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Vetiver Haiti (original) by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

A tropical vetiver punch. One of my favorite CSP scents. Very clean and stimulating.
04th April, 2002

L'Eau du Caporal by L'Artisan Parfumeur

My favorite L'Artisan hands down. Very clean and stimulating. A deep citrus with a minty edge. L'Artisans all seem to have a similar underlying note I really enjoy. This has it in spades. Few scents command this price tag and can back it up. Caporal is worth every drop chief. Get some now!!
04th April, 2002

L'Eau du Navigateur by L'Artisan Parfumeur

It has a smokey quality that is intended, but I feel is a little too harsh. I may revisit it some day, but for now I must say nay.
04th April, 2002
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1881 pour Homme by Cerruti

If you like a very fresh, open, masculine scent, then 1881 is perfect for you. It's a "fresh from the shower" scent that's not at all "artificial," and it lasts a long time and smells just as good, as when you put it on. That said, it's also NOT a heavy scent. I find I keep trying the "new, new" scents, and forget that there are a world of great "flavors" out there. that have lasted, for a very good reason. 1881, is one of them.
01st April, 2002

Kouros Fraîcheur by Yves Saint Laurent

This is the sort of fragrance you apply in the store, are somewhat impressed, and finally it slips your mind. The next day, or whenever you wear the same shirt, it gets you. You know, the "my God what was I wearing that day, it's incredible!" This was such a fragrance, and a full bottle was in my hands before sundown. Fresh, sexy and an absolute magnet. You must try.
31st March, 2002

Jaïpur Homme Eau de Parfum by Boucheron

Somewhat like Pi, but a little fresher. A very refined woody floral, suited for elegance. It's rapturous.
31st March, 2002

Eau de Russe by Crown Perfumery

Though not one of my favorite Crown items, Eau du Russe is indeed a fine scent that develops well on my skin. Typical of fragrances from its time-frame it begins with a potent citrus barrage and slowly fades into a very light masculinely floral scent and finally into a powdery oriental drydown with touches of leather. I'm supposing that this might be Russian leather I'm smelling, though I think the name has something to do with who it was created for: Czar Nicholas I. Though this is a pleasant scent, it is easy to see why Clive Christian decided to cut it from the line-up as this scent has quite a bit of overlap with other Crown scents in the men's line.
Comments I've received have labeled this scent as a cross betweenPlay-dough and baby powder
29th March, 2002

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

Today I tried the new Givenchy Homme. The bottle is very striking art deco style with a deep metallic maroon color, very hard to describe you have to see it. You want to pick this bottle up. The spray button reminded me of a car door lock, I believe the bottle is designed after the art deco styling of a old Jaguar.
The fragrance smells very much like Fendi Theorema Uomo, spicy, fresh, green and heavy with dava notes.
27th March, 2002

Rochas Man by Rochas

This fragrance is sexy and sensual, rich and mysterious. If you like Animale Animale or Angel for Men then you will like this one. I actually prefer it to Angel for Men. The compliments I get never end. Has to be one of the best newer scents I've tried.
19th March, 2002

Herrera for Men Refreshing Ginger by Carolina Herrera

Very classy, but I had a hard time distinguishing it from the Original Herrera! I'd test it before I bought it, if you're looking for Herrera's pretty much Herrera Original, which I DO like, very much.
16th March, 2002

Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

It's a terrific, rich scent that's rich, spicey, and warm. It's full bodied and very fresh. A real quality scent, that has lots of surprizes. I recommend it. josh august
16th March, 2002

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I read Basenotes reviews before I tried Angel Men. I love it. It's one of the most "soothing" scents I've ever worn. It is sweet, but also very, very warm, long lasting, and completely unique. You smell like you just stepped out of a clean shower...all day! It's great!
16th March, 2002

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

A very nice masculine classic scent. Mossy and spicy but not too sharp. To quote Scentimus: "A bright floral mossy chypre. The scent is never over powering but very long lasting."
15th March, 2002
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Ted Baker Skinwear by Ted Baker

I was knocked out by this great fragrance. I heard about on Basenotes. It's incredibly fresh and invigorating and very, very masculine, but not at all heavy. The spray deodorant and body wash are equally great! It kind of smells like great old barber shops use to smell. years ago. This one is worth a try. It's not easy to find, however. It's from London and not sold widely in the US. I got it through The Grooming Lounge, recommended on this site. The only thing as good and fresh as Endurance...their brand new scent!
10th March, 2002

Endurance by Ted Baker

I just tried this fragrance and I loved it! It's very similar to the other Ted Baker scent, Skinwear. They are both amazingly fresh and talk about a way to "wake up" in the morning. It's a hair sweeter than Skinwear, and I like the added lightness. But this, like Skinwear, is a very, masculine, fresh, and totally unique fragrance. People are just knocked out by it. Try's not only's great.
10th March, 2002

Elite by Floris

This mellow citrus/woody scent is very sophisticated, confident, and mature. There is a touch of tuberose to give it its unique signature. The combination of bergamot, grapefruit, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, oakmoss, patchouli is very classic..add the tuberose note and the flavor is apart form the woody/citrus mainstream scents. Very well constructed and from the oldest family run perfume house in London!
03rd March, 2002

Rochas Man by Rochas

This is one of the best scents I've tried in years. It's very rich, warm, and unique. It lasts and it's great to just "sniff" yourself! I got lots of compliements from both women and men. Very most of the Rochas Scents
02nd March, 2002 (last edited: 16th March, 2002)

Unbound for Men by Halston

I got a chance to smell this and it's good. It smells just like Acqua Di Gio. Some will hate it because of that. I don't. Unbound is less money and just as good.
01st March, 2002

Sergio Soldano for Men (Black) by Sergio Soldano

I first found this fragrance in Naples, Italy. Peppery, fiery, and spicy this fragrance, although hard to find is well worth the search.
26th February, 2002

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

After reading the sterling reviews on this fragrance I purchased a bottle (expensive). I expected an incredible fragrance after reading all the reviews from other Basenotes Readers but was shocked and appalled at what I smelled. For some reason it smelled more like an acrid medicine than fragrance and four people in the room tried it on. Noone liked it except someone who'd been drinking and knew no better so I gave it to him. I honestly gave it a chance but it was a HUGE disappointment for what I paid. I will stick with Allure thanks.
25th February, 2002

Pi by Givenchy

I love 'pi' and loved it from the get go. Walked into Harrods in '99 and this great, warm, sensual scent waft over me. Harrods was introducing the fragrance and I bought it as well as the spray deodorant and have loved it ever since. I love the fresh and warm combination. I sometimes combine it with others ie: Roccabar (I know it sounds awful, but it kind of "perks" it up a bit). But on its own, I find this one of the great modern day scents.
17th February, 2002

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

I love this scent but do not wear it myself. I DO wear the Eau Sauvage Spray Deodorant. The only problem is finding it. I bought mine in Paris and may have to go back to re-stock! It's a great spray deodorant after a shower.
17th February, 2002

Eau de Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Good scent. It doesn't smell cheap or funky. It has a clean scent that isn't too powerful. Plus, women have made good comments about it.
17th February, 2002

Sculpture Homme by Nikos

A very remarkable scent very reminiscnet of Desire by Dunhill, yet was launched prior to it I believe. I think Sculpture is more rich in its complexity and development, though.
27th November, 2001

Le Dandy by D'Orsay

This is one scent that I have a lot of fun wearing. It seems to be what I classify as a "fun" fragrance with all the depth and character of a sophistated scent. The top notes are strong with tobacco and whisky, while also giving place to a fruity accord that lends cheer to the typical "dark"-ness of the aforementioned notes. The middle is a surprisingly long-lasting spice, dominated by ginger, which blends masterfully with the other levels of the fragrance. Finally, the scent is rounded out by some rich woods and balsam, which lend a strong base of longevity to the scent. Wear this scent if you feel unpredictable and playfully impulsive as it could function well within the range of a casual, office, evening, or meditative scent. A wondeful and classic addition to anyone's collection.
27th November, 2001

Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

This is almost the epitome of a classic manly, leather scent. Carefully applied and not overindulged in this scent could be a good introduction into this genre of scent by those who favor the lighter more citrus scents. I think, however, it runs the danger of smelling a bit too common.
27th November, 2001

Inis by Fragrances of Ireland

This is truly one of the most fresh, long-lasting, oceanic fragrances I've come across. It's longevity is fantastic in that the base notes seem to blend and revitalize the top and heart notes so that the beauty of the whole fragrance is captured in this last and most poignant phase of the essence. A definite tribute to the Emerald Isle.
27th November, 2001

H.M. by Hanae Mori

What a fun fragrance! It's full of sensual, seemingly edible, floral/fruitiness, but does not lose it's masculine charm by the presence of this intricately intertwined notes. The strength of the chocolate and rose really come out with my skin. The fragrance is sheer pleasure to smell as it unfolds on the skin. A great addition to my collection. Very unique and sexy.
27th November, 2001

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

Wow! This scent is a truly heady and sophisticated classic that should be in any man's scent library. The patchouli and leather notes blend almost magically to create an aura of confidence and sensuality. A certain time-honored classic.
27th November, 2001

Arabie by Serge Lutens

Probably one of the most ingeniously crafted and superbly developing scents I've experienced. All the sweet and more subtle essences of the Holidays, yet wearable anytime. Must be tried to really appreciate.
27th November, 2001