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Signature Rosé by Zaharoff

This is my first try of the most recent release from Zaharoff, Signature Rosé (and pardon me if I leave off the accent subsequently), the fourth incarnation of the Zaharoff Signature DNA, with the original as the base and inspiration, and, as its name suggests, pivoting toward a rose-intense experience that’s also evocative of the rosé beverage.

It’s pretty remarkable from the onset, and I rather quickly get several intersecting types of rose fragrances that I’ve experienced before—the jammy/syrupy rose, the incense/resinous rose, the fresh rose—and robust inclusion of aldehydes that creates some effervescence ala a sparkling rosé wine. It’s very well-blended in that the rose aspects do not come off sharp, and no particular characterization (jammy, fresh, resinous) seems to stand out too much.

Also, it’s clearly dense but does not feel overpowering, great performance with being too overloaded in any particular aspect. It feels like the result of a long, patiently-approached process of blending several roses. Beyond the roses (Turkish and Bulgarian), there are resins (amber, myrrh, oud, olibanum), mostly, along with sugarcane, vanilla, and sandalwood. In this respect, it feels like a pretty straightforward note breakdown but the execution is simply excellent, not surprising in that in comes from Zaharoff, but still a bit remarkable in that few rose fragrances seem this balanced. The rose notes themselves aren’t overwhelming (even with rose being the dominant aspect of the rose) that it’s so bluntly a rose fragrance; even the typically rose-averse may greatly enjoy this due the resins and effective blending of the roses with the resins.

Again, it performs very well, and is priced in a similar range to the rest of the collection, at $145 for 60ml via the Zaharoff website.

Overall, it’s really a superb fragrance, period, and is a wonderful rose offering that generously provides a blended rose (and rosé aspect) for those of us that really enjoy rose.

I’d certainly recommend that everyone check this out!

8 out of 10
22nd July, 2021

Panda (2017) by Zoologist Perfumes

I get that blast of ISO-E Super right up front, but on my skin it doesn't last. I evolves very quickly into fruit-filled barbershop, with a pronounced tart-apple note, and pretty much stays there until that nondescript "woody" dry down. I had some hope when a beautiful osmanthus note popped up, but it was just for a moment. I can see where it would appeal to those who like to keep a certain number of fresh, juicy, "cologne"-type options in rotation. But I have too many much better ones in my collection, so this is a no for me.
22nd July, 2021

Oud Shamash by The Different Company

This isn't merely a physically sexy scent,it suggests a deeper sort of eros,like falling in love on an arid summer night under the stars.a delicious dry's not a medicinal oud,nor does it smell like a high quality oud oil.what it does smell like is agarwood chips.the wood chips have a very complex aroma of wood,resin,and a funky fruit aroma.this scents richly woody, decency defying spicy temper that touches all the right spots.and all done without too much noise.

The first sprays are spicy,sweet, dried fruits and a little rum. when the liquid dries,the scent slowly makes the transition into rose,oud accord.there are alluring light wafts of the balsamic amber in the air.there is gourmand spiciness to it yet, fresh; a little powdery from the vanilla and saffron. later the patchouli comes forth strong giving it a spicy powdery feel... kind of a cinnamon/ sweet spice. just nice scent,nothing a masterpiece.
22nd July, 2021
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Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

I agree with The_Cologneist, the cardamom hints at a scent that reminds me of La Nuit, but fresher, more powdery (like Touch), and with far less spice. It's like daytime La Nuit.

Nothing wrong with the smell but the performance is poor. Projection is average for the first hour and then gets very soft, only lasting 3-4 hours for me.
22nd July, 2021

Cédrat Enivrant by Atelier Cologne

The perfume opens with a beautiful bouquet of linden blossoms mixed with crispy lemon. I couldn’t help but think to myself: "This is irresistible, I pray it lasts and doesn’t turn into...." a monstrous synthetic grip. Oh, but yes it did. A grip on my mind, a grip on my nose, a grip on my lungs. A grip that lasts and lasts and lasts for an eternity. What a massacre, what gruesome crime and assault on the initial beauty of this fragrance. And it is not even hidden. The perfumer, it seems, didn't even bother to spare our senses, but is making a public execution – blunt, cruel and crude, for all to see.

I couldn’t even make myself to give this scent a neutral rating, despite my deep love for linden blossoms, and despite knowing that there were none in the formula. But I was willing to let myself forget it all, until that synthetic hammer smashed it all to pieces. What an ethereal perfume this could have been, were Atelier Cologne willing to approach it gently and carefully and consider the beauty more than the efficiency. I will take a short-lived perfume 100 times out of 100, as long as I love how it makes me feel, but I cannot obtain such a concoction that hijacks my senses and so shamelessly mocks what was a fleeting beauty – just because it lasts....
22nd July, 2021

Pure Nautica Discovery by Nautica

Nautica Pure Discovery Review:

This fragrance opens up with a strong orange note. It's so strong in fact, that it takes center stage for the rest of the fragrance. Thankfully it's a very nice fruity orange note. It lacks any unpleasant sharpness that sometimes comes with fruit/citrus notes. There is just a hint of ginger after the opening, and then some sandalwood in the base to hold everything together. This is a very pleasant and simple fragrance to my nose.

If you like orange in your fragrances then you should definitely check this one out. Especially considering the great prices online. I own both this and Nautica Voyage. I actually like the way this smells a little bit better than Voyage. Imagine replacing the apple note in Voyage with an orange note. Now dial back the aquatics and add sandalwood to the base. You can now imagine what Pure Discovery smells like. The one drawback I have, especially when compared to Voyage, is that the projection is lacking on my skin. Otherwise, this is a solid cheapie to add to your collection.

Best Age Group- Teens and 20's
Best Season- Summer
Occasions- Casual, Work
Projection/Sillage- Soft
Longevity- 7 Hours
Smell- 7/10
Overall- 7/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy
22nd July, 2021

Spirited by Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis Spirited Review:

This fragrance opens up with a red apple note, with a hint of ginger sitting behind it. The apple is strong and dominates the opening. It's also a bit sharp to my nose. Certainly not a terrible fruity note though. The red apple then begins to mix with the peppery and woody notes. It makes for a very masculine and fruity smell. This is a pleasant enough scent that will certainly get the job done. At the same time, don't expect it to exceed any of your expectations.

For my personal tastes, this fragrance really doesn't do all that much for me. I think there are far better cheapies out there. That being said, you could also do a lot worse. I would recommend this to someone who really loves red apple notes in fragrances.

Best Age Group- 20's
Best Season(s)- Spring/Summer
Occasions- Casual, Work
Projection/Sillage- Moderate
Longevity- 8 Hours
Smell- 5.5/10
Overall- 6/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy
22nd July, 2021

A Drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake

A transparent if somewhat high-pitched lilac backed by an inviting musk, clean and milky, which for some reason brings to mind burying one’s nose in a freshly bathed person’s cleavage. The lilac impression doesn’t entirely hold for the course as first the bright jasmine underpinning it becomes more evident and then the whole transitions to a soapier floral with some bleached cedar shavings. Would be well-suited to inhabitants of Scandi interiors.
22nd July, 2021
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom

Noble Leather by Yves Saint Laurent

there is indeed a leather note in the opening blast, quite dark and somewhat smoky leather, but without the gasoline I get, for instance, in Knize Ten.

Very soon a smooth saffron is added, which takes over as the most prominent component. At this stage the leather has lost its edge, and softened considerably; it morphed into a suede-like impression that she all the smokiness of the earlier moments.

Later on a sweeter vanilla develops and grows in strength and intensity; at times I get a light undertone of caramel candies. A while later a character of prunes and blackberries is noticeable too. The leather is now revealing its core as a patchouli-based note; it continues to soften and weaken towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumnal scent is an interesting leather-creation, which is actually more of a saffron-vanilla composition after the first third or so, with the leather gradually being engulfed by these subsequent notes. The richer and sweeter phases trigger reminiscences of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. The second half is rather generic and overly synthetic though, which drags the whole rating down somewhat. Overall 2.75.5
22nd July, 2021

Lavender by Woods of Windsor

Refreshing lavender cologne, ideal for cooling down in hot weather.

Thumbs up!
22nd July, 2021

Fresh Sandalwood by Zara

Like sitting in a wooden cottage in the forest with a book in hand or take it out pretty much anywhere.real sandalwood does not actually smell strong,it's more of an exalting material and base for other notes.this is a very smooth and calming sandalwood, fresh,not aged or vanilic. relaxing,yet is not demanding,not cloying,it's simple just beautiful

The citrus beginning relaxes quickly however,and the sandalwood becomes as deliciously creamy as sandalwood gets.i don't smell much musk here;it stays pretty linear sandalwood on me. it's a very ethereal fragrance that when you wear it, has the power to give you a sense of being whole or being at peace rather.a great daytime scent for the office.
22nd July, 2021
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United States

Addictive Arts : Vision in a Dream Psychedelic by Clive Christian

Love at first sniff. Starts off very herbal and bitter. Dries to an ambery, resinous, balsalmic, incensey, herbaceous aromatic fragrance. Sillage and projection are moderate to strong, longevity is 10-12 hrs. I’ve been wearing this over the summer as a work scent and it’s been fantastic. It has barbershop-like fascets, but it would be at home in the Aoumage lineup because it has a lot of middle eastern nuances. Absolute masterpiece in my book.
22nd July, 2021

Embers by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

I'll add a review. This is for the 2012 release of which a sample was kindly provided by a BN member:

Description (presumably for the 2012 release) from Fragrantica. I think these are usually taken from the house's marketing: "It contains a hefty dose of rare and precious Mysore Sandalwood, hand made bourbon vanilla tincture, labdanum, benzoin, rose otto and a few special herbs and spices… a unisex perfume is worth its weight in sweet dreams. Perfect for cool & cold weather, Embers is luscious, warm and cosy, like snuggling up in front of a fire with the love of your life, sipping hot chocolate whilst a blizzard rages outside"

Notes from Fragrantica: "Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Spices, Benzoin, Bulgarian Rose, Labdanum, Herbal Notes

My impressions: A powerful, sweet, vanilla, almond and fenugreek blast with a bit of a phenolic, medicinal note (that I have read some refer to as Band-Aids). I seems to be especially sensitive to this medicinal note, as it has bothered me in many fragrances. I do not get any of the eucalyptus or bergamot notes mentioned by some others. A true Mysore sandalwood is there from the beginning, but it plays second fiddle to the strong gourmand notes to me. The sandalwood starts to get stronger after a while when some of the opening notes begin to settle down. I get a hit of a nice powdery rose and some incense smoke, and the amber base accord. The vanilla and gourmand spices are still there, but more balanced in the overall composition. The scent is close wearing and incredibly long lasting. The powdery rose is not too prominent to bother my like the powdery note does in Crabtree and Evelyn Extract of Mysore Sandalwood, but it is enough to bother my girlfriend, who calls it "too feminine".
22nd July, 2021 (last edited: 21st July, 2021)
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Rose Wood by Ajmal

Like blood red rose petals,satin lingerie, bed sheets after sex, and a touch of a man's scent and sweat on warm skin.a feminine rose scent. definitely better than Mancera's rose based perfumes which are too cloying.a waxy,earthy, creamy rose scent with a hint of's not the super dark,sweet,luscious,provocative, creamy, dense and evocative.

The opening is blast of syrupy juicy rose with just touch of spice.the spice is beautiful i think it's the caraway.the oud is medical but not hour in,the rose still screaming,but the blend has melted into something slightly more delicious with powdery notes.a very intimate fragrance, that will certainly set the mood for you and whoever you wish to encounter.
21st July, 2021

Brass & Soul by Zaharoff

This is my first try Brass & Soul from Stay Fresh Productions x Zaharoff, one of the three perfumes from the Zed Creators that were released recently. Brass & Soul fittingly takes its inspiration from jazz, and the composition is fresh, spicy, boozy blend that has a strong, aromatic, gin/juniper blend to it, along with lavender, vanilla, citruses, patchouli, and woods in the main mix, though the note list, like anything Zaharoff, is quite extensive.

I get the vibe of a busy club immediately, and the fragrance itself harkens back to older gentlemanly fougeres while, like Zaharoff Signature and Business Over Pleasure, having a modern, up-to-date quality that’s really seems befitting some current trends. It’s slightly sweet, also, but noticeably less so than the other offerings in the Zaharoff catalogue, even Signature Royale and Noir, though there is a certain booziness and vanilla/amber sweetness that counterbalances the sharper, spicier, more floral sides of it. It’s really delightful while being a good balance between provocative and familiar, new and old, opulent but very much down-to-earth in a lot of respects. In fact, it might be the most down-to-earth and seemingly most real-world-inspired of any offering in the Zaharoff catalogue, effectively conjuring the scents and environment of a busy club, a club I want to be at.

Brass & Soul comes in EDP concentration and is priced at $119 for 60ml, like the other Zed Creators’ releases, and again, I feel that this pricing is very reasonable, especially today’s market, given the creativity, wearability, uniqueness, and, yes, performance.

8 out of 10

21st July, 2021

Florence Blossom by Roberto Cavalli

I can imagine a pinterest type woman,who's always put together and has a beautifully decorated home,wearing this.i like Florence and this flanker is different in notes and vibe but nice in it's own right.this is definitely a fresh fragrance. sparkling and soothing,simple and linear.

I keep getting blasts of light flowers,then blasts of some kind of flirty succulent fruits.the floral notes give a feminine side to the fragrance too but above all i would say is carefree and settles into a warm wood and patchouli that adds a little depth and allure.the right amount of sweet, not asugar bomb, but just enough.a quite safe everyday scent.
21st July, 2021

Forest by Bath and Body Works

In frag comm end times
All things become Aventus
To some small degree

View not with sadness
This great singularity
But rather rejoice

That one is now all
And all are now one, by our
Perception alone

Likeness to likeness
To likeness to likeness to
Likeness to likeness

Thus letting us see
Aventus in all things good
And the goodness in

All things Aventus
Let not your hearts be troubled
By those rumors of

Other fragrances
To which things might be likened
There is little need

For such division
Although it might be said that
This is a nice one

For its own reasons
Not the least of which is some
Minor resemblance

To Aventus clones
But let us not burden these
Planetary ones

With their own new moon
But instead describe this new
Little green planet

In its own fair terms
Its pleasant powdery base
Just woody enough

But not too much so
Is free of all scratchiness
Thus making it quite

Pleasant to the nose
That tires of splintery fare
Persistent as well

Without losing form
A worthy skin scent remains
For a day or two

A wee bit of some
Coniferous greenery
Piques through the powder

Without detracting
From the soft comforts thereof
Thus earning the name

Pleasing to the wife
When so many other scents
Leave her hardly moved

I find this fragrance
As enjoyable as some
Men's fragrance by Creed

Which I would mention
If the name did not escape
Me at this moment.
21st July, 2021
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom

Le Vestiaire des Parfums : Trench by Yves Saint Laurent

The opening blast with its mandarin-bergamot start has a restrainedly bright feeling to it, which is continued a bit later on by a slightly darker neroli impression, with an underlying fig impression instilling a bit of sweetness at this stage.

Later in the drydown a lovely iris takes the centre stage, with a woody undertone that is enhanced by hits of cedar appearing now and then.

The base has a musky tendency, a darker musky impression that is quite discreet and never expressing pungent or harsh chracteristics. Ambery/ambrette features are added in towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and five hours of longevity on my skin.

An agreeable scent for spring and autumn days, the trench coat season on rainy days. Some notes are a bit too generic, and on he whole it not an especially creative composition, but overall is is quite nice - but nothing special and not performing particularly well. 2.75/5

21st July, 2021

Bronze Wood & Leather by Jo Malone London

A dark leather accord with peppery and smoky facets.this does infact smell like Gucci Guilty Absolute,but a little more rounded.GGA feels bolder,while this is more refined,less woody and not at all in your face.

It's definitely a masculine fragrance with it's earthy and leather notes.a little harsh if you press your nose directly against the site of application, but it smells beautiful and captivating in the air.for me it's likeable(no lovable) authentic leather scent with slightly animalic touch.
21st July, 2021

Join The Club : Comandante! by Xerjoff

The opening is distinguished, cherry pipe and vanilla tobacco. Somewhere in the genre of Pure Havane meets Bogart pour Homme. Later, it turns into a creamy, smooth, woody amber, not far off from Joop Jump.

Seems too dark and heavy to be a daytime or work scent but could work with the right application. Probably more appropriate for cooler temps.

Projection is pretty good during the first 3-4 hours. After it settles into more of a skin scent, lasts about 6-7 hours total.
21st July, 2021

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

I'm a sucker for a good leather, and tolerant of a middling one. There are a few I can't abide: notably Tom Ford's, whose signature leather leaves me cold, with or without the unfortunate raspberry glaze. But I'm perfectly happy with Avon Leather, a virtually unadorned IBQ that might serve to "punch up" a more complex scent that suffers with an anemic leather note.

Enter GGApH, which gets hyped by some as an old-school leather and dinged by others for not being old-school enough. My assessment falls in between. It's a decent leather after the "Band-Aid" opening (which doesn't really bug me) burns off, with a mix of natural and synthetic woods that is neither scratchy nor resonant, and some vetiver in the base that rises slowly to augment the leather, giving it some needed dimension. (It's a near-glacial evolution, but it's really better three hours in than at the start.) The faint patchouli took more than three hours to find its way to my nose.

I appreciate the nod to historic leathers without going entirely retro. It's nicely done, even if a tad more patchouli in the blend might have made it more interesting. Younger perfumistos who don't know/like the vintage stuff might dig this as something different from their usual woody-ambroxan bombs (assuming they don't find it too grandfatherly). For the more mature market, perhaps the main reason for getting this would be the desire for an in-production alternative to the better leathers of the past—but since it's allegedly been discontinued, that reason goes out the window.

As I have an ample stock of iconic leathers, I don't need a FB of this one. If you haven't, though, this is a fine choice so long as the price stays low. For that, I give it a thumbs-up. Once sellers tack on the "discontinued vintage Gucci premium," though, I'd look elsewhere.
21st July, 2021

Iskander by Parfum d'Empire

This opens as a lovely herbal citrus, perfect for warmer weather. It's not as aggressively synthetic as many of its peers, and the mandarin does a nice job of tempering the astringency of the grapefruit without veering into candy territory. The development isn't tremendous; but then, it's essentially a chypric eau de cologne, so the proper magic is in sustaining the top rather than in a dramatic transformation to the base, with both the sustain and transition accomplished by cultivating the orange blossom as the mandarin and grapefruit dissipate.

I have tons of vintage Eau Sauvage (and its glorious kissing cousin, Le Galion Eau Noble), which in their pre-IFRA way are more "base-heavy" for better or worse, depending on what you want. Global warming arguably tips the scales in Iskander's favor, but since I'm a sucker for a deep chypre base—and I have easily a dozen vintage eaux de cologne, as well—I'll probably stick it out with what's already in my overstuffed wardrobe.

That said, if you're looking for a current but old-school citrus chypre with good longevity and without megadoses of WACs, ambroxan, or iso E super, I would deem this nod to Alexander the Great FB-worthy. If I didn't have this ground covered and re-covered, it would be a no-brainer.
21st July, 2021

Iranzol by Bruno Acampora

The “mushroom” opening reminds me of some ouds, even if that’s the musk mixed with jasmine indoles. Acampora says it’s cruelty free, so it’s animalic only impressionistically. In any case, the note list hardly prepares you for the scent, which stirs up vague memories of African cuisine sampled in my youth (alas, not in Africa). Intriguing on both a sensual and intellectual level, it’s good but not nice, beautiful but not pretty. It’s not the easiest wear, but I can imagine inventing excuses to wear it anyway. Sophisticated funk, this is.
21st July, 2021

Clean Reserve : Warm Cotton by Clean

Life may be too short to wear bad perfume, but still, some days are laundry days. On one of those, I decided to give Warm Cotton a go. With terms like "water accord" and "floral accord," Clean Beauty clearly isn't going for specificity in the note pyramid, which makes it amusing to read their detailed sidebar on Laotian benzoin that hypes the company's commitment to sustainability. (No shock that they didn't give the background story on butylphenyl methylpropional, aka Lilial, which is amongst the many allergens recently axed by the EU's SCCS.)

Anyway, its predictably anonymous and suitably innocuous, but I'd have swapped aldehydes for lavender to achieve a warm cotton scent. Next time, I'll just rub myself with dryer sheets.
21st July, 2021

Gold Rush by A Dozen Roses

A Dozen Roses was a sort of high-concept soliflore house: every fragrance was named for, and in part based on, a specific rose varietal. It’s a niche idea, and it got a niche pitch when introduced about a decade ago, bottles of EDP going for $100 at Neiman Marcus. Whether because the execution was too pedestrian or the line was underfunded/under-marketed, the stock was eventually blown out at TJ Maxx for 90% off, and the company folded.

Gold Rush has been pegged as a "gourmand rose" for its berry and chocolate notes. If you work hard enough, you can pick up the dark chocolate in the base, and likewise you can screen out the extra sweetness (whether due to the blackberry or the ylang ylang) to focus on the nice rose absolute in the heart. But for what is ultimately a generic fruity floral, it’s not worth the effort. And when your concept is to highlight the unique properties of a floral varietal, you get dinged when you don't.
21st July, 2021

Kiss My Name by Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal's promotional blurb refers to a "wisp of spikenard." I wouldn't know spikenard from lavender, but no matter: it's all all about the tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, while the base is less about distinct notes than a warm woody accord thankfully devoid of aromachemical harshness. While I'm not a big fan of tuberose or jasmine, per se, it all depends what one does with them. Monegal may not have done anything especially noteworthy here, but he's blended it well, he's respected his principle materials, and he's not obligated to craft something to my taste.

Choosing amongst the seemingly infinite number of jasmine-buttressed feminine tuberose perfumes, one might well do better, but one could certainly do much worse. I wouldn't wear this again, but my wife did compliment me on my fragrance when she got home—and when she thinks I smell bad, she doesn't hesitate to say so.
21st July, 2021

Mr. Burberry Indigo by Burberry

I used to peel open the sticky flaps on fragrance ads in men’s fashion magazines to see what the frags smelled like. Inevitably, they all smelled the same, so I came to think of that scent as the smell of paper.

Mr. Burberry Indigo smells like paper. There’s nothing particularly wrong or right about it. It’s just as generic as a light blue horizontal stripe on a white background. Within that narrow blue band, MBI is amongst the more pleasant, though not quite as distinctive as, say, Bleu de Chanel. Chiefly, it avoids the pitfall of aromachemical aggression, which allows one to appreciate the modest charms of the genre. The spearmint is a nice touch, even if it vaguely recalls commercial bathroom cleaning products.

Perfectly fine if you don’t mind smelling like magazine pages.
21st July, 2021

Hibiscus Palm by Aerin

When you smell it you want to spend your time living in the lap of luxury on a warm sunny beach somewhere exotic and tropical. these type of fragrances are perfect example about how body chemistry is so important when choosing a perfume.this is a heady and romantica,pleasant sunscreen-style fragrance for me that reminds me of Bronze Goddess.

The initial spray has something fruity that quickly disappears. the mid has sweet fairly feminine florals like jasmine and tuberose,and ylang ylang. then there's a creamy vanilla and milky coconut that arounds all the florals out,that just screams's like you are wearing perfume on sun tunned skin.the performance is great.
20th July, 2021

Vanitas by Versace

I'm testing the EDT, so thank you to thekelleybelle for explaining that it's different. I would have thought I was insane if I'd expected this to smell like lime and freesia.

Instead, Vanitas EDT is a cheap peachy rose. After a brief aldehydic sparkle, it quickly settles into salty strawberry shampoo.

If asked to imagine a cheap, derivative, stereotypical, intentionally unremarkable perfume, the kind that's almost petty in how deeply crass and tasteless it thinks consumers are, I would think it would smell pretty much exactly like this.
20th July, 2021
dreese Show all reviews
United States

Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

Purchased because I enjoyed Seductive Homme so much. There are several pleasant notes in the construction of the blue, but there is something at the top that is heavily acidic and bitter that gives off a "bug spray" layer that hangs over the pleasant blue notes and won't go away. Curious as to what causes that, but it offsets what could have been very nice.
20th July, 2021