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Neutral Reviews of Fantomas by Nasomatto

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Odd and maybe even challenging but it's not bad and is definitely unique.

I kept trying to place the familiar smell I get in Fantomas but couldn't place it until I read some of the notes reported, including rubber, plastic, earthy notes and gunpowder. Those I do actually get from Fantomas along with melon, but this is no fruity scent.

It finally hit me what I was reminded of by some of those odd notes, a shipping warehouse full of cardboard boxes in the colder months, which I have access to at my job. The boxes are what I first thought of but I knew it was more than just that. It is the whole combination of industrial and working elements in the building that has a similar smell. Again, this isn't a bad smell but surely it is unique.

The familiar Nasomatto musty-earthiness that I associate with Black Afgano is probably the main note that I get here. It's not near as powerful or room-filling as BA but it has very good performance. The projection is persistent and long-lasting even on minimal sprays.
29th November, 2020