Your Favorite Formulation of Chanel No. 5

  1. Jeannemarie
    As I have never tried the parfum , my favorite, so far, has been the edp. I plan on repurchasing a bottle later in 2012.

    No. 5 will have to wait because I promised to buy one or two of Mona Di Orio's fragrances in her honor this year. She passed away in December.
  2. iris_983
    My favorite is edp.
    I think I'll have this perfume as long as I'm alive.
    Symbol of femininity.
  3. Kiliwia
    I like all of them but my favorite is No 5 Eau Premier.
  4. Scents And Sense
    Scents And Sense
    I like the current eau de toilette and vintage parfum and eau de cologne
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