The Royal Ottawa Fragrance Society

  1. kopah
  2. CoL
    I'm not there quite yet but not long back from Ottawa! My favourite Canadian city (so far!). I'm hoping to immigrate there shortly. WONDERFUL city, culture, architecture and not forgetting the people!
  3. dimples
    Ottawa is my home town. I visit quite often, so it's a pleasure for me to join this group. And yes, I very much agree that the Holt Refrew there has a very mediocre selection.
  4. exbrit68
    Hello everyone. I was born in England but have been living in Ottawa since 1988. I tend to shun "popular" frags unless they are truly exceptional. I prefer wearing cologne that (a) puts me in a particular mood or state of mind and (b) doesn't make me smell like every other cologne-wearing guy out there. Two of my current favourites are Creed "Royal English Leather" and Paul Smith "London".
  5. Jane Daly
    Jane Daly
    how could i have missed this group? i LOL'd at the "mediocre selection at Holt Renfrew" reference. Ottawa has the smallest Holt Renfrew in Canada *sigh*

    but, have any of you been to MURALE in Orleans? now that is a selection!
  6. C Rose
    C Rose
    May this Texan join your group? I love Ottawa -- My mother is from there (well, Alymer, actually) and I consider Ottawa my home town, as I have many aunts, uncles, and cousins living there.
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