What can WE do about it?

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  1. Scentronic
    I hope you didn't think that I had some sort of grandiose plan to save our fragrances...

    Let's put our heads together and see what kind of a collective effort we can make.

    What are our options? Would a petition be worthwhile? A boycott? Let's hear your ideas. If we can't come up with any good ones, there's always the option to march up to the IFRA headquarters (if such a place exists) with torches and shovels and pitchforks and sticks and do it "the hard way"...

    If we don't act now, in 15 years all fragrances will be synthetic and flat... and illegal to wear in public.
  2. Mimi Gardenia
    Mimi Gardenia
    Hi Scentronic

    I am so livid about the destruction of our fragrances .....
    We need to do something ...like put together a petition from members of Basenotes and write to the IFRA. I nearly did so myself just now but I am sure I will be ignored.
  3. Zizanioides
    I have my own convoluted theories about the reasons behind the IFRA changes but I think the only real chance of having them revoked is by making people aware that the products they are buying have been changed. Sofresh and I collaborated in one thread and it looks like we found Chanel No.5 has been reformulated despite Chanel's claims to the contrary. By comparing the ingredients/allergen list on various formulations of perfumes we can (sometimes) see if the formula has in fact been changed and that it isn't just your imagination that your favorite juice now smells like aerosol deodorant.

    If enough people realize that the IFRA changes are a massive bait-and-switch they might actually stop buying the new fakes, and voting with dollars is the best way to get the attention of companies.
  4. Zizanioides
    My proposal would be compiling a list of the ingredient labels of the massive favorites (Habit Rouge, Mitsuoko, Fracas, or whatever else is popular, I'm not really sure) and comparing them to see if we can detect a reformulation. If so, we warn the community that there has been tampering and to possibly expect the worst.

    If we can find possibly reformulations by houses that denied ever making them, so much the better (so far that list includes Chanel and Caron). If we can enlist some friendly bloggers to publicize anything we find, great.

    This will be a time consuming pain in the ass with no guarantee of satisfaction but its better than nothing!
  5. Mimi Gardenia
    Mimi Gardenia
    Thanks for your thoughts Zizanioides - we must have more members and perhaps start a thread getting people to record changes noted in fragrances there and when we get enough 'evidence' tgether we can get a petition together for Basenotes ...with Grant's approval of course.
  6. Mimi Gardenia
    Mimi Gardenia
    I started a Fragrance Reformulation Thread on the Fragrance Industry Board today - add your messed up scents for the record ,people !
  7. Scentronic
    I like the idea of a petition, although it would have to be very legit and very large for me to think it might mean anything to the IFRA. But I'd like to see it happen.

    I think we should write to them, and try and get some more clarification as to how they plan to encourage/enforce these regulations, and whether they have any sort of consolation or plan to accommodate old formulations and products that do not conform to the guidelines. (I mean, Jeez, is it SO freakin' hard to simply put some sort of sticker on the bottle or packaging that states the potential allergens?!)

    I think there is a danger of us fragrance enthusiasts being recognized as a fringe minority (and thus, irrelevant to the fragrance industry in terms of money, the most important factor). I'm guessing that they figure the general public will simply not care about this - if they even DO realize it. It would be nice to know where we stand in the eyes of the IFRA. Do THEY care that WE care?
  8. Zizanioides
    Great questions, Scent. I can only answer one of them. All old scents have been given a later deadline than new scents coming to market. Any perfume who's brief was issued before the 43rd Amendment, July 2008, (so all of the classics) has until August 16 2010 to reformulate into compliance (this deadline was January 10th but was moved without any explanation I can find). Any brief issued after July 2008 had to be formulated within the new guidelines. Enforcement will be through IFRA lab testing products for compliance and privately warning companies that are found in violation of the Amendments. Anyone who fails to comply after a warning will be publicly named. Or something like that.
  9. vintage*red
    LOL. I hope that the ones who do not comply are publicly named, so that we can buy from them!
  10. Zizanioides
    After doing some reviewing of Chandler Burr's book on the fragrance industry something dawned on me; most brands (Chanel, Bulgari, whatever) have no idea if their formulas have changed. If I'm reading the book correctly, any perfume brand that does not own its own formulas and has its product manufactured by an outside company has as little idea of what goes in there as the consumer. They can analyze the components, sure, but its not like they receive invoices from IFF telling them how many tons of tuberose base they are being charged for (I think). They have to schill whatever product is sent to them.
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