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Neutral Reviews of Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley

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Not gonna lie...I'm disappointed so far. I blind bought because I love James Heeley's work and have immensely enjoyed virtually everything I've bought from Heeley so far. The note break down on this sounds like it would be perfect to zest...yes...yes...yes! I was so hopeful that the base notes wouldn't be the main players in this fragrance as pink pepper and cardamom are not my faves. bottle arrived and POW!!! This is a cardamom bomb to my nose. There is a slight vagrant breeze of ginger, lime and orange zest in the opening...but the opening lasts for mere minutes while the base notes last for hours which is the opposite of what I was hoping for. I do need to give this many more wears to see if it's progression grows on me, but so far I'm not feeling it. My favorite ginger fragrance to date is Dirty Ginger by Heretic Parfums which is absolutely amazing by the way.

Anyway, if you love cardamom you should at least sample Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley. Neutral rating so far for me.
14th September, 2020