List The Poisons!

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  1. Le Grand Duc
    Le Grand Duc
    1) POISON. Normally I would put HP at the top, but these days I'm in awe
    over the masterpiece that is vintage Poison. I bought a couple of bottles off
    of Xmen's salesthread, and by God, it's goooood!

    2) HYPNOTIC POISON. How anybody can dislike this juice is beyond me!
    It's so damn delicious, it's to die for. I always feel like drinking it, it's that
    good. Marzipan and vanilla galore ... damn!

    4) MIDNIGHT POISON. The sweet Kinok made me love this. I wasn't feeling it at
    first, but he made me re-sample it, and bang; I love it. A dark rose scent, which
    totally lives up to it's name. The most unisex Poison on the market, can easily be
    worn by a man ... easily!

    4) TENDRE POISON. Catpee to some, Jesus juice to others. A fresh floral which is,
    at the moment, suffering a slow death. Bottle up while you still can ...

    5) PURE POISON. The only Poison flanker I do not own. It does nothing for me.
  2. musse
    Cant really list the original Poison; only had it in pure parfum when it first was launched, and think I used it once, since I found it far too potent at the time... BUT, as you all know . the times they are a changin!
    Hypnotic Poison: More bitter than sweet to me, but drop dead sexy.

    Tendre Poison: Fresh, sharp, well-balanced semi-oriental floral with the right amount of sweetness for my taste. Jesus juice, indeed!

    Pure Poison: The most wonderful topnotes ever emanating out of a bottle. Jasmine, orange blossom...Great sillage to begin with, but very soon turn into a skin scent. Great staying power, though, but kinda weak in feeling.

    Midnight Poison: Always confuses this one with Britney´s Midnight least fave of the line.
  3. Sugandaraja
    Poison - Vintage EdT

    One of my all-time favorites. Thick, radiant, dark, musky floriantal; combative florals and creamy oriental musk

    Poison - Vintage Esprit de Parfum

    Thicker, creamier, more of an oriental Poison.

    Posion - Modern EdT

    I love this, but the drydown isn't as good as in the vintage.

    Pure Poison - EdP

    Kind of like Poison Lite. Exceedingly pleasant, but I think if I wanted Poison without the oriental there are better florals.

    Hypnotic Poison - EdT

    Pleasant, edgeless gourmand. I'm kind of neutral on this due to the sweetness factor, but it's certainly strong.

    Midnight Poison - EdP

    Don't like this. It's kind of a swamp of rosy patchouli-ish something.

    Tendre Poison - EdT

    Sharp and nasty!
  4. sophi
    Poison:classy and unique scent by Dior House

    Pure Poison:i like the neroli-jasmin combination;sweet and soft floral.

    Hypnotic Poison:the combination of licorice-vanilla and rosewood ;deep vanilla floriental scent!This is my best!

    Midnight poison:deep minty-patchouli scent ,not my favorite (the mint is not listed as one of its notes but i get something like it)

    Tentre Poison:this one hard-to-find :greenish -sharp and woody floral scent!
  5. Le Grand Duc
    Le Grand Duc
    'Hypnotic Poison:the combination of licorice-vanilla and rosewood ;deep vanilla floriental scent!This is my best!'

    Are you sure, it's not the Elixir you're talking about, miss Sophi?!
    The Elixir has star anise in it, the regular EdT does not..!
  6. Sugandaraja
    I need to get a hold of this Elixir! Anise / Star Anise + Hypnotic Poison sounds fun.
  7. sophi
    Hi Duc,
    I am talking about EDP of Hypnotic Poison and i forgot to say that i sense a leathery note,too.THAT leathery note is the most attractive for me to adore the whole synthesis of it.By the way ,do you sense the minty note in Midnight poison?
  8. Madame du Barry
    Hypnotic Poison is the best of the bunch.
    The tuberose goes so prettily along the vanilla. Almost edible.
  9. Le Grand Duc
    Le Grand Duc
    Miss Sophi - You can get Hypnotic Poison in regular Eau de Toilette and
    the Elixir is an Eau de Parfum Intensé ... I reckon you mean the Elixir?!

    I don't get mint in Midnight either, funny, how two noses detect diferent things, right?!

    Get your ass to the nearest parfumerie, Sugandaraja, you're gonna love it!
  10. sophi
    Mr.Duc, I own EDT of HP and i have tried EDP or Elixir as officially called it!I find both of them wonderful scents!EDT version is more rich in notes , warmer and sweeter than Elixir!And yes,..the note of anise makes the difference between Elixir and toillette version !!!
    I 'd like to refer licorise ,may be it is the sweet almond note in toillete that makes me confused it with licorice!!
    My nose plays tricks on me ... like the way i smell mint in Midnight Poison ...
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