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Neutral Reviews of H24 by Hermès

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H24 is light and slightly green with musky florals. It also has a metallic, skin sweat scent in the late drydown that gives me a Dior Sauvage vibe (not even close to a clone, just a slight similarity in that one aspect). Not a wow-factor scent but it is pretty unique.

For me, it’s more enjoyable on skin than on clothes or tester strips.

Projection is light from start to finish but it does have decent longevity. I can still smell a light scent over 10 hours on skin.
16th March, 2021
Hermès call this a high-tech fougère, and with a radiant burst of pear and stewed apple, lemon-lime, aromatics and powderiness, it’s clearly a fougère - at least from the start.
But when you add some major synthetics, H24 seems less traditional. Along with a tangy green citrus, there’s nutty-spikiness and a thick sweetness, which are familiar from Citron Noir.
What is new, however, is a note of aluminium. It takes the spiky woods and, smoothing them out a bit, gives them a high tech metallic feel. H24 portrays vibrant masculinity, slightly more chic and upmarket than the spiky woods, and, although it doesn’t feel especially young compared to them, it’s younger than the vintage Hermès masculine. It’s aimed at the Sauvage crowd, who, having aged a few years, are ready to move on to something a bit more aspirational.
On the other hand, there has been speculation this may be the follow up to Terre d’Hermès, and with a ‘woody’ core between the tangy citrus and the steroidal base there seems to be some mileage in that. But if that were the case, with it’s aluminium accent this would be Métal d’Hermès.
H24 is a modern green fougère that unveils a welcome new take on the spiky woods. It’s clever and well made, and it gives a nod to its stablemate, so why not a full endorsement? Because the aromachems are still too manic for my taste.
01st March, 2021