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No. 1 for Men by Clive Christian

The most awesome fragrance I've ever tried is the INSANELY expensive Clive Christian No.1 ($1800+ for 30ml parfum). It is way beyond my budget but is incredibly refined and sophisticated.
07th August, 2001

Good Life by Davidoff

I practicaly bathed in it when I first got it a little over two years ago. I really liked its freshness at the time, and soon after bought the ASB to lengthen its stay on my skin. I guess I burned out on it. Don't get me wrong it's a great scent, but I'm tired of it for now, I think. J.W.
05th August, 2001

L'Anarchiste by Caron

It took me a few days before I really started to appreciate this scent! It is very unique and delicious! The bottle is unique as well. A "living copper" material that develops a rich patina over time.
04th August, 2001
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Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto

This scent took a few days of me wearing it, to really notice it subtle beauty!! Really, Its so well made and you can detect so many individual notes as well as the total blend! A richness of light fresh coffee, rum, and licorice, cinnamon to sweeten, and a warm sandalwood and ambery leather mix.mmmmm
03rd August, 2001

Vetyver by Jo Malone

Its very appealing. Unlike Guerlain's, its lighter, lemony, and pleasantly reminds me of Armani eau pour homme.
03rd August, 2001

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Is it possible for there to be an Oriental/Fougere-Woody fragrance? If so, then in my non-expert opinion, I think Xeryus Rouge is it. When I smelled it on paper in the shop, it seemed clearly like an Oriental. But when I wore it, it seemed far more akin to wearing XS or Black Jeans, both of which I also like a lot.
01st August, 2001

Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

It has always been tagged as the scent for a man created by a woman. I must admit it is true I have not yet found one woman that would turn up their nose to this scent.
A real floral/woody blend that has a presence and makes you be noticed when worn.
01st August, 2001

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

Reminds me of Curve with a sweeter edge. Very fresh with a little tang. Using this with the matching aftershave balm is perfect for a long casual day of activity. Love the soft rubber cap as it resembles the radio knob in an automobile.
05th July, 2001

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

I got to try Mambo last night and found it to be much more than I expected. At first, the spicy head notes immediately reminded me of muted Catalyst or Pasha, both of which I like. Yet it wasn't long before the scent took a quick change of tempo: perfect for that fast-paced Latin dance motif.
The fragrance architecture made the mid-notes amazingly different than the top notes and yet they did not conflict or distract from the overall rich aroma. The smooth base notes were the final and lasting essences that prolonged the beauty of this newcomer to the arena.
I quite liked the bottle design as well. The quirky little offset about mid-bottle remained true to the Latin dance as it reminded me of slender fo me of slender foorm of the Spanish dancer, hips slightly cocked. Strangely enough, it also reminded me of the confident stance of the matador--cool and poised with red cape in hand; an air of practiced arrogance in the face of peril. The color scheme was also well thought out as it comprises colors of spice and romance. The center of the bottle depicting the flaming orange, yellow, and red colors of high passion. It is obvious that this product's architecture and design was brilliantly devised.
04th July, 2001

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

I approve. Warm, intimate and cloying. Perfect for an outdoor party on a summer Evening or fun on the town. The bottle is a trip. Two colors merging together like a sunset....slanting together at odd angles. A keeper.
02nd July, 2001

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

My first impressions are as follows. Immediately, there is a fresh,clean, musky note that makes me feel comfortable! Its a sexy, soft, velvety smell. It is definately a universal scent in its blend. I keep sniffing myself as its evolving! I thought it would be more spicy!!, and Im glad its not. It has a balanced freshness and warmth!! Can't wait to hear your views:-) Claiborne has another winner!!
29th June, 2001

Cristobal pour Homme by Balenciaga

Cristobal Homme a very very opulent baroque oriental scent. This scent is very well made and accents the woman's version perfectly. The fragrance is rich in tea, amber, golden tobacco, rich coffee, and oriental spices. With this scent containing coffee and amber it is NOTHING like Rochas Man or Angel for men, the latter two are sweet were in Cristobal the coffee gives the scent a very bitter bite, kind of like the bite you find in Joop Homme and Dolce & Gabbana. This is a scent that if you OD on it you could make yourself very ill, it very rich and lingering trail. I would not say this is for the office or casual wear but dress up and not for the summer a must for fall and winter cold days. The scent does come in a lighter version called cologne d' orient which is much fresher and lighter. I love the scent, the bottle is beautiful the fragrance is a unique pale blue/green.
27th June, 2001

Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss

It smells good to me, and my girlfriend likes it. The smell reminds me of DK. I'd give it a 5 [out of five].
22nd June, 2001
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United States

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

I LOVE THIS!!!!! PERFECT SUMMER SCENT!!! SO fresh and light. YAAAAMMMM!!!! nice lingering herbaceaus notes. I sampled this a while back and have gradually come to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
12th June, 2001 (last edited: 10th August, 2001)

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I wore it for years in the 80's! It was my signature scent! Now, my signature scent varies from week to week!!lol It is a rich, seductive fragrance that lingers and penetrates the skin! A girl that I knew back then wore it exclusively; because it was Cher's favorite scent!. She was known to wear it, and bathe her boy toys in it as well!! LOL! "If I could turn back time" :-) lol I have to go find the old mini I have of it for a revisit!!:-)
09th June, 2001
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United States

By Man by Dolce & Gabbana

I must say the most animalistic scent EVER and possibly one of the best fragrances ever is 'By Dolce Gabbana'. It comes in a zebra striped bottle. It screams GRRRRRRRR, LETS GET BUSY!!!! yes, Al is on hormonal overload AGAIN.
31st May, 2001

Eau de Cartier by Cartier

it was very light and similar to a softer version of Jil Sander men. Ive worn it all day..and it is a scent that really lasts..but very close to the skin! I was able to smell it clearly when I sniffed my wrists closely all day! I did refresh...but then I always do with any scent
25th May, 2001

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Yesterday pick up a bottle of the original Flannel because of all the talk here about it recently. It is unique how this scent was so ahead of its time. Very floral and woody and clean. Nothing else I think copies this scent.
25th May, 2001

Un Air de Java by Decléor

On my recent trip the only fragrance I found of moderate interest was Un Air de Java which smells the way Pure Vetiver should (and doesn't)
25th May, 2001

Candie's Men by Candie's

I was REALLY turned off by the magazine and in- store ads I saw, but when I had some given to me I began to examine it, trying to extricate the fragrance from the ads. In the end, while not a classic in many of our opinions, I did find it a "fun" fragrance. It is like Candy. Not a 'serious' fragrance, but something to be bathed in and toyed with as many teens (the demographic target) might like to do (not that some of us don't). There are certain fresh elements in it that make me feel kind of kid- like.
25th May, 2001

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

I wore it years ago and always loved it! Its a citrusy warm oriental in the same arena as Allure & Lalique Bleu. Very comfortable and easy to wear! Great bottle too!!
22nd May, 2001

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

It is a great, warm, long lasting scent.
22nd May, 2001

High... for Men by Patrick Cox

Tried Patrick Cox's new scent today, called High, and think I've found a least for now. Here's my corny first impressions. For the take-off we have the initial notes of Indian Lime, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Balsamite, & Peppermint. I know, I know nothing too special in that line-up. Lots of fresh scents have the citrus briggade to start things off, but my nose really picked up on that lime, grapefruit, and the slight hint of that peppermint and that got my nose out of cruise control. Next, at the apex of the journey, the heart notes composed of Basil, Violet leaves, and Geraniums began breezing in. At this point, I began to see a slight resemblance to Eternity, but those wonderfully refreshing citrus notes that were still floating about kept that from going too far. Lastly, at our cruising altitude, those smoooooooth base notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Moss kicked in and that was it I was a bit euphoric all day. Each time I thought it was petering out I caught a little whiff and we were back in the old stratusphere. Thanks for flying Patrick Cox airways!! Seriously, guys, I think it's worth a try if you can get hold of some. Many may find it similar to other things, but with my limited, but ever-growing, fragrance experiences I find it a nice change from what I've found as "common" fresh scents.
20th May, 2001

Happy for Men by Clinique

I love the freshness, but it just doesn't last. I had a sample vial that I used over the course of a day. I can usually milk one of these for a while, but, not counting the initial application, I had to freshen up three times in order to continue experiencing this initially great scent. Yet another one of the "gone in 60 seconds" kind of fresh fragrances that seem to permeate the market and ultimately insult the buyer.
17th May, 2001

Agua de Loewe by Loewe

A friend in Europe sent me a sample vial of this scent. I think it the most great long lasting aqua scent I've tried. But I can't find it any where.
16th May, 2001

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

I remember wearing this scent in the late 80's it was remarkable and still unlike anything else on the men's market. The mix of floral and woods blended just right that not female at all. Now Dior seem to be breathing new life in the scent by relaunching it. I received to beautifully packaged spray sample this past month and WOW I'm in love with this scent again. I may buy this one again, it seems when your away from these thing then smell them again there even better!
15th May, 2001

Armand Basi Homme by Armand Basi

I love this scent much lighter than 'BY' Dolce & Gabanna meaning less on the tobacco. The scent is much more longer lasting on me (whole day) than 'BY' is and has a nice spiced amber notes. I'm hooked..
15th May, 2001

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

I don't like Pleasures - it's too Œwith it¹, trendy, etc. It's as if Lauder took a look at the success of Tommy and decided....
I don't find it has a lot of depth. And this isn't to say that I dislike all fragrances of this type: Issey is excellent, as is Rocher's Homme Nature and Lucky You. And I have been fond of a number of Lauder scents, both male and female. I really appreciate Youth Dew, White Linen, Knowing, Private Collection, Aliage. I have also worn Aramis, Tuscany, Aramis 900. Since Ms Lauder retired the quality of the products from this company seems to have gone downhill. The fragrances are brought to the public based on market research, not intuition. Estee Lauder never launched a scent based on market trends. If she like the fragrance it was simply put into production.
05th May, 2001

Insensé by Givenchy

I like Insensé very much, I have seen it described more often as a "woody floral". I also read it was the male couterpart of "Amarige" also by Givenchy. I like original scents, including floral scents for men, and this one is very special. The flowers here are lily-of-the- valley and gardenia. It is not sold in the stores anymore here in Montréal, unlike "Insensé ultramarine", which I like even more.
30th April, 2001

Must de Cartier pour Homme by Cartier

Buy the Essence and the EDT!! They are fabulous oriental blends that are very complex and long lasting. The drydown is ambery with a soft tonka bean finish. The freshness of the mandarine and anise circulates throughout the scent! The packaging and bottles are of excellent quality from this very fine Fragrance and Jewelry House.
25th April, 2001