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  1. peppermua
  2. dredmahawkus
    you got your old job back?
  3. peppermua
  4. peppermua
    Right now I just put on some Al Qurashi Ambergris Spirit with Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche EDP I just got in the mail today :-)
  5. phibess
    thanks for the invitation, pepper - and good luck with the new discussion group.

    I think I'm going to wear pure vetiver bourbon oil today.
  6. peppermua
    Thank you Phibess!
  7. dredmahawkus
    Agaraura cambodi calambac and amouage molook... And a little agarscentbizaar agarmusk
  8. hirch_duckfinder
    Amouage Al Shomoukh today.
  9. phibess
    Right now I'm wearing the last smidgen of your mysore sandalwood+rose blend on my wrist, hirch. Any idea where I could find at least 3ml of a sandalwood attar of comparable quality?
  10. hirch_duckfinder
    Phibess, I wore that the other day too. That aged mysore is amazing isn't it? It basically had two drops of it in 1/3ml total mixture and it smells strong! There is no replacing that stuff sadly.

    I think you could get quite close if you bought some Mysore of reasonable quality (Aqua Oleum?) and some of the same rose otto I used from there. The rose absolute was just from a chemist selling aromatherapy oils - quite good. They have it in the health food shop you visit up here near where I live.
    Other than that I put a few drops of 20% conc. madagascan vanilla in it - I could give you a little of that - it adds a little smoothness and sweetness and a bit of mobility because of the small amount of alcohol.
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