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I truly dislike the entire Narciso Rodriguez line including Pure Musc For Her. No, I did not mistakenly choose two thumbs up. Yes, I dislike the entire NR lineup despite riding with FK since Green Tea upon initial release through MFK and keeping Sonia Constant’s NPF in my regular wardrobe. This review is based on a free sample that I did not request.

Two thumbs up for Pure Musc’s objective merits which seem to be a toned down, lower gear ginger muskiness that could be a fragrant shard from a fractured NPF. PM is a stripped down entry model that could easily flex from office to a night out in casual dining, is likely to be offered widely and therefore flexibly priced. PMFR seems like a very user-friendly one stop shopping for utilitarian fragrance needs. This is not going to move many people one way or another and really any criticisms I have are petty and subjective. NR bores me. It’s... nice, which is a me problem and not a NR problem.

A safe blind buy in uncertain times, good value given it can be worn for nearly any occasion, and performs superbly. Any minor subjective negativity I assign doesn’t stand up to those objective positives writ large.
17th October, 2020
A little white dress with a pair of dainty metalic strappy sandals for a night out.definitely makes you want to put on a too short, too low cut white dress and let your raw femininity take over.
this scent does what i desire from a musc based's raw,carnal,earthy,sensual,organicpowdery and all so classy at the same time.a calming fragrance and yet wery every narciso rodriquez's work,you can give time to his scent.musk needs your warm skin to take must express itself on your skin.

The radiant,gorgeous deep musk breathes through the entire composition. the soft,powdery Jasmine takes a slight indolic accord,but it's actually a fresh blossom,still on the vine.that accord is created by the penetrating,rich musk.that's not a loud scent.this is soft, inviting and very feminine. imagine you're in a serene, oriental garden with jasmine, vines in full bloom scaling the wooden you walk through,the sun warmes your skin. the gorgeous aroma of ylang ylang files the air blending in harmony with the smooth,jasmine and a bright lifted of fragrant orange blossom.You stop and smell the blooms.not to close as you're surrounded and the air is naturally permated with the florals on the crisp realize you're surrounded by life.

Totally the florals are restrained and subtle,the musk clean and non animalic. a breeze you can feel sweeping over your gentle yet so touching. could wear this look with a white T shirt and beige pants with black loafers as it also could be worn with a narciso rodriquez bias-cut cocktail's an incredibly versatile fragrance. this can be worn year round formal or casual for personal indulgence or for sensual intimacy.

if you're trying to make a statement and or have your scent announce your presence before your walk in the door,this is not the scent for you.however if you want a subtle, gentle my skin but better scent,this is it.
Good sillage&longevity.
01st August, 2020
After falling in love with Narciso, I’m exploring the rest of the line. Most are very pleasing except for the two original Narciso Rodriguez fragrances, which never worked for me.

Their lines of flankers make sense, sort of what flankers should really be about, though I find the names confusing and wish they weren’t so muddied. There’s a similarity in the flankers of course - though I like them, I have a bit of difficulty separating them. But I won’t complain further, as a plethora of riches shouldn’t be discouraged.

‘Pure Musc for Her’ is beautifully done. And it has a difference on my skin from the rest, being quite cool and centered on greener white florals. The note pyramid from another site also lists Woodland Lily (Muguet), Lilac, White florals, Almond and Powder, which feels right. I don’t care for white floral fragrances, so I’m sort of left wondering how this one managed to draw me in.

Except I love the balance in it, like marveling at a high-wire act, which it is for me. A mis-step in a white floral/green fragrance puts me right in perfume hell. So there’s a built-in tension I feel which adds to my interest.

It has a smooth, clean soapy musk note that manages to feel cushiony and soft. Combined with the green florals, it has a rightness I’ve just never felt with others that try this. I like this fragrance, but also admire it. It has a smooth cool floral abstracted bouquet, abstraction being a quality I like more and more in fragrances. It may be one reason this works for me - it’s blended, almost seamless, in the manner of Narciso Rodriguez fragrances, not about the notes.

This has a refined cool elegance, but isn’t an ice queen, because of that perennially appealing NR sensual musk, which does wonders for a cool white floral. It presents the sensual beating heart I search for beneath the exterior of frigid white florals and frigid little muguet. Yet the musk is not behind or beneath. It’s blended, like friends. So it comes across as sort of gracious, sort of restrained, sort of sensual, sort of romantic, and in all that self-possessed. I like this one quite a bit.
25th September, 2019 (last edited: 26th September, 2019)
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A minimalistic take on soapy/floral musk. A refined synth musk with a quite balmy nature and a white floral core. Pure Musc turns out sophisticated in perfect Rodriguez-style, almost edible in its smooth musky creaminess. Cashmeran provides a vaguely fruity damp aura. Musc is in here "synthetically" straighforward, graciously romantic, sensually poetic and purely soapy. Super feminine. Well made.
19th June, 2019