The greatness of The Crown Perfumery.

  1. Aztecface
    Welcome everyone to a group dedicated to the love of The Crown Perfumery.

    Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how you first came in contact with Crown.
  2. odysseusm
    I'm glad to see this group. I came to Crown out of my search for great pine scents. I read many comments which spoke glowingly of Town and Country. As my experience with scents grew, I realized that I also liked classic fougeres, and Crown Fougere was well regarded. I managed to acquire small amounts of these, and am pleased every time I wear them. Has anyone tried Buckingham or Sandringham?
    Anglia now claims to have taken over and revive the Crown line. I have Park Royal, and enjoy it. Has anyone tried Marquis? Any thoughts between old Crown and new Anglia? Anglia are hard to find, they didn't have any distributors in London.
  3. Aztecface
    T&C and Fougere are 2 colognes that have similarities both from Penhaligon's and Trumper's but none of them come even near the depth of what the Crown renditions have. Buckingham is a herbal fougere that is just to die for. Sandringham is a woody - herbal concoction that is out of this world.
    Both of them absolutely bottle worthy.

    Anglia doesn't really claim to have taken over, but people might think so. Some of their colognes are perfect renditions of the originals such as the 'Imperial Lime' and 'Royal Court'. Both of which are old Royal Yacht colognes. Taylor of Old Bond Street purchased the original fomulaes(a long time ago) and have their own renditions. The No.74 Original and No.74 Victorian Lime. Personally, I prefer the Lime rendition from Anglia.

    Others like the Spiced Limes are near and developed interpretations of the original by Crown. Completely deliberately, as it was made as being slightly different. Which is good, as the juice is quite delightful.
  4. odysseusm
    Many thanks, Aztecface, for your comments. I agree that T&C and Fougere out-perform Penhaligons for longevity and (in their day) value. You've really motivated me to check out Buckingham and Sandringham!
    Cheers, ody
  5. odysseusm
    Further thanks for the info, Aztecface. I've heard Buckingham described as "leathery" -- do you get that aspect; and if so, how leathery is it?
  6. Suburbanbushbabe
    Is this group still alive? I discovered Crown Perfumery in May. I was in the middle of a rose hunt. Came across a Marechale 90 review on mimifroufou, was intrigued and bought a sample of that and Crown Rose. Got around to trying CR. The pyramid is amazing – the animalic and earthy notes under the fresh opening. Long story short, I have a bottle and my rose hunt (after sampling >50 rose fragrances) seems to be over. Being a bit of a history geek, I got seriously into that too.
  7. PStoller
    I came to Crown via (sound sinister organ music) Clive Christian. 1872 is one of my go-to scents, so I thought I'd work my way backwards, beginning with Sandringham. That was a winner, so I started trying to round up whatever was left in the world: Park Royal, Spiced Limes, Town & Country, Imperial. I don't know if my bottle of Imperial has turned, but it's the only one I can't abide. I love Park Royal, and I'm fond of mixing Town & Country (also great on its own) with Spiced Limes (lovely, but not quite my thing otherwise).

    Just scored bottles of Fougère, Quinine, Russe, and Sumare, winging their way to me now. Still looking for Marquis and Buckingham!
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