Best concert and worst concert you've ever seen?

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  1. AromiErotici
    Wow......I was lucky enough years ago to see an incredible amount of bands. Some shows were great, some were bad, but most fit into the "okay" category.

    Probably the best performance overall I have ever seen was by Bruce Springsteen in 1975 on the "Born To Run" tour. No pyrotechnics or gimmicks, just flat out,non stop, 3.5 hours of in your face, heartfelt playing. I have never seen anyone play, sing, jump and laugh THAT HARD while on stage. He must have lost 20lbs. doing that show. Unbelievable......

    The worst is Alice Cooper, Kiss and Jo Jo Gunne. At Cooper's show, I was squeezed by the crowd on the floor until I passed out and missed the show. Kiss was so loud that even a loud music lover like myself had to leave the show from extreme discomfort. Jo Jo Gunne front man Jay Ferguson punched the soundman in the face after they attempted 4 times to get through their opening song, then motioned for the band to leave the stage never to return.
  2. Sunnyfunny
    I always knew I was born in the wrong decade, I would love to have seen the Boss during those days!
    I'm also a blues fan, and the best concert I've ever been to was Johnny Lang last summer. It was the second time we'd seen him. It was a small, outdoor concert and we were in the second row. Just amazing. Pantera at Ozzfest '00 was great, too. Glad I got to see those guys.
    Worst....One of our local stations puts on a huge summer concert called Rockfest. In '01, they moved it from a really cool venue to a meh venue because the folks living around the former had had enough of us kids and our rock music. So this new setting was disappointing, and the bands were so-so, but in the end, it was fun to be counted amongst those who were seeing Godsmack play Rockfest for the second time.
    There was also the possibility of being crushed in the Slayer mosh pit at the 1999 Rockfest, but I was being protected by a really big dude. Slayer was my first mosh. Don't laugh--I was 20.
  3. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    I've gotta say the best gig I ever saw was EUROPE playing at Dalhalla in Sweden - the venue is a phenomenal deep stone quarry with a stage floating over a natural spring. Its way out in the thick forests of Northern Sweden (see pics). This gig was in August 2007.

    Also, Nightwish at Sweden Rock festival in 2004 (22,000+ punters) was very memorable.

    The worst... hm... I dont think I've ever been to a crappy rock gig yet!

  4. urgetopurge
    Honestly, that looks like the sickest venue I've ever seen... That cavern should have echoed Tempest's voice and the instrumentals at least 5 fold and everyone around for 20 miles would be able to hear them. Major props for surviving the concert!

    My best concert was a Pearl Jam concert back in 1992 at Lollapolooza (which they sidelined with Soundgarden and Red Hot Chili Peppers). F***ing phenominal is all I can say.
    Worst concert by far is a Green Day concert I went to on some day not worth remembering. Truly horrible. All these little kids were screaming at the top of their lungs. And the band was making mistakes back and forth. Hate Green Day.
  5. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Urge, it was a KER-AY-ZEE cool concert, and the acoustics there were phenomenal! they even lit bonfires on the rocky outcrops during different parts of the show.

    Back in the day Pearl Jam knew how to do a great live show, didn't they?
    I also recall an L7 concert in Perth Australia back in 1992... (do you remember them)? My GOD that was a raging gig - I think I almost lost a tooth moshing at that one. I had consumed a leeeeettle too much bourbon that night, and as I recall that night ended poorly... *grins*
  6. AromiErotici
    That is one BADASS venue. How did I miss that pic until now???
  7. lizzie_j
    Best concert: The White Stripes during their Get Behind Me Satan tour, 2005, I went to Detroit to see them in their home town and had front row seats. Second best: Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden in 1975. My first concert. And I have to say that every time I've seen The Secret Machines they've been phenomenal. They create the most amazing soundscapes. Worst: Not So Silent Night in SF in 2006. Took my daughter, but the crowd was so stupid and rough that we had to leave.
  8. DarwinHoel
    Too many to name the great ones back in the 70s. Yes, Pink Floyd, and Jethro Tull, all in 1976 were all standouts. I saw Jackyl open for Damn Yankees once and they SUCKED big time. The Nuge was great though.
  9. Koi-Sashuu
    Best: Angus & Julia Stone (Caprera, Bloemendaal, Netherlands)
    Also great: Roger Waters - The Wall (Gelredome, Netherlands), Paul McCartney (Gelredome, Netherlands)

    Worst: Noah And The Whale (Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  10. Jitterbug Perfume Lover
    Jitterbug Perfume Lover
    Hi all,
    @sorcery- I totally agree with you about L7!! They were so good live!! I remember seeing them in Berkeley in a tiny tiny one room bar and coming out with a grin from ear to ear and dripping in sweat! LOVED IT!
    I would say for me, there have been four concerts that blew me away. The first was Santana at the Hollywood Bowl. I swear that man makes me feel like I've died and gone to heaven when he plays. The second was Janes Addiction at Lollapalooza. They did a video/light show that was awesome; artsy and edgy, colorful and unusual. They had those freaky cojoined twins from their "Nothing's Shocking" cover cool. The third was Dead Can Dance at the Wiltern. My best friend took me and he literally said, "This band will change your life." No joke. I've been a die hard fan ever since. The last was Motorhead/Metallica at Club DV8 in Oakland. There were maybe 400 people there and I was in the front row. Damn Lemmy is sexy! The best part was when Metallica's secret band, The Four Horsemen played afterwards. It was a total surprise. I might be a woman, but I love a good mosh pit LOL!
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