Scandinavian Basenoters

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  1. Lian
    Thought I would join and represent Iceland, although I still consider myself Dutch more than anything.

    National perfume of Iceland would be sulphur because that is what you smell when you shower here.
  2. nenugal
    Welcome to the group, Lian!

    When I visited Rovaniemi, I admit I didn't smell too much jasmine or amber, I think your notes sound much more realistic, Toni. I think the same notes could fit the Norwegian mountains quite well too.

    What do you all think about Geir, does it smell like Norway at all? I was not convinced when I tried it two years ago, but I plan to sample it again to see what I think now...
  3. PigeonMurderer
    I bought a large bottle of Geir in the past, right after the biggest hype around it had settled a bit. It wasn`t a blind buy for me, but soon after I had started actually wearing it (and I`m a heavy spritzer), I noticed a big problem : It had some sort of ingridient which stinged my nose very badly. I didn`t noticed this when I was testing it from a sample.
    This same kind of stinger note has been a problem with few other scents as well which I have owned in the past : Ungaro III, Shiseido Basala, and not to mention Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy.
    Go figure what that ingridient might be.

    I eventually swapped Geir for Havana which I enjoy so much more.

    I have been in Norway only once in my life; I was about 3 years old then. So I cannot tell exactly how Norway "smells"....

    ....But no : To be short I`d say Geir is far too sweet that it could be believably harmonized with Norway.
    Aaargh, and that spiky note....I wouldn`t want to think there is something like that in the air of Norway.

    Btw, I think Quarry has a spot on review in the directory, when she describes this once so popular and hyped fragrance here...: "A scent whose time, perhaps, has come and gone..."
  4. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Can anyone tell me why Tom Ford products are not sold in Scandinavia?
    This drives me bonkers! It seems I either have to be traveling to a major world capital, or hunt online (and pay duties) when purchasing his products. Can anyone here tell me if theyve found a Scandinavian stockist (either online of offline)?
  5. Lian
    Are you not a member of the EU? If you are this online store has it:

    If you want I can order something there( I plan to anyway at some point) and have it shipped to my dutch parents who send me the stuff marked as a gift and then I can send it to you as a gift from iceland. Itīs a hassle though and I donīt know if its worth it to you.
  6. Sorcery of Scent
    Sorcery of Scent
    Lian thank you!
    I will take a good look at the website (DK is in the EU) and see if its worth the effort
    Many thanks for the link
  7. musse
    Hi my fellow Scandinavians - nice to have our own group!
    Iīm Eva, living in Kvinesdal, southern Norway. I was born and raised in Stockholm, though. My DH is Norwegian, but has lived and worked in Stockholm for over 40 years. We have moved back and forth between Stockholm and Kvinesdal a few times, but since daughter (17) has settled so nicely here, I guess we will be "stuck" in this beautiful country for a few more years...
    Thanks for inviting me to the group, Dimi - I didnīt even know it existed!!
  8. Delmar
    Hei alle sammen! Takk for invitasjonen!

    I've lived in Norway for about half my life now. I've noticed that scandinavians have good noses! My original background is north and south american.
  9. nenugal
    Welcome to the group, Eva & Scentsual
    Do you have any good perfume shops in Kvinesdal, Eva, or do you prefer go to Kristiansand for shopping? I mostly buy my perfumes online after sampling from perfumed court or from fellow basenoters...
  10. musse
    Nenugal - we have a tiny perfume shop here, but they mostly sell drugstore & celeb scents. Itīs fun to visit Esthetique in Kristiansand, else I buy much from Fragrancex (dirt cheap with the free international shipping!), and samples/decants from TPC. Also Luckyscent, for more exclusive scents, but NEVER Strawberrynet, because I always have to pay all kinds of fees upon receipt.
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