Personal preference - Rocks or Neat, and why?

  1. Rictor07
    I liked my drinks chilled. If it's a barrel proof, i will use regular ice cubes to bring out some hidden aromas and flavors. If it's around 80 proof, i will use whiskey stones so it doesn't get diluted further.
  2. ComDiva
    I generally put one ice cube into my scotch, to open it up a bit and add just a touch of chilliness.
  3. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    It depends... A good deal of ice over blended ones in a lowball if the occasion is trivial enough to justify such sacrilege, or absolutely straight single malts in a Glencairn when the going gets tough and the tough get going.
  4. Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter
    I always have my whisky neat with no ice or water. I like the intensity of the flavor and the burn.

    I also have to say those Glencain whisky glasses are very good and add to the experience in the nose and palette.
  5. kc3dl
    Hmm.. Generally neat, keeps the palette as it was intended to be experienced, makes the tasting richer, imo. However, some lighter, sweeter types (most Bourbons, for example), can be quite enjoyable with a splash of water, exalting the fruity notes. Other kinds, with darker smoky, nutty, tobacco flavors, are much better neat. I do think chilling whiskey dulls the flavors somewhat.
  6. munch357
    Depends on the whiskey. Everyday scotch is White Horse which is on the rocks. Single malts are always neat and most other whiskies >40%.
  7. NebelGeÓst
    Prefere to have my whiskey in a pre-warmed nosing glass. No water, no ice.
  8. palerider
    all high proof spirits have a time for both , the question might be better served as ...
    when you do on the rocks or entertain your spirit with a water back , do you use a water that is equally as good as the spirit you are pairing it with ,
    i have some funny stories on this very subject , but i hate talking to myself the great ''PINK FLOYD'' has asked is there '' anybody out there '' , for in a short while i will have become ''comfortably numb'' .
  9. palerider
    heavy sigh
  10. Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell
    This group is dead, eh?

    I only use rocks for the cheap stuff. If it's top shelf, no way. Especially if I'm drinking Scotch. The peat is supposed to taste warm and smoky, I would never want to kill that sensation with ice.
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