated, I was pleasantly surprised.
23rd February, 2019
smells like Amaretto, a bit boozy and sweet, I like Liqueur of cherries, but as a scent, it appears a bit strange.

Performance is very good, but it is more suitable for Cold weather and for outside activities.

09th January, 2019
The release of Tom Ford Lost Cherry was almost as well-publicized, and seemingly highly anticipated, as that of Fucking Fabulous in late 2017. In the case of Lost Cherry, the "limited edition" label used in FF was no longer a new feature, and since FF eventually became a mainstay, there was little reason to believe it, but lo and behold, Lost Cherry is only available in 50ml bottles (at the same price of FF, OWI, TOI, and NPF) at $320 for 50ml.

The scent, though, is quite great, and frankly it's at least intuitive in that cherry liqueur is a central note. When combined with tonka and almond, it takes on a sharp, boozy feel, and with peru balsm, rose, and woods, it's creamy and comforting in the dry down. It's really mostly gourmand without being utterly, completely gourmand.

Almond and tonka are fun additives, especially in concert with one another, like they were in FF. Almost natural bedfollows, their sweet-yet-creamy-but-sort-of-powdery tartness makes for a fun counterpoint to the cherry liqueur, held by the glue of the balsam and woods, and ever so slightly hint of rose, barely detectable.

It's important to note that Lost Cherry's cherry is relatively short-lived, the cherry being front-and-center for only an hour or two and being wholly in the background after 6 hours. The fragrance itself lasts somewhat more, not a beast by any means but not as horrible on my skin as some seem to purport it on theirs.

Performance seems to be the main gripe of the fragrance, particularly considering its high pricing, on the higher tier of Tom Ford Private Blend, and it being limited to only 50ml bottle as opposed to flacons that would allow for splits, or even 100ml bottles also, which would be better priced by volume than the 50ml bottles.

Considering performance and pricing issues, the Dua Fragrances alternative of Popped Cherry is particularly appealing in terms of slightly better performance, greater use of cherry, and lower cost, of course, at $65 for 30ml, always discounted further. I find that both Popped Cherry and Lost Cherry have interesting nuances, the former more cherry-intensive and the latter more generally gourmand, particularly in the dry down.

I find Lost Cherry to be a great release, as much as the gimmick of the limited edition, particularly without the availability of flacons (at least for now...a new trick), does start to get bit old, and will undoubtedly test many TF fans, especially with other cherry fragrances out there like Dua's as well as another fresh/sweet/tart realistic cherry fragrance, Hilde Soliani Una Tira L'Altra, which is available on Luckyscent for only $160 for 100ml.

Still, I credit the release for drumming up some interest in cherry as a particular note and gourmands as a general category of fragrances. Presumably more clones that Dua's will follow.

8 out of 10
05th December, 2018
I just tested it at the airport. The opening is much of a candy-like, syrupy cherry, with the bitter almond playing a big part in this. It softens to a powdery tonka with amber-like balsam. Unfortunately, this original gourmand and regressive dries down to a cherry blossom that stays way too close to the skin.
29th November, 2018
Lost Cherry really surprised me. I smelled it over the weekend and was captivated. I sprayed once on my wrist, and kept going back to it the rest of the evening...I went back to Saks the next day and bought a full bottle. It's insanely expensive, but a holiday splurge never hurt anyone, right?

Cherry opens this one in a big way. One of the most realistic notes I've ever smelled in a fragrance, it literally smells like you just opened a jar of high end luxardo cherries. After a few minutes that initial cherry burst goes away and leads to a beautiful almond/cherry/tonka fragrance that leads the rest of the way.

Projection and sillage are both average, longevity has been good for me so far (8+ hours), and I am OK with that. I don't love fragrances that are loud and screamy with projection, and this is a fragrance that leaves a decent sillage trail and can be discovered if someone is close enough. I was really surprised to love this one so much, but on scent alone this has immediately become one of my favorites, and will be a beautiful cold weather/holiday staple of mine.
26th November, 2018
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