Which version do you have?

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  1. irish
    I have Fraicheur, Sport Cologne and Original.
  2. Indie_Guy
    Original, Fraicheur, Eau D'Ete, Tattoo Collector Edition, Kouros Cologne Sport, Kouros Cologne Sport Eau D' Ete.

    The one that works the best on my skin is Tattoo Edition.
  3. Nicolas V
    Nicolas V
    Original and Cologne Sport. I love them both, but I must say that I wear the latter more often. As much as I love Kouros, my wife HATES it.

    Poor thing.
  4. Nicolas V
    Nicolas V
    Just picked up Body Kouros.
  5. Dimitrios
    the original ... i have tried BK & Cologne Sport .
  6. perfaddict
    Currently: Original, Cologne Sport.

    Used: Eau de Sport

    Looking out for: Fraicheur
  7. perfaddict
    double post
  8. HammerFist
    Kouros and Body Kouros.
  9. StewartGallacher
    Original and Cologne Sport.

    Used to have a bottle of Body Kouros, but finished it years ago, and didn't replace.
  10. Scent-e-mental
    I have the original (the best fragrance ever created) and Body Kouros.
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