2016 Irma's nest

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    30 Roses
    Irma (leg tag U5) is back on her nest also. It's night there in Estonia now but this is the live webcam for it: http://pontu.eenet.ee/player/kalakotkas2.html

    Let's see if Joosep shows up to start another family with her.
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    30 Roses
    Irma has accepted a male, whose tag reads ED and has been dubbed "Ed"-- who hatched only 3 years ago in 2013.
    Here is the inexperienced lover bringing Irma a fish-- and gently placing it on her back!

    Ah well, it's the thought that counts.

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    30 Roses
    Irma has an egg now.

    The male with leg tag ED has been named Ivo.
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    30 Roses
    Not sure whether anyone is even following this nest, but Irma had 3 eggs, but lost one. It was stuck to her breast/belly feathers and dropped off as she flew away from the nest. So now there are only 2 eggs to watch.
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