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  1. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    First of all I'd like to be pardoned by pitcher for taking the liberty to use a part of his exquisite collection's picture. I'd also like to thank him for sending me to memory lane anew, and of course he's the first to ask for information. But besides pitcher, can anyone help with this?

    I need some enlightment, or to be more precise, some memory refreshing about it, as I still remember it, but very vaguely. I think it was a loud masculine fragrance, perhaps with a leather and/or woody character. If my memory serves me well, it was relatively cheap, somewhere in the Irish Moos or Tabac price league, and it came from a German house. I'm almost sure it's an '80s or even earlier child because I remember it in eau de cologne splash bottles. Since it's called HOM, and without knowing its house, it's almost impossible to search for it online, as I'm showered with tons of "homme" and stuff. Perfume Intelligence does not include it in its database either. Thanks in advance for any feedback. I'd really love to lay my hands on a vintage bottle, if it's still on the shelves and thus all its bottles are not vintage by definition that is.
  2. pitcher
    First of all I'd like to greet Le_Coeur_Gothique and all other respectable powerhouse lovers!
    This is my first post in the group, though I've been a silent watcher and reader for some time. I'd like to apologize for my poor english, because it is not my native language.
    So, back to subject, HOM.
    It is indeed a very strong and masculine fragrance, a powerhouse as it should be in my opinion. It opens with a loud leather and tobaco(?, I'm not so shure) accord, then tones down a bit and becomes more soapy and woody, though I hear leather until the end. Longivety is moderate, about 5-6 hours on me wIth a pretty good sillage.
    I came across this one being on my vacation on Rhodes this summer. It was positioned in the dark corner on a shelf of a small supermarket runned by an old greek grandfather. After a brief testing I understood that this one is a very good one and purchased a 30 ml bottle immediatly. Then after wearing it for the next day, I realized that I have to lay my hands on on the bigger one and so I did without further hesitation. I left one 30ml and two 90 ml bottles on that shelf and every now and then I wonder why I did not take them all as they are indeed inexpensive ones as Le_Coeur_Gothique mentioned in his post ( 6.5 euros/small one and 9.5 bigger one). After returning home I tried to search it online as LCG also did, but this search returned nothing at all.
    I do not know how old is my bottles are, but I can make some more pics of a bottle, box and its insides so we could find it out.
  3. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    Greetings pitcher and thanks a lot for all the useful information, especially for the olfactive analysis! Now, if this is not ironic, then I don't know what is... You found this forgotten little gem in one of my country's numerous islands, while I was busting my ass trying to locate it online! I should have known better! In Greece there are always treasures awaiting to change hands for a song in small supermarkets owned by grandfathers. If I remember correctly after all these years, its box must be of a chocolate hue, with the logo on it in the exact same colours as it appears on the bottle and in the same lower part of it too. I think that some more telltale pictures would be really appreciated by every powerhouse fan. Oh, and no need to worry, English is not my native language either. As for the "...every now and then I wonder why I did not take them all..." part, to tell you the truth, I wonder too...
  4. pitcher
    Hello everyone and kαλημέρα,Le_Coeur_Gothique this is my mini review of a HOM, or to be more precise of two bottles that I own, I hope it will be useful.

    The boxes are rather aged(and one even staind , also they bear a sticker with some information in greek).

    The inlay box has an interesting construction that I've never seen before.

    Batch numbers are inked on the bottom of the bottles, and inside of boxes.

  5. Derbyman
    Cheers guys - interesting stuff! Please let us know more about this fragrance once you've worn it a few times - it sounds like a good one!
  6. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    Great job pitcher! This was a real in-depth photographic analysis. Derbyman, thanks for watching our quest! Well, the whole thing is turning slowly into sleuth's work! I wish I had a friend in Rhodes to do the dirty job for me... Well, the golden label is in Greek, and it doesn't really contribute anything of use. It says that the fragrance was produced in the European Economic Community (E.E.C.), and this is a general indication of its approximate date since the E.E.C. was renamed to E.U. (European Union) in 1993. The Τα 1592/87 part is some kind of a commission regulation, but I don't see what it has to do with perfumes, as it's a regulation amending a previous one about fruits and vegetables. The rest on the label is the company's address and the emergency number of the Greek Poison Centre. The HELLENICA company is a Greek, cosmetics manufacturing one, which now has a very popular line under the "Seventeen" label, and as the name shows, it's target group is mainly teenagers. There's no way to tell if the fragrance was made under license or just distributed in Greece by them. What does the raised inscription on the bottom of the 75ml flacon say? I think there's "France" in it, but I can't tell for sure. So, the mystery remains... As for the inner sleeve's construction, yes, some perfumes of yore inner sleeves were bordering origami! Oh, by the way, is this The Little Prince staring at the bottles in your last picture? Maybe he knows something we don't...
  7. Monsieur Montana
    Monsieur Montana
    I have seen this bottle when i was younger but never smelled it.
    It is not a greek product because the sticker states EEC product and not ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΠΡΟΙΟΝ (product of Greece) which means it was imported in Greece, HELLENICA was obviously the distributor.
  8. pitcher
    Hello, fellow basenoters, it seems that some light had been lit to unveil the mist on a HOM fragrance.
    Some week ago a happened to have an meeting with a fellow fragrance enthusiasts, and we brought along some rare and seldom seen fragrances to put out blanc pages in our books of knowledge.
    Among my haul there was a certain HOM

    and my colleague brought this:

    During the sampling it became clear that Opinion and HOM are 99% identical only Opinion has a harsh start and it is biolder and stronger in common.
    Taking a fact that Opinion is consiedered by my friend to be inspired from first Davidoff fragrance - Davidoff pour homme

    we suggested that HOM was obviously inspired by Davidoff.
    As soon as a lay my hands on Davidoff release, it'll be possible to make a straight comarison.
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