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Positive Reviews of Corpse Reviver by Bruno Fazzolari

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Sampling one of the latest two releases from Bruno Fazzolari / Fzotic, Corpse Reviver (the other being Zdravetz), a complex, creative perfume whose standout notes on me are camphor, whiskey, and chocolate:

It’s dark, boozy, rich, somewhat sweet, and also loaded with camphor and woody, herbal undertones via some of the other notes. Like Ummagumma, it has the rich sweet complexity of a Slumberhouse fragrance. I saw someone make a comparison to Slumberhouse Baque, specifically, and that is a sound analogy for the mix of liquor and stewed fruits that is common to both fragrances, though I prefer Corpse Reviver’s overall character, which, at least on my skin, is a bit more interesting (with the chocolate, especially), than Baque, one of the few Slumberhouse offerings I’ve bought and re-sold.

The performance is strong, what I’ve typically come to expect of Bruno’s work and choice in ingredients, compositions.

Available through the Fzotic website and through boutique sites like Luckyscent and Twisted Lily, Corpse Reviver is priced at $145 for 50ml, slightly higher than most of the line, but in line with the previous Luckyscent exclusive, Fontevraud.

I’m not sure it’s a fragrance I would wear often so I’ll have to give it some more time but I quite like Corpse Reviver.

7 out of 10
07th January, 2020