SECOND GAME Can pheromones influence our social life, mating choice & impact on the opposite gender

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  1. Profumo

    Your parcels are ready. You should receive them within a week or so. As soon as you do please post and I shall start to instruct you how we shall do in order to dig the truth out of the legend: Are perfumery pheromones able to influence our social life, our mating choices, our impact on the opposite gender?

    The kit of the practical Phero-researcher

    The kit has been a gift to the 7 first friends that have volonteered, it contains:

    castoreum tincture
    Civet tincture
    Hyraceum tincture
    Ambergris tincture (for a different research)
    Raw civet (for a different research)
    Muskdeer tincture (the real one, not for sale, strictly forbidden)
    Arabian series N1
    Arabian series N2 (these two are not launched yet, hoping for unbiased and sincere feedback)

    A pencil that can write on glass bottles is necessary, you can easily find it in stationary shops.
    All the members of the club who want to participate can get some free samples of the animal scents, see the details "how to get the pheromones". Do not forget to mention your nick to Lisa at TPC.
  2. abysynth
    all I can say is, wow! that's quite the amazing array of goodies you're sending us, so all I can say at the moment (aside from the aforementioned "wow!') is thanks! that is extremely gracious of you.

  3. Puente
    Dear AbdesSalaam,

    Thank you for the generous gift that you are sending us to begin this experiment. I will of course post once I get the parcel. I have had a chance to smell and work with all animal tinctures except Musk Deer so when I read you were sending us some real musk deer tincture, the truth is, I almost fainted.

    Thanks again!
  4. Profumo
    Eliam, All of you who receive the muskdeer should smell that one first. One male on three is anosmic to muskdeer in this dilution. We shall quickly know how widespread is this anosmy from your experiments with it. I shall instruct you as to what protocol to use in order to have results from people without influencing their answers. I can assure that there are more gifts and surprise presents for those who become most involved with this research work.
  5. agroppe
    Dear Salaam, Thank you again so very much! I look forward to your most generous gift and am anxious to begin the experiments
  6. Scentolicious
    As we would say here in the States, "You are the Man!!"

    I'm sure everyone is looking forward to participating in these games. We are all grateful for your sponsorship of this research!

    Hoping to make you proud,
  7. Jim Lewis
    Jim Lewis
    Fantastic, and thank you. I'm frankly a bit intimidated by the idea of real muskdeer tincture; I feel like a friend just asked me to babysit their pet unicorn for a few weeks, and then showed up at my house with the actual beast in tow. I shall be very disappointed if I'm anosmic to it, though I know that for the purposes of pure research, a negative result is as useful as a positive one.

    God bless,

  8. Puente
    Very well. I was planning on smelling the Musk Deer tincture first as it is the only animal pheromone I have yet to experience. I've been able to smell Civet (tincture and raw), Ambergris (gold tincture and white, silver, gold, and grey solid pieces), Castoreum Tincture, Hyraceum Tincture, Beeswax Absolute, and Billy Goat Hair (the saturated hair and the tincture) so I am very excited about smelling Musk Deer which for me is the missing link. I'm also excited about learning a bit more on how these jewels of true perfumery will effect us and those around us.
  9. mumsy
    Salaam, Your research soldier has received her box this morning, thank you most kindly indeed, and is ready and waiting for the captains orders.

    I couldn't resist putting a little dab of the rarest on my left hand. What a delicate but fulsome aroma. I smell this as an animals, soft, warm underbelly, with buttercups, a tiny hint of propolis and soft wet earth being dried by the hot air of warm sun. But all these things at once, and very, very, gently whilst only sensing the bigger power there. Wow.

    I hope I can do your project justice. I shall do my best.
  10. Puente

    I've received notification from the post office that the parcel is here. Unfortunately, do to their hours of operation, I will not be able to pick up the package until Saturday morning. I will be ready to begin experimenting very soon and I'm very excited.
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