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Neutral Reviews of Acqua di Giò Profondo by Giorgio Armani

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Ok. This smells not too bad. I was very disappointed at first. It is very raw green antiseptic through the first two hours and smells as if it were inspired by some of the finer floor cleansing products such as Mr. Clean or Simple Green, or a quality laundry detergent pod. But, after a few hours the Armani AdG oceanic spray effect starts to take over and it's . . . I'll give it an OK. The first half of the scent is thumbs down for me and the second half is better - approaching thumbs up, so I've revised my rating to meh! Just not worth going beyond with description - test it before blind buying.
17th October, 2020
I guess this is Acqua di Gio's answer to Blue de Chanel and Sauvage. It's not a bad scent, but it's just not original. I initially got a decent aquatic vibe from the original spray. The musk note kicks in during the base of this one. Nothing to write home about, but a decent fragrance nontheless.
01st October, 2020
Very similar to the original. Slightly sweeter, more modern and mixed with something akin to Polo Blue. Very fresh and clean. Super versatile and pleasing.

Projection is good and can be cloying if over-applied. Longevity is decent, maybe 6-7 hours.
05th May, 2020
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Not much to add to Zealot's amazingly well written, and comprehensive review (as usual). I feel stupid following his review, but I'll give it a go:

I do find this very similar to D&G's Light Blue eau Intense, but less ozonic in the dry-down.
Very citrusy, and slightly sweet in the opening, and a little salty (maybe that's the Marine notes?). Not picking-up on much Lavender, or Cypress. I didn't detect much change or development through the dry-down.

Not a big departure from the original; a more modernized version I suppose. Maybe not as light and bright, but perhaps slightly more assertive and sure of itself. And not as similar to Profumo (despite the similar looking bottle).

Slightly better sillage and longevity I think. Anyways, it's very nice, and seems like a pretty straight-forward more modern reiteration of the original all the way through. Good stuff
02nd May, 2020