New York Junkies

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  1. Therese
    Okay, I'll bite. We must add Bergdorf's to the mix. Also, someone else must act as my superego and hold on to my credit card.
  2. EnvYuS
    Done and done. I'll bring my scissors for when I have to intervene immediately!!!!

    I'm from White Plains, which is actually just north of the city. It's a 28 minute express train ride right into Grand Central Terminal. Where are the rest of you from?
  3. rtamara41
    I am 30 minutes west of the Big Apple and would jump in for an outing when I can...t'would be a pleasure indeed.
  4. Therese
    I live in the East Village.
  5. everso
    i'm in williamsburg. hey hey!
  6. everso
    we should all meet up sometime!
  7. mk4195421
    i live in buffalo for the school year, but originally from irvington, new york, which is appx. 40 min north from nyc by train, 10 min west of white plains by car. i live literally 5 min south from the tappan zee
  8. deadhacker
    bla, this is nice.. I live in the Bronx... so if anyone wants a smelling buddy count me in.
  9. RHM
    I live just 18 miles due west in northern NJ but love to haunt the hallowed halls of Bergies, Barneys, Bendels & the boys at name just a few favorites.
    Send me a pm & let me know when & where & I'll be there! Christine
  10. debbborra
    Hi I'm from the Island. I keep trying to get my mother to come sniff with me. I figure that would give me twice as much skin to work with. But she just looks at me as if I've gone mad.
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