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Neutral Reviews of Eternity Flame for Men by Calvin Klein

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On my skin, this has the distinct Eternity DNA that runs through the line. It's a leather note scent, enhanced by sweet, sharp pineapple in the top notes, herbal rosemary in the middle and dark, deep labdanum in the base.
07th May, 2020
Not a bad scent at all, just another trendy fragrance that follows the steps of things like Invictus intense. Sweet and spicy notes surrounded by some ambroxan. Unnecessary if you already own things like Spicebomb, Gentleman absolute etc.
05th December, 2019
Not awful, just horribly boring. A "rouge" theme filtered through the malign influence of the last half-decade's mainstream. Not worth discussing notes.
05th October, 2019
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Fruity-bubble gum, powdery-sweet opening. If there’s any likeness to Eternity then it’s distant. Decent scent but feels kinda juvenile or cheap, I can’t decide which. If we’re talking flankers, to me it’s better than Eternity Now but I like Intense and Aqua better. Too many Summer versions to compare.

Projection is a little better than average, not bad at all. Longevity is even better, sticks around all day on my skin.
25th April, 2019
Has nothing to do with 'regular' Eternity or fire/flames.
Is flame the new buzz word in flanker-dom? Remains to be seen I suppose. Eros Flame from Versace also had nothing to do with fire or flame.
Perhaps flame refers to an old fling?
Dunno, but what I do know is that EF could have been a stand alone launch, tho it would almost instantly disappear into the sea of unnecessary releases.

What does it smell like? Sweet and spicy.
27th January, 2019