Where are all the yummy-smelling lesbian and bisexual women? ;)

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  1. Cors
    It seems like most of the members here are male. Ladies (and butches), where are you?
  2. jayjupes
    i'm here.
  3. jayjupes
    though i think your sense/scents/cents may outclass me by a country mile...i'm a homo.
  4. Cors
    Hello Jayjupes! Sorry I didn't see your message earlier, and thanks for the compliment!

    Looks like there are at least 3 of us now...
  5. Doctor Mod
    Doctor Mod
    Hey, I'm here! I've been a member for a long time, but I've usually posted on that other perfume review site. Recently, though, I been harassed by a very homophobic church-lady type over there who comments on my "twisted sexuality" and wants all gays to leave the site. So, I'm considering moving all of my reviews over here.

    I would love to be part of a fragrance discussion with other "yummy-smelling" lesbians.
  6. CologneJunkie
    *Raises hand*

    Hey you lovely smelling ladies!
  7. systeme_d
    Another fabulously fragrant woman here!

    Like Doctor Mod, I'm in the process of moving here from That Other Site.
  8. You_Smell_Good
    I can't wait to find a lady that has a passion for fragrances like I do! hehe.
  9. semnae
    Just wanted to say 'Hi.' and throw my two scents into the well.

    Question for the ladies (hopefully this hasn't been asked on another thread):

    Have you found a fragrance that attracts other women - sort of a subtle olfactory wink and nod? Is there a perfume that you've worn that has resulted in a lady unexpectedly hitting on you?

  10. lusan
    Semnae - here's an article by Liz Upton with the words 'There was no reason I should have noticed her among the other women; she wasn't particularly slim, plump, short or statuesque, and she was dressed in the same way as everyone else - but she smelled so beautiful that I found myself quietly following her down the road for the next five minutes, inhaling deeply' - http://www.basenotes.net/content/265...-Oxford-Street

    Of the oud(h)s I've been trying recenly, I've been complimented on Al Oudh by L'Artisan. Its wood notes are delicious and the edgier/crazier cheesy fungal moldiness of natural oils isn't there [as much]. I have not tried the naturals on human subjects yet.
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