What makes us eco-perfumistas or eco-colognoisseurs?

  1. Quarry
    We sample, swap, buy and sell fragrances (reduce/reuse/recycle)
    We reuse shipping/packaging materials
    We're sensitive to those around us and don't overapply fragrance if it might negatively affect others
    We cook and/or garden for smell and taste
    We learn about regional scents, especially those from sources native to where we live (i.e., ocean, prairie flowers, coniferous forest, etc.)
    We cultivate appreciation of smell in others
  2. Sunnyfunny
    ...We use an unreal amount of packing equipment to ensure that our packages reach their destination unscathed! Oh wait, I guess that makes it a wash....
  3. schwrtz5
    When I bike- see! eco! -I try to think about the balance of sweat vs the extra heat I am producing, how either effects the scent I am wearing. Should I be placing scent differently depending on what activity I anticipate?
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