What is your favourite everyday Japanese incense?

  1. AMAR_420
    I need some new suggestions. Also please tell me at what price point they're available.

    I'm sure some of you burn kyara everyday though, lol.
  2. PEARL
    For everyday Japanese incense I like Shoyeido haku-un/white cloud @ $12.50 for 45, short roll gray sticks(preferred) or long boxed beige sticks, Shoyeido sei-fu/fresh breeze @ $25.00 for 35 sticks, and Yamadamatsu Kumoyi @ $58.00 for >100 sticks, all from japanincense.com.
  3. AMAR_420
    Thanks PEARL, can you please describe each scent a little? Are they natural etc.
  4. PEARL
    @amar-420, I've had some Japanese incense that came of as using synthetics but the ones I've mentioned don't come off that way.
    Haku-un, gray 5.25" stick is to me the quintessential non-agarwood Japanese incense scent, well blended. Slightly fruity, maybe from clove and gentle. The long beige stick of haku-un tends more toward sandalwood, both nice.
    Sei-fu, mostly agarwood in fragrance, balanced by supporting ingredients but still predominantly agarwood of a non-sweet variety.
    Kumoyi, reminds me of Yamada's Kurobou kneaded incense in stick form. My understanding is that the kneaded incense is made using dried plum, so I get a dried fruity scent with a lot of camphory benzoin, strong, cleansing and refreshing.

    What Japanese incense have you tried?
  5. Thomas S.
    Thomas S.

    I second PEARL on Haku-un and Sei-fu. Wanted to add to the list: Baieido´s Tobiume and Syokohkoku. Also Soyeido´s Misho - it is a bit more pricey but worth the money IMHO.
  6. tsuzumi
    I bought a set of three boxes at Shoyeido in Japan (not available in US) that contained Haku-un, En-mei and Sei-fu. Shoyeido feels these three are part of a series. I would say Go-zan is also part of this same style.

    That being said, I have been burning a lot of Reiryo Koh, although it is under the name of Daishi Koh available at the Koyasan branch temple in Tokyo. This is a very rich aroma that is a bit like an old piece of wood or wooden furniture, with a topping of fenugreek, which adds a sweeter note. This is used at Eihei-ji, head temple of the Soto-shu Zen sect. It is very reasonably priced, one factor in the 'daily' appellation. When I first started using Daishi-koh, I thought it seemed similar to Reiryo Koh. Then, I noticed that the paper on the box is used by Kunmeido on several of its products.

    There is another incense available at the Koyasan branch temple in Tokyo, Henjo-Koh. It comes in a wood (paulonia) box, and costs about twice as much as the Daishi Koh. It is a charcoal-brown stick, a bit longer, and a richer, but very unique smell. I wonder if it is Shoryu Koh (or some other product by Kunmeido). I alternate these two when I meditate.
  7. CapriDog
    I burn 4 sticks per day and it would be costly if I use expensive incense sticks. What are reasonably priced incense that I can use without compromising too much of the quality/smell?

    Edit - So I just bought Reiryo Koh - 500 sticks box for $30 from Japan Incense dot come. This will last for 4 months. Hope it's good. Thanks Tsuzumi.
  8. tsuzumi
    Capri, I think you made a good choice. I really like the distinctive fenugreek note. Other suggestions in a similar price range would include Kyo-nishiki, or Kyoto Autumn Leaves. This is $31.50 for a box of 450 sticks on the Shoyeido website. It has a sweet benzoin note. If you want to upgrade a bit, I would recommend Gozan Five Hills, also from Shoyeido. It has a dry sandalwood base, with a touch of spice that creates just a hint of agarwood or something exotic. It took my nose a while to zero in on this scent, but now that I've gotten used to it, I really like it. An excellent choice for meditation. Another possibility is the Baiedo series Kobunboku. There are several flankers in a variety of price levels. I don't know so much about these, but they are popular and worth a sniff.
  9. CapriDog
    Tsuzumi - Thank you for the info and will check those out.
  10. FireDragon76
    Nippon Kodo's Mainichi-koh is my favorite of this type. As far as regular incense goes, it also isn't the heaviest smoker, it's fairly light and not stenchy.

    Kyoto Autumn Leaves is also very good.

    I have asthma and most of the year here in Florida, can't open windows, so I really prefer the low-smoke incenses (also a good HVAC filter helps alot). Shoyeido's Madoka and Honoka are both very good in this category. NP's Jittoku-Koh brand is also a great value.
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