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Positive Reviews of B-612 by Nishane

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B-612 is an impressive, modern fougere. I've seen comparisons to Beau De Jour but B-612 never transforms into that creamy, barbershop scent.

It has a fresh, clean, peppery opening. Some modern sweetness starts to come in a few minutes later.

The heart of the scent is a woody fougere with its nostalgic, dusty woods and earthy green notes. Smells very masculine.

The performance is really good. Projection is beyond an arms-length with only a few sprays and that lasts for maybe 3-4 hours. The late drydown is cleaner and softer and lasts about 10 hours. Even longer on clothes.
07th August, 2020
B-612 is a creamy, earthy, sweet fragrance. I thought it contained vanilla. Then I realized it was the cypress and patchouli. The lavender is present and soothing. It lasts a long time on me. I love Nishane.
28th July, 2020