Scandinavian Basenoters

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  1. Rubirosa
    What's up you guys, Rubirosa here from Stockholm. Love the old school stuff.

  2. nenugal
    Welcome to the group, Rubirosa! There are indeed many gems to be found among the old school stuff!
  3. Tricky2beat
    Hi all,

    Irishman leaving in Oslo, Norway for the past 4 years. Just starting this frag addiction thing. Would be very interested in meeting people in Oslo for swaps, samples, splits etc.

    PM if thats of interest. My main loves are Creed, Tom Ford Private and some Bond no.9. Still learning and wanting to grow.

  4. nenugal
    Welcome to the group, Tricky2beat!
  5. Mark_Trail
    Buon di,

    Finn, born and raised. Joined BN appr. forthnight ago. See scents as personal items to enchance daily life. Desk jockey who's done his share of work releted globe trotting and these days feel most happy at my neck of the woods or in Veneto.

    Other interests La Dolce Vita, motoring and powerlifting.

    Am I the the only Finn here?

  6. nenugal
    Welcome to the group, Mark!
    I think there are some other Finns here too
  7. Riutort
    Hi everyone Im Riutort from Stockholm, fairly new to perfumery but obsessed with perfumes for meny years, always thinking about learning but never thinking i could do it until

    my lovely lady told me to go for it..
  8. leto
    Hello, recently moved to Lund, Sweden and I want to learn quickly where I should buy fragrances online in Sweden, in the most economic way
    Is used-second hand common here? I checked the basenotes marketplace but couldn't find a Swedish seller
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